DEEBOT T30S Black Robot Vacuum

ECOVACS Truly Edge-Mopping and Tangle-Free DEEBOT

TruEdge Adaptive Edge Mopping: Getting really close to the edges, leaving no spots missed.
Equipped with a long brush that effectively extends into corners, the mopping pads adjust and conform to walls, table legs, and chair legs as the robot vacuum maneuvers around corners. This ensures a thorough cleaning experience and eliminates the need for manual repositioning of furniture.
ZeroTangle Anti-Tangle Technology: Eliminating frequent manual cleaning of tangled hair on brush.
V-shaped spiral roller brush with anti-static bristles prevents hair from sticking. Front and rear comb teeth arrays in the main brush compartment, along with 11000 pascals suction power, effectively remove hair and ensure smooth suction into the robot.
Intelligent Deep Mopping: No stains left uncared.
High-sensitivity sensors to detect and determine the level of dirtiness in different areas of your home, and clean them thoroughly with multiple passes as needed. 
TrueDetect 3D 3.0 for precise obstacle avoidance and TrueMapping 2.0 for rapid mapping.
DEEBOT T30S robot vacuum uses a couple of lasers to create a map of the room and detect obstacles. It also has cliff sensors to prevent it from falling down the stairs.
Multiple ways to control the robot. 
1, ECOVACS HOME App: Customize cleaning preference through the app.
2, Foot touch commands: Gently push the bumper with foot to start vacuuming.
3, "OK YIKO" Voice Assistant: Converse with the robot by using voice commands like "OK YIKO, start vacuuming."

Edge-Clean, Tangle-Free, Pure Brilliance.

Edge-Clean, Tangle-Free, Pure Brilliance.

Enjoy the Simplicity, Serenity, and Space Optimization Powered by Our Innovative Cleaning Solution

Enjoy the Simplicity, Serenity, and Space Optimization Powered by Our Innovative Cleaning Solution

TruEdge  Adaptive Edge Mopping

TruEdge Adaptive Edge Mopping

DEEBOT T30S stands out with TruEdge Technology, allowing the mop plate to extend constantly for full coverage. Through precise control from the Continuous Variable Mop Extender and the 3D Omni-Directional Perception Sensors, the mop plate reaching every nook and cranny with its seamless extendable and retractable design. With an optimal 1mm distance from walls and obstacles, TruEdge ensures spoltless cleaning, resulting in a 100% cleaning coverage compared to previous models.
ZeroTangle  Anti-Tangle Technology

ZeroTangle Anti-Tangle Technology

DEEBOT T30S introduces ZeroTangle Technology, which showcases significant advancements in preventing brush tangling. Equipped with a specially designed V-shaped roller brush with 21° flat bristles, this configuration enables efficient extraction and elimination of hair from the brush. To further enhance its performance, the built-in Dual Comb Teeth Arrays in the roller brush compartment proactively sweep hair into the suction port. This technology minimizes hair entanglement, providing users with a tangle rate as low as 0% and maintaining high suction efficiency while ensuring safe and quiet operation.
Conquer Cleaning Hassles in One Robotic Marvel

Conquer Cleaning Hassles in One Robotic Marvel

OMNI Station

OMNI Station

Experience effortless and hygienic cleaning with the DEEBOT T30S. Its OMNI Station features a minimalist square design, seamlessly blending with various home aesthetics. Enjoy clever mop cleaning with fresh mopping pads every time, while innovative 158℉ Hot Water Mop Washing effectively dissolves dirt and stains, eliminating cross-contamination. Intelligent Deep Mopping customizes cleaning cycles based on cleanliness levels, and Hot Air Drying prevents bacteria growth and unpleasant odors, ensuring a pristine home environment with minimal effort.
11000Pa Powerful Suction

11000Pa Powerful Suction

Driven by a brand-new high-speed motor and enhanced by a straight-through duct design, DEEBOT T30S delivers next-level cleaning efficiency, particularly excelling on carpets for an unparalleled user experience.
OZMO TURBO 2.0 and Auto Small Tank Refill

OZMO TURBO 2.0 and Auto Small Tank Refill

DEEBOT T30S delivers superior cleaning with OZMO TURBO 2.0 and Auto Small Tank Refill. The Cleaning technology ensures powerful stain removal, while the 55ml electronic control water tank provides continuous water replenishment for optimized mopping and dissolves stubborn stains even after 72 hours.
Your Home, Intelligently Cleaned with Advanced Robotic Precision

Your Home, Intelligently Cleaned with Advanced Robotic Precision

TrueDetect 3D 3.0

TrueDetect 3D 3.0

DEEBOT T30S incorporates TrueDetect 3D 3.0, utilizing structured infrared light patterns to deduce three-dimensional object contours and depth information, enabling precise obstacle avoidance with tailored strategies for various objects, ensuring a safe and efficient cleaning experience.
TrueMapping 2.0

TrueMapping 2.0

DEEBOT T30S features TrueMapping 2.0, ensuring rapid and accurate mapping with the ability to map 100 square meters in just 6 minutes, intelligent path planning for navigating complex scenes, multi-floor map management, and bottom-view sensors for automatic recognition of various steps to prevent falls.
0.35in Auto-lift Mopping

0.35in Auto-lift Mopping

Using ultrasonic sound, DEEBOT T30S recognizes carpets with extraordinary accuracy.The Auto-lift Mopping System lifts the mopping plates when a carpet is detected. The suction power will be maximized from mopping mode to vacuum mode, supporting your clean home in all scenarios and ensuring effective prevention of cross-contamination.
Effortless Cleaning, Hands-Free Control, and Precision at Your Command

Effortless Cleaning, Hands-Free Control, and Precision at Your Command

Foot Touch Control

Foot Touch Control

To start DEEBOT has never been that easier. With a gentle foot touch by lightly pushing the bumper, initiating cleaning is as simple as a single touch, offering the quickest and easiest method to start cleaning.
YIKO AI Voice Assistant

YIKO AI Voice Assistant

The AI Voice Assistant supports natural language input and robust voice recognition with three microphones for a dynamic wake-up rate of ≥90%, providing users with convenient and accurate voice-controlled commands. Additionally, DEEBOT T30S is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for enhanced convenience.
Intelligent Deep Mopping

Intelligent Deep Mopping

DEEBOT will automatically initiates re-mopping and re-washing upon detecting heavily dirty areas. While mopping, if the intelligent sensors and algorithms detect heavily dirty areas, the robot will activate Intelligent Deep Mopping mode, automatically mopping the area one more time for a thorough clean.

DEEBOT T30S Black Robot Vacuum

Navigation Type
Obstacle Avoidance
Structured light
Integrated voice control(Y/N)
YIKO 2.0
mopping type
OZMO™ Turbo
Cleaning mode
vacuum,mop,vacuum and mop,vacuum first and then mop
Edge Mopping
Vacuum port type (straight suction port/main brush)
main brush
Fan suction adjustment
Fan pressurization (Y/N)
Dust box capacity(ML)
Dust Box filter(Filter Net /Cotton/Filter)
Filter Net ,Cotton,Filter
Dust box detection(Y/N)
Washable filter(Y/N)
filter level
Main brush type
Main brush material
Main Brush
Zero Tangle (Y/N)
Ultrasonic carpet detection(Y/N)
Carpet pressurization(Y/N)
Mop pressurization (Y/N)
water tank capacity(ml)
auto refill (station to deebot)
mop diameter(cm)
Hot water mopping the floor
Mop water content adjustment (Low Medium High)
Barrier crossing ability (in)(with mop)
automatic mop lifting (in)
Compatible with Automatic upper and lower water system
auto dust collection
dust bag detection(Y/N)
dust bag capacity(L)
automatic mop cleaning
warm water mop cleaning(Y/N)
clean water tank capacity(L)
dirty water tank capacity(L)
water tank detection (Y/N)
Sewage detection(Y/N)
Heating module(220V/110V)
Mopping area based on water tank capacity(m²)
low water level alert(Y/N)
hot air dry
hot air drying duration
2h( default)/3h/4h
Detachable cleaning tank(Y/N)
vacuum level(MAX)(Pa)
noise-standard mode -sweep (dBA)
noise-standard mode-sweep&mop (dBA)
Noise of mop washing(dBA)
dust collection noise(dBA)
Battery type
Battery capacity(mAh)
Number of cells
charging time(H)
Charging method (fast charging/normal charging)
fast charging
working time on hard floor-silent mode(sweep)(min)
working time on hard floor-standard mode(sweep)(min)
working time on hard floor-standard mode(sweep&mop)(min)
DEEBOT rated power(W)
DEEBOT working voltage(V)
station rated power (W)
warm water mop cleaning 12A,dust colletion 7A
Deebot dimension (wide/depth/height mm)
station dimension(wide/depth/height mm)
Net weight (LB)
(Filter *1 in) DEEBOT*1 (Dust Bag*1 in) OMNI station*1 mopping pad plate*2 washable mopping pad*2 power cord*1 side brush*1 Main Brush*1 User Manual*1 clean water tank*1 dirty water tank*1
Cleaning Solution 1L * 2
Compatible with X2 COMBO/X2 OMNI/X1 OMNI/ X1 TURBO/ T30/T20 OMNI/T10 OMNI Series

Antibacterial* Dust Bags for X2 OMNI/T30S
Compatible with X2 OMNI/T30S

DEEBOT Washable Mopping Pad for T30 Family
Compatible with DEEBOT T30 Family

Anti-Tangle Main Brush for N20/T30 Family
Compatible with DEEBOT N20/T30 Family

Side Brush(blue) for N20/T30 Family
Compatible with DEEBOT N20/T30 Family

Antibacterial Filter for T30 Family
Compatible with DEEBOT T30 Family

Main Brush Cover(blue) for N20/T30 Family
Compatible with DEEBOT N20/T30 Family


Instruction Manuals

T30 MIX-US.pdf
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