DEEBOT T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum

A New Generation of All-in-One DEEBOT with Automatic Mop Lifting and Hot-water Mop Washing
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DEEBOT T20 OMNI delivers the kind of clean you’d expect from the #1 Selling Global Robot Vacuum Cleaner brand. The brand-new spinning, pressurized OZMO™ Turbo mop with automatic lifting seamlessly cleans every type of floor surface, leaving you to more important things.

Vacuum and mop separately or simultaneously, with powerful 6,000 Pa suction power and automatic mop lifting that scrubs hard floors and automatically lifts over carpets to keep them dry.

Equipped with object recognition and avoidance, DEEBOT T20 OMNI thoroughly cleans without getting into trouble, keeping tidying off your to-do list. When cleaning is complete, the OMNI station empties the dustbin. Plus, the OMNI station’s new hot water washing feature and hot air drying keep the mop cleaner so your floors stay clean. An upgraded clean for an upgraded life.
DEEBOT T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum
DEEBOT T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum
DEEBOT T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum
Auto mop lifting

Auto mop lifting

The brand-new automatic mop lifting delivers seamless, continuous cleaning between hard floors and carpets. It keeps rugs and carpets clean and dry by automatically lifting out of the way while vacuuming, then returning to mopping hard floors.
Powerful mopping and vacuuming on any surface

Powerful mopping and vacuuming on any surface

OZMO™ Turbo pressurized spinning mop offers premium scrubbing capability, giving your floors a better clean than flat and vibrating mops. With a maximum suction power of 6000Pa —more than 3x the strength of most standard robot vacuums—and an upgraded rubber brush with spiraling blades for effective agitation, DEEBOT T20 OMNI is serious about removing dirt and dust stuck in floor crevices and carpet.
OMNI Auto-Cleaning Station with hot water mop washing

OMNI Auto-Cleaning Station with hot water mop washing

Your DEEBOT T20 OMNI not only cleans floors, it cleans itself with the all-in-one OMNI station. It empties the dustbin, washes the mop with 131℉ hot water to dissolve oil and dirt and dries it with hot air. Experience a whole new level of freedom from cleaning.
Precise & efficient mapping

Precise & efficient mapping

Quick Mapping creates a map of your home in 5 minutes, getting every area cleaner faster from day one. TrueMapping, creates a detailed plan for every room, down to each piece of furniture, even furnishings as small as a potted plant. Utilizing the same tech found in self-driving cars, DEEBOT’s combination of LIDAR and dToF sensors provide more than 2X the coverage and 4X the precision of just LIDAR alone, and even greater range and precision over VSLAM and camera-based technology. That means a faster, more efficient, more thorough clean with no bumping into furniture. It can even do its job in the dark. Say good night to messy floors.
Advanced object avoidance

Advanced object avoidance

TrueDetect 3D is laser-based technology specifically dedicated to object avoidance. It enables DEEBOT T20 OMNI to identify and avoid potential hazards like cords and small belongings. With this advanced capability, DEEBOT T20 OMNI cleans within an inch of an object without getting into trouble, for a complete clean. With the same 3D technology as advanced facial recognition, it sees clearly what’s in its path with millimeter-level accuracy avoiding not just the shoe, but the shoelaces.
Customized cleaning

Customized cleaning

DEEBOT T20 OMNI gives you the ultimate control with four different cleaning modes to suit your needs: Vacuum, Mopping, Vacuum+mop mode, Vacuum first before mopping.

DEEBOT T20 OMNI Robot Vacuum

Auto Mop Cleaning
Clean Water Tank Capacity(L)
Dirty Water Tank Capacity(L)
Noise of Mop Washing(dBA)
Mopping Area Based on Water Tank Capacity(m²)
Low Water Level Alert
Hot Air Drying
Y, 2h default
Auto Dust Collection
Dust Collection Duration
Dust Collection Noise dB(A)
Dust Bag Capacity(L)
Navigation Type
TrueMapping 2.0
Obstacle Avoidance
TrueDetect 3D
Cleaning mode
Auto, custom, area, home
Ultrasonic Carpet Detection
Main Brush Pressure Boost
Vacuum Level(MAX)
Dust Box Capacity(L)
Dust Box Filter
Filter Net + High Efficiency Filter
Washable Filter
Filter Level
Main Brush Type
floating main brush
Main Brush Material
All-rubber brush
Tangle Detection
Cleaning Mode
sweep and mop
Water Level Adjustment
3 level
Water Tank Capacity(ml)
Automatic Mop Lifting (Y/N)
Mopping Pad Plate Lifting Height(mm)
Barrier Crossing Ability (mm)
Mop Dimension(cm²)
Deebot Dimension (mm)
Noise-Standard Mode dB(A)
≤67(sweep) ≤69(sweep&mop)
Battery Type
Battery Capacity(mAh)
Number of Cells
Working Time on Hard Floor-Silent Mode(Sweep)(min)
Working Time on Hard Floor-Standard Mode(Sweep)(min)
Working Time on Hard Floor-Silent Mode(Sweep&Mop)(min)
Working Time on Hard Floor-Standard Mode(Sweep&Mop)(min)
Charging Time(H)
DEEBOT Rated Power(W)
DEEBOT Working Voltage(V)
Station Dimension(mm)
448x430x578 mm
Station Rated Power (W)
11.4A(hot water mop washing)/6.9A (emptying)
Rated Working Voltage(V)
AC: 110-120V 50-60Hz  
Rated Output
20 V ==2 A
Net Weight(KG)
DEEBOT Net Weight (KG)
Station Net Weight(KG)
Gross Weight(KG)
Outer Carton Dimension(mm)
(Antibacterial Filter *1 in)DEEBOT*1 (Antibacterial Dust Bag *1 in) OMNI station*1 mopping pad plate *1 couple mopping pad *1 couple power cord*1 side brush*1 couple User Manual*1 Quick guide*1 Cleaning brush*1 Multi-function cleaning tool*1

Instruction Manuals

EN-T20 OMNI Instruction.pdf