How To Choose The Quietest Robot Vacuum


The robot vacuum is a great invention that saves us from dull chores. However, some robot vacuums may have an obnoxious high-pitched whistle, and others may create a mechanical grinding noise. The noise may disturb a sleeping baby, scare your beloved pet, and sometimes even be loud enough to annoy neighbors. The most effective way to solve this problem is to pick a robot vacuum with a low noise level.


But how to pick the quietest robot vacuum? Are there any DEEBOT robot vacuums that have a quiet design? Luckily, with the advancement of technology, robot vacuums have progressed a lot and are quieter than traditional ones. Here we provide a step-by-step guide to help you find your ideal quiet cleaning partner.


How Loud is a DEEBOT Robot Vacuum?


In general, decibels, or dB, are used to represent noise levels. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a national public health organization in the United States, states that sound levels lower than 85 dB are deemed safe for human ears. Prolonged exposure to higher noise levels that exceed 85 dB may cause hearing loss and other illnesses.


After being familiar with the acceptable noise levels, let's discuss how loud a DEEBOT robot vacuum is. Normally, the noise level of ECOVACS DEEBOT is lower than 70 dB. It is much lower than traditional upright vacuum cleaners that have a noise level of up to 80 dB. 


In daily use, you may find the noise made by your DEEBOT robot vacuum different when you choose different operation modes or use different features. For example, when you let your DEEBOT sweep, it may generate a noise that is lower than 66 dB. When you let your DEEBOT mop, it may produce a noise higher than 66 dB but lower than 68 dB.


Besides, machines and robots are growing more intelligent as technology advances. They are improving and growing stronger than their forebears. This rule also works for robot vacuums. More energy-efficient components that use less electricity and produce less noise are fitted in newer models. So you may find the latest DEEBOT has a better performance in noise level.


How To Choose The Quietest Robot Vacuum?


We suggest looking for the following characteristics when picking the quietest robot vacuum: 


The noise level of a robot vacuum


First, before you buy a vacuum, it's a good idea to check its noise output. Normally, the manufacturer takes the initiative to provide detailed information on the noise level. The majority of robot vacuums produce noise at a level between 70 and 80 dB, comparable to that of a garbage disposal or a noisy restaurant.


Taking DEEBOT T10 PLUS as an example, we have stated its noise level clearly in the DEEBOT Specification section. It produces a noise that is lower than 66 dB during sweeping and 68 dB during sweeping and mopping.


the quiet mode of a robot vacuum 


The quiet mode of a robot vacuum


Second, you need to figure out if the robot vacuum has a quiet design. Most of our ECOVACS DEEBOT robot vacuums offer a wide range of cleaning modes. All you need is to choose the right mode. Normally, when you choose Quiet cleaning mode, the suction power will be reduced to complete a quiet cleaning. That sounds like a low-key two-person discussion or the quiet hum of the refrigerator.


Let's continue taking DEEBOT T10 PLUS as an example. As long as you choose the silent mode, this magical robot can even work at night with a low noise level and excellent astrophotography-grade camera, which ensures strong obstacle recognition in the dark. 


Quietest Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair 


For people who have pets, you need a quiet but effective robot vacuum. A quieter model can prevent your pets from being scared of a seemingly sentient gadget. Effective cleaning performance can make your house look tidy instead of messy with furs.


quietest robot vacuum for pet Hair 


Our DEEBOT X1 OMNI will be a wise investment. The 5000PA suction power ensures a superior vacuuming performance. Plus, the OZMO Turbo rotating mopping system provides an excellent mopping experience. You can choose Hard Floor-Silent Mode for both sweeping and mopping, which will not disturb your cute furry pets.


Lower than 66 dB during sweeping, DEEBOT X1 OMNI ensures you a nap with no interruptions. When you wake up, you will see a tidy house with clean floors. If you are a freelancer who works from home, DEEBOT will provide a distraction-free space that lets you focus solely on your job.


If you have a tight budget, DEEBOT N8 PRO+ can be your ideal vacuum and mop robot. It is an affordable robot vacuum that delivers in-depth vacuuming performance with a suction power of 2600 Pa. A 3-layer filtration system is exceptional at trapping pet dander and other allergens.


Under normal operation, this DEEBOT produces a noise of 67 dB. Your house will remain a peaceful environment for your young kid or baby to have a sweet dream. You can receive a gleaming floor without even lifting a finger.




If you've never tried a quiet robot vacuum before, you'll be shocked by how a low-noise robot vacuum has a positive impact on your home. I hope this blog can help you understand how to choose the quietest robot vacuum.


Besides, our ECOVACS is always taking the lead in the robot vacuum industry. Except for a lower noise level, our products have rich features that will offer you a hands-free cleaning experience. Our DEEBOT clearly knows where to go, when to clean, and what to avoid.


The more recent models produce less noise since they are more technologically advanced and complex. In the near future, the robot vacuum will become quieter to meet people's needs. If you are interested in how well the smart house evolves, subscribe to us at once! We will keep you informed of the release of advanced products and discounts!