deebot t30s combo black auto robot vacuum

Self-empty Robot Vacuums

Self-empty robot vacuums have an auto-emptying station which is a disposal system that automatically empties the collected dust, dirt and debris into a dedicated bag or container. It can typically hold several weeks’ worth of accumulated dust, depending on the size and cleanliness of your home. In comparison to models that require manual emptying, auto-empty robot vacuums are the best option since they save you the time and effort of regularly checking and emptying the robot vacuum’s dustbin and allows it to operate autonomously for long periods, even when you’re away.


DEEBOT T30S Black Robot Vacuum

  • Can hold up to 90 days of debris
  • 70°C hot water mop wash
  • Hygienic disposal with sealed dust bag
  • Hot air drying reduces bacteria
  • Minimalist and compact design

DEEBOT X2 COMBO All-in-one Robot Vacuum

  • Carries weeks worth of dust
  • Dual auto-empty feature
  • 60°C hot water mop wash
  • 96% mop cleanliness rate
  • True hands-free experience

DEEBOT X2 OMNI Robot Vacuum & Mop

$ 49 OFF Code: X2EVSS
  • Holds up to 60 days of debris
  • Antibacterial dust bag
  • 60°C hot water mop wash
  • 95% mop cleanliness rate
  • Auto-drying capability
$ 49 OFF Code: X2EVSS

About Self-Empty Robot Vacuums

A full dustbin can compromise a robot vacuum’s suction ability, but the self-emptying feature means that your robot vacuum is never full and always ready to clean the floors. It can also prevent health and hygiene issues that can arise from an overfilled dustbin such as a robot vacuum spitting debris back into your living space. When choosing a robot vacuum with auto-empty features, consider features like suction capacity, the size of the dustbin, battery life, ease of maintenance and the amount of time the robot needs to empty itself. Also look out for compatibility with disposable dust bags and the noise level it creates while self-emptying. DEEBOT robot vacuums come with self-emptying systems that can hold around 30 to 90 days of debris and strong suction power that can empty the dust container within a matter of seconds.


Are self-emptying robot vacuums worth it?

Buying a self-cleaning robotic vacuum is worth the investment if you value convenience and efficiency because it automates the debris disposal process so that you don’t have to empty it manually. This feature is particularly good for busy people or those who prefer minimal maintenance as it ensures consistent cleaning performance and making daily chores easy to manage whether you’re at home or away.

How often do I need to empty the base station?

The docking station of a self empty robot vacuum needs to be emptied every 30 to 90 days, depending on the size and conditions of your household. If you have pets or more dirt and debris, you may require more frequent emptying. This extended period between manual emptying significantly reduces maintenance when compared to traditional vacuums.

Are self-empty robot vacuums suitable for all floor types?

Yes, self-cleaning smart vacuums are suitable for various floor types, including hardwood, tile, laminate, and low to medium-pile carpets. These vacuums can adjust their cleaning modes and suction power to clean different surfaces effectively.

Are auto-empty robot vacuums loud?

Self-cleaning robot vacuums can produce moderate noise levels, particularly when transferring debris to the docking station. The cleaning operation is typically quieter than traditional vacuums, but the self-emptying process might be louder. DEEBOT produces noise levels of only up to 82 dBA which is quieter than a typical kitchen blender. However, it is possible to schedule this function during non-disruptive times such as when you’re away from home.
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