Are Robot Vacuums Good For Allergies?


Thanks to the development of intelligent home cleaning devices, people can get rid of the never-ending daily housework and have more free time for themselves. Robot vacuums, as one of the most popular innovative cleaning devices, can autonomously clean floors without the need for human operation.


The more exciting news is that, with the technical innovation, robot vacuum has been upgraded for a more comprehensive cleaning effect. For example, some robot vacuums can effectively keep common allergens away. During the allergy season, it will be of great help to choose the best robot vacuum for allergies for daily protection.


From house dust and pollen to pet fur, there are lots of things existing in the air of your house, which is unfriendly to people who have allergies or asthma. Daily vacuuming is a must to protect you from constantly sneezing or a runny nose. If you don’t have time to vacuum your floor every day, a robot vacuum can rescue you from annoying house dust, pollen, and pet fur, preventing you from allergies.


For people who are susceptible to dust, a robot vacuum with mop in one can clean the floor frequently and regularly to keep their home dust free. No more specks of dust will be floating in the air when they are at home. Meanwhile, it also can trap small particles like pollen during allergy season to protect you from serious allergic reactions.


Pet dander, one of the major causes of allergies, inevitably affects people with allergies. A robot vacuum can help to minimize the impact of pet dander by deeply cleaning pet hair that is shed on the floors and carpets. If you are troubled by pet dander and have no idea how to perfectly deal with that, investing in a robot vacuum is a great solution!


For there are various robot vacuums that are designed with features for different purposes in the market, here is a guide for you on choosing the best robot vacuum for allergies.


Best Robot Vacuum For Allergies


Robot vacuum is a great tool to get away from your home dust and pollen. But not all the models are suitable for allergy sufferers. Therefore we’ve specially picked some models that can be your top selection for the best robot vacuum for allergies according to your needs.


best robot vacuum for allergies


DEEBOT N8 PLUS has a 3-layers filter, which can effectively filter 99% of the common particle dust and allergens as small as 2.5µm. It is compatible with the revolutionary auto-empty station, supporting automatically emptying its dustbin after cleaning. You just need to change the dust bag once a month. That’s so allergy-friendly, isn’t it?


DEEBOT N8 PLUS has a 3 layers filter


The large capacity of DEEBOT N8 PLUS’ dust bag is 2.5L which can hold the dust and hair for up to 30 days. If you require a larger volume for a hands-free experience, DEEBOT T10 PLUS, another ideal robot for allergies, offers a larger 3.2L disposable dust bag.


Besides, DEEBOT T10 PLUS has an efficient self-empty station that comes with a hypoallergenic dust bag that auto-seals, ensuring no dust particles escape into the air. The fully sealed style design is perfect for preventing dust and pollen from direct exposure to the air.


Plus, its three-layer filtration system can effectively capture particles as small as 6 microns, making your breath easier. And its extra-long run time and continuous cleaning allow you to set for a long time vacuuming up to 195 minutes on a single charge, which makes it stand out from the same models.


Vacuum Cleaners For Dust


If you pursue the excellent dust removal effect with a limited budget, DEEBOT OZMO T8 AMR will be your ideal choice. It is equipped with powerful suction and brushes that work together to pick up even the smallest dust particles. And its carpet detection intelligently avoids carpets when mopping and doubles suction power while vacuuming. A basic model with a strong cleaning effect.


Surely, DEEBOT X1 OMNI is an outstanding robot vacuum for allergies you must know. There are a few features that make it popular in the market for cleaning dust:


  • 5000Pa suction power is super strong that can effectively vacuum the dust off, which is suitable for people who have been troubled by floating dust.

  • Its totally hands-free station can take over all steps of automatic emptying, washing, drying of mop cloths, and replenishing clean water by itself, giving you a new user experience.

  • The deep clean system equipped with dual side brushes and a main brush supports integrated sweep, suction, and mop. Your floor will be cleaner than ever with the efforts of DEEBOT X1 OMNI.


Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair And Allergies


best robot vacuum for pet hair and allergies


Pet dander is one of the major causes of allergies and will attach to pet hair. When you have pets running around in the house, your allergy may go worse, no thanks to the pet hair that gathered on the floor.


To prevent a severe allergic reaction, you must vacuum floors more frequently. Having a robot vacuum means you can take a rest while it works on its own.


When choosing a robot vacuum to avoid allergens and pet hair in your house, an important factor may be neglected by most people, which is to select the main brush that is made of ground rubber.


Compared to other materials, ground rubber with more friction can effectively clean off the pet hair. DEEBOT N8 PRO+ taking ground rubber brush as its floating main brush is perfect for people who have cats or dogs.


If you are expecting a robot vacuum that is more capable than ever, we recommend DEEBOT X1 OMNI-BLACK, an ideal cleaning machine for families with pets. Its main ground rubber-made brush can help keep the environment clean and allergen-free.


Besides, DEEBOT X1 OMNI-BLACK is highly praised for the all-in-one station. Longer running time, higher vacuum level, and larger battery capacity, all those upgraded functions power it to be smarter.


Maintaining a clean home is the key to preventing allergies. The cleaning process can be a taxing one, especially when there are so many spaces that need to be covered in so little time. Intelligent robotic vacuums can reduce your cleaning workload and thereby reduce allergy symptoms.


This article gives your some suggestions on how to select the best robot vacuum for allergies. Hope you can finally choose the right model equipped with the features that you need. There are more information and exclusive deals about robotic vacuums you can get from ECOVACS