4 Things You Didn't Know Smart Robot Vacuums Could Do


Decades ago, robots only exist on screens as an embodiment of our fantasies of future life. Nowadays, smart robots represented by vacuum robots have walked into every aspect of our daily life. Having a cleaning robot in our homes is as normal as keeping a pet. These intelligent devices help us to clean our homes more efficiently and benefit us in massive ways. Therefore, buying a smart robot vacuum is regarded by many house owners as a valuable investment.


Simultaneously, developers have also made these devices more intelligent and powerful. Nowadays, vacuum robots have more advanced cleaning features that make them more than just robotics cleaners. Some are designed with hybrid features, which allow them to vacuum and mop at the same time. Some are equipped with cleaning modes that are specifically designed for different types of working environments. Besides, although there are no truly 100% hands-off cleaning robots in the market, one with self-empty features could definitely reduce many cleaning tasks. 


Did you realize that there are more things robotic vacuums can do than cleaning? Follow us and see how these smart devices help us embrace more intelligent homes.


Things You Didn't Know Robot Vacuums Could Do


Vacuum robots are designed for making cleaning tasks easier but they are absolutely more capable than that. For instance, we know how much our pets love to play with these intelligent devices. Holding a smart robot vacuum in your household can be the first step into a modern smart home. Those who have ECOVACS products in their homes have already benefited from their high cost performance, smart control, intelligent navigation, advanced suction power, and stylish design.


modern smart home


Take a closer look at the following highlights and you will be surprised at how many features can be packed into these small devices.


Robot Vacuum with Smart Mapping


robot vacuum with smart mapping


Based on how many main functions a robot cleaner has, they can be categorized into two types, one specifically dedicated to vacuuming and one with smart mopping. Vacuum robots with mopping features have a cleaning cloth or pad underneath their main body and thus are able to clean and mop at the same time. If you are troubled by mud, or stains on the floor or if your floors are made from materials requiring special maintenance, you may find vacuum mop robots more efficient in cleaning your homes. 


Robot Vacuums can Spot Clean Specific Areas 


A smart robot vacuum can be used to spot and clean specific areas of your home, like entrances, dead corners underneath the sofa and bed, or even dining tables. These specific areas are more frequently visited by dirt, spills, and stains and may require us to clean them more frequently. Now, you can assign your vacuum robots to these fixed areas and entrust the cleaning task to them.


Your Robot Vacuum Can Clean Specific Rooms


Some may find vacuum robots extremely helpful in cleaning specific rooms like kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Take kitchen floors for illustration. Most of us may have the experience of dropping a cup of coffee onto the floor when we are in the rush to work. If we don’t clean the coffee stains in time, these brown blots can cause many headaches. In this situation, a vacuum mop robot can be life-saving. 


Robot Vacuums With Self Empty


Robotic vacuums gather dirt when they move through the floors and the internal duster bin may be filled with dirt quickly if your house is in a messy condition. The early versions of robotic vacuums generally require us to empty the dust bin every time it is full, which can be time-consuming.


robot vacuum with self empty


Nowadays, some smart robot vacuum cleaners are designed with self-empty features. They can empty the dust bins and come back to work automatically. Let’s feature  ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ for illustration. This robot has a 2.5 L disposable dust bag attached to its docking station. This bag can hold up to 30 days of dust and pet hair, which means frequent cleaning of the vacuum cleaner container is no longer necessary.


Robot Vacuum Sensor


Robot vacuum cleaners are generally inbuilt with optical or ranging sensors that can identify the surrounding environments and navigate through your homes. Sensors to robot cleaners are like eyes to us. Some of the sensors are designed to measure distance so that your robot vacuum cleaners are able to avoid corners and walls. Some are able to scan and recognize objects, which helps them to detect obstacles on the way. It is fair to say that it is these sensors that make a robot vacuum truly smart.


Your Robot Vacuum Can Detect Edges And Avoid Falls


robot vacuum can detect edges and avoid falls


Currently, most robotic vacuums are furnished with a cliff sensor at the bottom. This sensor is developed to measure distances and calculate speed. Once your robot cleaner is close to the edge, it will automatically send the signal to return to avoid falls. This will keep your vacuum robot safe and ensure a longer life span.


Your Robot Vacuum Can Create And Recognize Virtual Barriers


Today, robotic vacuums are smarter than ever with their ability to scan the surrounding environment and draw virtual maps of the overall layout of your homes. With this feature, they can create virtual boundaries and keep themselves from going into certain areas. What’s more, you may even design the cleaning route for your cleaning robot with a control app.


Robot Vacuums Are Smart Enough To Detect Poop


robot vacuums are smart enough to detect poop


Have you heard the joke about robot cleaners smearing pet waste to every corner of the house? If you are keeping pets like dogs and cats in your family, you may need a robot vacuum that is smart enough to detect poop and clean them to avoid these horrible stories.  DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI can be an ideal choice for you. It is updated to the latest generation of AIVI™ and can now detect more objects and avoid obstacles than ever before.


Robot Vacuum With Docking Station


A docking station is a device used to charge and store your robotic vacuum. When your robotic vacuum cleaner runs out of battery, it will go back to the docking station and charge itself automatically so that you don’t need to look for every corner of your home to find your missing robot. Some docking stations are equipped with duster bags or water tanks. When your robot comes back to the station, it can empty the dust bin automatically and refill clean water. For busy house owners, they may consider buying a robot cleaner with docking stations because they can save them much time and keep their homes clean and tidy.




Smart robot vacuums have reduced our cleaning tasks and made our life more convenient. Maybe it is time to consider welcoming these smart cleaners into your homes. Exclusive! Are you a fan of ECOVACS products? Do you want to find more tips and tricks on house cleaning? ECOVACS newsletter is out now. Do not hesitate to subscribe!


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