Keep Your Kitchen Clean with a Vacuum Mop in One


Kitchens may be a messy environment, with food and drinks flying and flashing through the air, spills splattering, and all kinds of liquids inevitably dropping down onto your poor floor. Having a clean kitchen at all times appears to be an unachievable goal. You will need a lot of time to do the cleaning, and most of all can leave you exhausted. Not only can washing your floors be a complete headache, but it may also be difficult to locate the right vacuum to ensure you're getting them as clean as they should be. When you consider all of the numerous mops available, it becomes a chore just to think about them. Fortunately, a vacuum mop in one may keep your kitchen clean with less effort.


sweeping robot cleans the kitchen



Vacuum Mop: A smarter way to clean your kitchen


Choose ECOVACS DEEBOT, a vacuum mop in one is definitely a smarter way to clean your kitchen. Its auto-cleaning station makes a fully automated mopping experience possible. 5000PA and OZMO™ Turbo Rotating Mopping System will bring you outstanding cleaning performance. With AIVI 3D for obstacle avoidance and upgraded TrueMapping technology for precision in navigation and mapping, this vacuum mop can save you from heavy cleaning tasks. Most importantly, the device is wireless, which makes it easier to use and store away.


DEEBOT vacuum mop in one  


Types of Kitchen Floors you can clean with a vacuum mop


There are various types of kitchen floors. We have listed several frequently-used kitchen floors and analyzed if they can be cleaned with a vacuum mop.


1. Ceramic Kitchen Floors


Ceramics are made of clay and sediments that have been fired and glazed with glass. It is virtually impervious to water, stains, mold, and mildew. It can also be printed to match a wide range of colors and designs, giving you a lot of creative options in the kitchen. The vacuum mop in one will not harm the ceramic, allowing you to properly clean the kitchen whenever you want.


2. Vinyl Kitchen Floors


Vinyl kitchen floors are much easier to keep clean than ceramic floors. It is robust, durable, and entirely resistant to water penetration and stains, just like plastic. A vacuum mop combo can clean the vinyl kitchen floors effectively.


3. Linoleum Kitchen Floors


Linoleum is similar to vinyl, which is reasonably simple to clean and maintain. As an eco-friendly material, it is widely used on kitchen floors. It is a good choice to clean linoleum kitchen floors with a vacuum mop.


Indeed, a vacuum mop can work on most surfaces, whether it's tile, sealed wood floors, carpets, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, rugs, or others.


What You can Clean with a Vacuum Mop  


Kitchen mishaps frequently happen, whether it's a spilled bowl of cereal, a dropped bag of flour, or a shattered plate. These tiny tragedies are unavoidable, and while you could sweep them up with a dustpan and broom, a top-rated vacuum can make the job much faster and easier. Yes, a vacuum mop can help you deal with almost all kinds of liquids and foods on the kitchen floors. ECOVACS DEEBOT’s suction power with 5000Pa guarantees a powerful sweep of dirt and debris. And the OZMO™ Turbo 2.0 make the device more effective and efficient in scrubbing hard dirt and stains off the floor.


powerful sweep of dirt and debris


How do you set up a vacuum and mop in one cleaner?


Before using DEEBOT, please remove all protective films or protective strips on DEEBOT and Clean Station. Make sure the color of side brush is consistent with that of mounting slot. To enjoy all available features, we recommend to control your DEEBOT via the ECOVACS HOME app.


When creating a map for the first time, please follow DEEBOT to help eliminate some minor issues. For instance, DEEBOT may get stuck in the low furniture. You can raise the furniture if possible, or cover the bottom of the furniture, or set up the Virtual Boundary via the App. You can read the Instruction Manuals for more details.


To keep your kitchen clean, we recommend that you clean your floors twice a week. With a powerful vacuum mop in one, you can save a lot of time and effort in finishing the cleaning task. Now, stop sweeping, put down the mop, and enjoy a simpler, more effective method of cleaning kitchen floor with ECOVACS DEEBOT.

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