Why Robot Vacuum And Mop Is The Best Alternative To Clean The Floor Without A Mop?


DEEBOT OZMO 920 robot vacuum is cleaning the hardwood floor without a mop

We all love a clean, sparkling floor at home, in the office and anywhere we go. It indicates that the space is being taken care of, leaving an impression of a healthy environment. Other than vacuuming, mopping is equally important in maintaining a clean floor. While mopping is usually done with a mop, sometimes we may not have one available. Find out what other DIY options are available, as well as the smarter, more efficient way to clean floors without a mop.

DIY Floor Cleaning Methods

a woman mopping with a towel

Be creative and use the available resources around you for floor cleaning. Traditional DIY methods include using an old cloth and a broomstick. Simply get the piece of cloth wet in a tub of soapy water, wring it out and lay it flat on the floor. Then use the broomstick to push the damp cloth around the floor. Rinse it and repeat the process until you are done. Moreover, a steam mop is also a popular choice, which is best suited for hard floors such as hardwood, tiles and laminate.

However, it should be noted that these traditional methods, especially using an old cloth and broomstick, can be time-consuming and inefficient, requiring a lot of manual effort and may not be suitable for all floor types.

The Advantages of Robot Vacuum and Mop Devices

If you’re looking for a smarter alternative to clean the floor without a mop, look no further than a robotic vacuum and mop cleaner, which can do dual tasks at once. Learn more about what this smart device can do.

DEEBOT robot vacuum and mop is mopping the living room

Automatic navigation

Automatic vacuum and mops are equipped with advanced sensors and cameras to help navigate the room. The latest models no longer employ the ‘bump-and-turn’ method, which can cause damage to furniture and walls. Instead, they now use laser and AI-powered algorithm to map the surroundings with precision, ensuring they avoid the obstacles and clean using an efficient route.

Powerful vacuuming

To effectively remove dirt, dust and debris from different floor surfaces such as hardwood, carpets and rugs, smart vacuums feature strong suction power. For instance, our DEEBOT T20 OMNI has a 6,000 Pa suction power 1 for a deep clean. This is particularly useful for high-traffic areas in the households like kitchen and living room.

Automated mopping

Mopping is also automated when using a robotic vacuum and mop cleaner, requiring minimal interference from users. For stubborn stains, ECOVACS’s own OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System allows the smart device to rotate the mop head up to 160 times per minute, while apply consistent pressure to the floor for deep cleaning. The latest auto-lift mopping can further lift the mop head when a carpet is detected, keeping it dry and clean.

Self-emptying and cleaning

Traditional vacuums and mops require the owners to empty the dustbins and clean the mop heads frequently to prevent issues like clogs and bad smells. Self-cleaning vacuum and mops, on the other hand, are often paired with a docking station like the all-in-one OMNI station. Not only it charges the device but also automatically empties the dustbins and washes the mop heads with hot water, then dries them with hot air.

Preset schedules

Homeowners can use the compatible app to monitor and control the performance of the robot vacuum and mop remotely, as well as setting cleaning schedules based on their needs and preferences. This is especially useful in households with pets and children, where things can get messy quickly after cleaning.

Clean hard-to-reach areas

With their slim profiles and advanced sensors, the self-cleaning vacuum and mop can access and clean areas that are difficult to reach manually, for instance, under furniture and along edges. Their strong suction power and brushes can ensure even odd corners can be cleaned and prevent the accumulation of dusts and debris, improving the cleanliness and the air quality in the space.

How Robot Vacuum and Mop Devices Work?

Thanks to their advanced technology and components, robotic vacuum and mop cleaners can navigate and adapt to various floor types. The mapping system, such as the Truemapping 2.0 technology, creates a virtual 3D map of the room, allowing the algorithm to identify the most efficient cleaning route.

In terms of navigation, the sensors and cameras, often used laser instead of optical ones, can guide the smart device to detect and avoid obstacles, preventing collisions with furniture or walls. The different cleaning modes allow the automatic vacuum and mop to handle different floor surfaces, from hardwood and tiles to carpets and rugs. As a result, they provide a hassle-free cleaning experience without a mop.



What can I use instead of a mop?

Smart vacuum and mops are essentially the smarter alternatives to clean the floor without a mop. They automated cleaning with powerful suction and mopping features, saving the users’ time and effort.

What is the easiest way to clean floors?

Robotic vacuum and mop cleaners can be the easiest way to clean floors. With their autonomous operation and high-end features, they require minimal effort from the user while deep cleaning the spaces.

Are robot vacuum and mop devices suitable for all types of flooring?

Yes, robotic floor vacuum and mops are designed to work on various types of flooring, including carpets, hardwood, tiles and laminate. They have cleaning methods for specific floor type for a thorough and effective clean.


  1. 6,000Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT T20 OMNI can reach 6,000Pa.

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