Why Your Robot Vacuum Keeps Stopping (And How To Fix It)


deebot t10 automatic vacuum cleaner from ecovacs cleaning wood flooring under a kitchen counter

Let us face it, robot vacuums are a godsend. They save us time and energy, and do a great job of keeping our floors clean. But sometimes, these smart devices can be a pain in the neck, especially when they suddenly come to a halt. You're left scratching your head, wondering what went wrong. The culprit behind robotic vacuum cleaners stopping can be one of various factors, ranging from software to hardware to incorrect user handling. This step-by-step guide will detail the most common reasons that vacuum robots stop and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

What Are The Common Causes Of Robot Vacuum Stopping?


Insufficient Battery Life

Robotic vacuums sometimes stop in the middle of cleaning simply due to a low battery or poor battery health. Perhaps obvious, this is the first issue to check for before moving on to the other potential problems which require more intervention to amend.

Tangled Brushes, Clogged Suction, Wheel Obstructions

Another reason your robot floor cleaner may be stopping is a physical obstruction. A main brush tangled with hair, clogged suction, or something blocking the mop pad or wheel can cause it to stop to prevent damaging the vacuum. In general, ECOVACS’ DEEBOT robot vacuums steer clear of this problem since their cutting-edge cameras and sensors work together to help them recognize up to 30 foreign objects.

Faulty Motors

Next, your auto vacuum could be stopping because the motor powering the wheels is malfunctioning or just plain worn out. This can happen in some cheaper vacuum robots made with low-quality materials. This is a more serious problem because it likely requires a full replacement of the motor component.

Obstacle Detection And Sensor Issues

deebot t8 robotic vacuum detecting a cable in front of it in a living room

Robot vacuums use a variety of sensors to understand their surroundings and detect obstacles. Dirty sensors can lead to the robot pausing because it thinks something is in front of it. Or, if the issue persists even when the sensors look clear, they may be malfunctioning because there’s something internally wrong; in that case, contact customer service.

Software Or Firmware Issues

Another issue causing a smart vacuum to stop could be outdated or buggy software/firmware. This can result in operational issues and unexpected stops since the device’s programming isn’t properly communicating with the hardware, or it’s possible a pending update has to be completed before the robot can continue running.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Sometimes, robotic vacuums with connecting apps have to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network to complete certain functions. In the event that the device is having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi, the vacuum’s performance could be affected. This isn’t always the case, as there are robot vacuum brands that don’t require Wi-Fi to work.

The Bin Needs Emptying

The smart vacuum cleaner could also be experiencing frequent stops because its dust bin is out of capacity. This is especially common in budget robot vacuums with small dust bins. It’s not a prevalent problem in DEEBOTs, which auto-empty dust into base stations with a maximum 3.2L dust bag capacity that holds up to two months’* worth of debris.


Overheating in cheap robot vacuum devices may be another potential reason for the vacuum stopping. This can happen because the device automatically turns off to prevent motor damage. If the robot stops mid-clean and feels warm, check that the filters are clear or the airflow isn’t blocked.

Tips For Troubleshooting A Frequently Stopping Robot Vacuum

ecovacs home app open on multiple mobile phones showing wear on various vacuum parts and changing cleaning modes and power

Check Battery Levels And Charging

Before diagnosing for more deep-rooted problems, ensure the robot vacuum is properly charged by redocking it for a full charge. Some accompanying mobile apps (such as the ECOVACS HOME app) allow you to check the automatic vacuum’s battery life and that the battery is functioning optimally.

Inspect And Clean Sensors

The next step in diagnosing your robot floor cleaner is to wipe the sensors (which can be on the front and bottom of the machine) with a soft, dry cloth to remove any smudges. If you own a DEEBOT robot vacuum, you can then test each individual sensor on the app to make they’re working correctly.

Clear the Brushes And Suction

Make sure the robot is powered off and use something thin and sturdy, like a toothbrush, to untangle hair or fibers that may have got caught in the main or side brushes. Carefully use the toothbrush to clear any clogs in the suction system. Then, power the vacuum on to check if it now runs without interruption.

Software/Firmware Updates

There may also be a compatibility issue with the device and its software. You can fix this by visiting your phone’s app store (Google Play or App Store) and checking if there are any pending updates to the ECOVACS HOME app.

If none of the above solve the issue of your robot vacuum stopping without warning, try factory resetting it. On any DEEBOT model, you can do this by turning it on and then pressing the reset button on the device for at least six seconds; you should hear a melody play to indicate a successful reset.

Preventative Measures And Best Practices For Smart Vacuums

The typical lifespan of a robot vacuum can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the machine, usage frequency and regular maintenance. On average, most robot vacuums last between two and five years. However, some high-end models can last up to ten years or more with proper care.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

One of the best things you can do to prevent your automatic vacuum from stopping suddenly or malfunctioning is to establish a regular cleaning and maintenance routine. Doing this will also help the robotic vacuum clean more effectively. A basic maintenance routine can look like washing the filter every 1—2 weeks and replacing it every half year, wiping or using a handheld vacuum to clean the main brush once a month, and using a damp microfiber cloth to wipe debris that may have got caught in the wheels.

The ECOVACS HOME app allows you to check the wear of various components on the vacuum and easily order new ones if needed.

Proper Placement Of Charging Dock

Position the robot vacuum station, also called a charging dock, in an optimal location to ensure seamless charging. This should be an open, centralized area in the home with sufficient space so the robot vacuum can dock and undock without encountering unnecessary obstacles, and for adequate ventilation around the station. The surface should be level to prevent any tilting or instability.

Take Care Of The Battery Health

Running the robot vacuum too frequently, not allowing it to fully charge or not having a hygienic battery charging routine can decay the batteries, making it harder for them to hold a charge.

Extend the battery’s lifespan by charging it at regular times every day, not allowing the battery to fully die before recharging (DEEBOTs avoid this with their Continuous Clean function, which automatically returns to the station to charge when it’s low on battery), and making sure the charging dock is placed in an area with a suitable temperature range, i.e., not too hot, too cold or too humid.

Three DEEBOT Robot Vacuums That Do Not Stop

deebot t10 plus from ecovacs cleaning hardwood floor


The DEEBOT T10 PLUS offered by ECOVACS is one vacuum that both sweeps and mops. Reaching a suction power of 3,000 Pa which effortlessly dislodges and sucks up all sorts of common domestic debris from hard surfaces and carpets, it uses oscillating mop pads to give you sparkling floors.


The DEEBOT X1 OMNI uses 3D cameras and intuitive navigation to map the user’s home, even mapping and recognizing multiple levels. It offers an even more hands-free product, with dust auto-emptying and automatic mop cleaning with a 2-hour hot air dry cycle for longer-lasting mops. This smart mop vacuum is equipped with the OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System to better clean up tough stains and sticky spills. It’s operated simply using voice commands to the YIKO AI assistant.


The DEEBOT T10 OMNI is one of the newest generations of DEEBOT robot vacuums. Like the X1 OMNI, the T10 OMNI also uses rotating mops for a deeper wash and cleans and dries its own mop pads. Simply wake the robot floor cleaner up by stating “OK YIKO”, and then giving it commands such as “Start cleaning the study” or “Start cleaning under the dining table.

All three of these premium robot vacuums from ECOVACS feature dust auto-emptying, where the dust and debris collected by the vacuum is automatically to the station. The station is capable of storing up to 60 days’ worth of debris with regular cleaning. They are all made with quality parts and cutting-edge tech that, with proper care, prevent the auto vacuums from malfunctioning.



Why does my robot vacuum keep turning off?

There are a few common reasons for unexplained stops in robot vacuum cleaners. These include an unhealthy battery, sensor issues, an obstruction of the brush, suction or wheels; software updates, malfunctioning motors, a full dust bin, or overheating.

How can I fix my robot vacuum frequently stopping?

The best ways to keep a smart vacuum from suddenly stopping are to regularly maintain and clean the device, having a consistent charging routine, and placing the vacuum station in a well ventilated, open area conducive to easy docking and undocking.

Should you run a robot vacuum every day?

There’s nothing wrong with using an automatic vacuum every day, especially if users have set a regular cleaning routine that runs even when the homeowners aren’t at home, but ensure that the robot has the chance to fully charge and is functioning smoothly before doing so you’re not exacerbating any issues.

*This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory, which is based on the statistics of the number of times users disposed of traditional dustbins. The actual performance is subject to change due to frequency and cleaning area. DEEBOT X1 PLUS, T10 PLUS come with 3.2L disposable dust bag.

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