How Do Robot Vacuums Work with Alexa & What Can They Do?


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Amazon's cloud-based voice AI - Alexa is taking the world by storm. Available on over 100 million devices globally, it allows you to streamline daily tasks through simple voice commands, from playing music to dimming lights. This includes controlling automatic vacuums : just speak, and your home starts to tidy itself, which is a significant leap from traditional models that require manual setup.

In the United States, Alexa's influence is notable with 71.6 million users. 25% of households had at least one Alexa device, making Alexa a central figure in the modern American smart home.

Why Choose an Alexa-Compatible Robot Vacuum?

Opting for an Alexa-compatible robot vacuum can seriously upgrade your cleaning game into a super convenient and hands-free experience. With Alexa, you can simply use voice commands to control your vacuum, like starting, stopping, or returning it to its dock. More advanced models with mapping abilities let you get even more specific, allowing you to command your vacuum to clean particular areas : "Alexa, tell (name of the vacuum) to clean under the coffee table in the living room."

Using Alexa also means you can set up cleaning schedules with just your voice and stay updated on your vacuum’s status without needing to check your phone. Whether it’s a reminder that cleaning is complete or a prompt that assistance is needed, Alexa keeps you informed. The integration of smart technology with routine cleaning tasks not only makes your life easier, but also tailors the cleaning process to fit your lifestyle and schedule perfectly.

Which Robot Vacuums Work With Alexa?

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Even though Alexa is a popular smart home system nowadays, older vacuum models may not support it. Therefore, when shopping for a robotic vacuum cleaner, it's important to consider the brand and model, and check its compatibility with Alexa.

It’s good to know that all our DEEBOT robot vacuums work with Alexa. Notably, advanced models like the DEEBOT X1 Family and DEEBOT T20 OMNI are equipped with ECOVACS's own YIKO voice assistant. YIKO supports multiple languages and allows forcomplex voice commands, from scheduling cleanings to remote control.

The latest DEEBOT X2 OMNI further upgrades with natural language interaction that simplifies command execution and improves response times, hence there is no need for additional connections to other smart home systems.

How To Connect Robot Vacuum To Alexa?

Connecting your auto vacuum to Alexa conveniently streamlines your daily cleaning routine with voice commands. Follow these steps to set up most vacuum models with Alexa:

  1. Compatibility Check: Check if your automatic vacuum is compatible with Alexa. Look for the “Works with Alexa” badge on the packaging or product description.
  2. Device Setup: Before connecting to Alexa, set up your robotic vacuum cleaner using the manufacturer's app. Then connect your vacuum to your Wi-Fi network – remember, most smart home devices require a 2.4 GHz connection, instead of 5 GHz.
  3. Enable Alexa Skill: Open the Alexa app on your smartphone. Navigate to "More" and select "Skills & Games", search for the “skill” associated with your robot vacuum’s brand and enable it.
  4. Account Linking: You will be prompted to log into your robot vacuum's account to link it with Alexa. Follow the on-screen instructions to authorize the connection.
  5. Discover the Device: After that, in the Alexa app, go to 'Devices'. Tap the “+” plus icon and select 'Add Device'. Choose the type of device you're setting up (i.e. robot vacuum), then select the brand and let Alexa search for the device.

Once connected, you can start controlling your auto vacuum with voice commands such as “Alexa, start the robot vacuum” or “Alexa, dock the robot vacuum.”

For DEEBOT owners, follow the below process to ensure smooth integration. You may also refer to this YouTube tutorial.

  1. Initial Setup: Confirm that your DEEBOT is connected and online via the ECOVACS HOME app.
  2. Enable the ECOVACS Skill: Open the Alexa APP and go to "Skills & Games" under "More". Search for 'ECOVACS', find the ECOVACS DEEBOT skill, and enable it.
  3. Log in for Account Authorization: After enabling the skill, Alexa will redirect you to the ECOVACS account login page. Log in and select the DEEBOT you wish to control.
  4. Connect with DEEBOT: Back in the Alexa app, select "Discover Devices". Once Alexa finds your DEEBOT, you’re ready to control it with voice commands.

Once you’re all set up, simply give your DEEBOT a command to start, pause, give updates, dock, set suction power, and clean where you tell it to.

How To Control Robot Vacuum With Alexa?

Making your robot vacuum work with Alexa can make your cleaning routine easier and more fun. Rename your device so you can control it with a new name like “Paul” through Alexa with the following commands:

Start Cleaning: "Alexa, ask [Robot Name] to start cleaning."

Pause Cleaning: "Alexa, ask [Robot Name] to pause."

Stop Cleaning: "Alexa, ask [Robot Name] to stop cleaning."

Dock/Charge: "Alexa, tell [Robot Name] to go home."

Specific Room Cleaning:"Alexa, ask [Robot Name] to clean the kitchen."

Scheduling: "Alexa, schedule [Robot Name] to clean every Monday at 5 pm."

Status Updates: "Alexa, ask [Robot Name] what's your status?"

Power Settings: "Alexa, set [Robot Name] suction to high."

Location Queries: "Alexa, where is [Robot Name]?"

Alexa Hunches: Alexa Hunches uses your habits and routines to automate smart home actions, like instructing your vacuum to clean when it detects you've left using connected devices like lights and locks.

Why Isn't My Robot Vacuum Connecting to Alexa?

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Have trouble getting your smart vacuum to connect with Alexa? We have listed out common hiccups in setting up smart home devices, and easy fixes that can usually resolve the issue.

Robot Vacuum Not Recognized by Alexa

Does your robot vacuum work with Alexa? Check the device specifications or look for the "Works with Alexa" badge on the packaging. Then, make sure you have enabled the correct Alexa skill for your vacuum cleaner brand, and linked your accounts properly in the Alexa app.

Intermittent Connectivity Loss

Wi-Fi stability is crucial to stay connected between Alex and your smart vacuum. Verify that both your Alexa device and automatic vacuum are within a strong Wi-Fi signal range. Pro tip: avoid placing devices where large metal objects or thick walls may interfere with the signal.

Alexa Commands Not Executed Properly

Double-check the specific voice commands for your vacuum model. Manufacturers usually provide a list of exact phrases that Alexa recognizes. You also need to speak clearly and make sure that your Alexa device isn’t placed near other noise sources.

Robot Vacuum Unresponsive to Commands

Restart both your Alexa device and smart vacuum to reset their connections. Check for firmware updates in both the Alexa and vacuum app as outdated software can lead to responsiveness issues.

Error Messages or Alerts on Robot Vacuum

Look up the error message in the manufacturer’s guide. It may require specific troubleshooting steps or indicate a need for professional maintenance. Do not hesitate to reach out to customer support if the issue persists.


Are all robot vacuums compatible with Alexa?

Not all robot vacuum cleaners are compatible with Alexa. Compatibility depends on the model and manufacturer, so it's important to check the product specifications before purchase.

What can Alexa make my robot vacuum do?

Alexa can command your robotic vacuum cleaner to start, stop, pause, or return to the dock. With advanced models, you can also schedule cleanings, specify rooms for targeted cleaning, and check status updates. Check the list of commands available when you link it to Alexa.

Are there any privacy concerns with integrating my robot vacuum with Alexa?

Review sitewhen integrating your smart vacuum with Alexa. Although rare, potential concerns may include data security and voice recordings. Regularly update settings and review privacy policies for peace of mind.

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