Top Three Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Mop With A Vacuum Mop In One


Mopping is a tiresome but essential task listed on your daily chore chart. Most of the time, you have to use two hands to dip and wring the mop to clean up the floor manually. The truth is grabbing a cumbersome mop to clean the floor is not only time-consuming but also tiring. Believe it or not, some dark corners in your house are easy to be neglected or hard to touch. Manual mopping is less effective than you think.


Need more convincing? We will list top three reasons why you should replace your mop with a vacuum mop in one.


Top Three Reasons to Switch to a Vacuum Mop in One


If you are still mopping every day, it is time to relieve yourself from the tedious mopping job by investing in a vacuum mop in one!


Put simply. There is a vacuum that also mops. With the enhancement of technology, robotic vacuums also have constantly evolved to a new level. Why should you ditch your mop and switch to a hybrid? Here are three reasons:


1. Mop is dirty


Your mop is not clean as you think. The wet mop becomes increasingly dirty during the cleaning process, and is also contaminated if you do not use a disinfectant. Besides, a poorly cleaned and dried mop would easily breed bacteria.


The newer vacuum mop in one is hygienic. After cleaning, the intelligent vacuuming robot with a base station can automatically wash mops and then dry them right away, which keeps the mop clean all the time.


2. Mop is inefficient


During the manual mopping process, its hard to remove all the dust, debris and soilThere are also some hard-to-reach points that need special care. 


A vacuum mop can provide a more thorough clean by using suction to pick up dirt and debris that a regular mop might leave behind. This can help to ensure that your floors are cleaner and more hygienic, and can help to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria over time. It can easily remove stains that stick to the floor, leaving no dirty corners.


3. Mop produces more fatigue


No one really enjoys mopping: you need to bend and drag the heavy mop, which is tiring and time-consuming. To give your back and feet a rest from mopping the floor, producers decide to upgrade the traditional vacuums by incorporating a new mopping function. Therefore, the first batch of vacuum and mop in one came out.


The new hybrid like DEEBOT can provide you a fully hands-free experience, saving you lots of time and making you get away from the heavy floor-cleaning work. It will undoubtedly soon become a perfect replacement for the traditional mop and vacuum.


If you are still mopping every day, it is time to relieve yourself from the tedious mopping job by investing in a vacuum mop in one!


Floor Vacuum and Mop in One


Nowadays, with the prevalence of mopping and vacuuming robots, more models are produced with various functions. However, which function plays a key role in improving the cleaning efficiency of hybrid? How to choose one model that is most suitable for you? We can offer you some quick tips:


  • Start by surveying the house: Consider your needs by surveying your house. For instance, what types of floors do you have? Carpet, hardwood, vinyl, or something else? Also, if you have a big house, consider the vacuum mop in one with a larger battery capacity so that it can keep longer working time without disruptions.
  • Focus on the key mapping technology: As we all know, the mapping system is the basic technology for an intelligent vacuuming robot. The more accurate maps it creates, the more efficient navigation it takes. So to ensure a smooth mopping, you need to select the robot vacuum with the most advanced mapping technology.
  • Consider the detecting 3D technology: The excellent obstacle avoidance system can make robot vacuum smarter than others. For example, with the TrueDetect 3D technology, DEEBOT can automatically notify the area rugs and avoid the unnecessary mopping job.


detecting 3D technology of ECOVACS 

  • Find more exclusive functions that surprise you: Some models, like the DEEBOT series, are developed functions further to care for customers’ requirements. Taking the all-in-one OMNI station as an example, it supports the automatic washing and drying of mop cloths to prevent bacteria and odour. Also, it replenishes clean water by itself, which is super friendly for people who are scrupulous about hygiene.


ECOVACS DEEBOT Vacuum and Mop in One


ECOVACS has rich experience in producing various high-quality robot vacuums. Here we will introduce you to three top-notch DEEBOT series vacuum and mop devices, and you can choose according to your requirements:


ECOVACS DEEBOT vacuum and mop in One 


DEEBOT N8 Plus is suitable for people who have a limited budget. This intelligent robot servant can vacuum and mop simultaneously, ensuring a deep and effective cleaning. If you have a baby or pet friend, this model can efficiently clean up the pet hair, meeting all your needs for floor cleaning. Besides, its dToF laser detection and TrueMapping technology with multi-floor mapping guarantee outstanding navigation and route planning performance.


DEEBOT T10 PLUS robotic vacuum mop in one are equipped with upgraded AI-based obstacle avoidance and mapping technology, ensuring accurate recognition and saving you the hassle of tidying up before you clean. With an upgraded oscillating mopping system, the hybrid performs well for deep cleaning. Plus, if you have a big house, invest in it, and you will appreciate its extra-long runtime and continuous cleaning.


DEEBOT X1 OMNI is empowered by the industry’s most advanced obstacle avoidance and mapping technologies: AIVI™ 3D and TrueMapping 2.0. It always knows the optimal routes and the most efficient method to clean different types of floors. Also, it has a unique mopping system: two mops can rotate up to 180 times per minute for deep cleaning. If you have enough budget, don’t miss this model!


Vacuum mop in one is a breakthrough in the evolution of robot vacuum and has become an unstoppable trend in the industry. Why not join the trend of abandoning the cumbersome mop and investing in an intelligent DEEBOT mopping vacuum? 


Also, if you want to learn more details about our hot-selling models, you can subscribe to our newsletter or purchase your ideal one on ECOVACS for more discounts!


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