Robot Vacuum with Mapping: a Tech Gift You Want to Show Off


There is nothing cooler than a good robotic vacuum as a tech gift. A robot vacuum with mapping technology is a perfect gift this holiday season for the never-resting go-getters and people who never enjoy carting around an upright vacuum.


You can enjoy your life without worrying about floor cleaning chores by owning an intelligent mapping robot vacuum. Because the robot vacuum with mapping system always knows where it needs to clean and how to get there in the most efficient way. When you drink coffee on the sofa, this little robot plans the optimal routes based on the created mapping that is accurate enough to show the layout of your home as a 3D map.


We believe tech-savvy loved ones don't want to miss a robot vacuum with mapping, and they will appreciate the convenience a robot vacuum provides!


In today's blog, we will introduce the mapping function so that you can know more about it. If you are interested in buying a robot vacuum with mapping system, we also have introduced you to some models with the most advanced mapping technology in the market.


What is the Mapping Function on Robot Vacuum?


Every brand would like to declare how smart their vacuum robot is. However, if a robotic cleaner has not equipped with mapping technology, it is not intelligent enough to understand your home layout for more efficient cleaning. Let's take a closer look at this necessary advanced function.


Mapping refers to a process by which robotic vacuums map the whole house during the initial cleaning. And it assists the robot in understanding how the house appears, making it simpler to clean all areas. Most high-tech models are capable of cleaning carpets and hard surfaces alike. Even in identical textures, mapping allows it to avoid previously cleaned portions.


When your robot vacuum first starts working, stay home and monitor the process. It needs to learn routes since it doesn't know what your house is like. The whole process is mapping the layout of your house.


You can save this map in a smartphone app by using the map saving option, which is especially convenient if your home has a lot of rooms. Using the app, you can also choose areas for the robot to clean if you prefer zoned cleaning.


The robot vacuum with mapping eventually has to dock to recharge, but how does it find its base? Once the robot has been cleaned or has run out of battery, infrared signals will show the location of its base, and the robotic vacuum will navigate to the base. The robotic cleaner will continue to clean after recharging. Despite its apparent simplicity, a robot vacuum with mapping can benefit you a lot in your life.


Benefits of Robot Vacuum with Mapping Technology


As mentioned above, mapping is a function that enables the robot to better understand where it needs to clean, resulting in accurate navigation, effective cleaning, and enjoyable experience. If you are looking for a robot vacuum that can work more efficiently, invest in one with advanced mapping technology! Here are three of the most important benefits of robot vacuums with mapping technology:


  • Accurate navigation

An accurate map enables you to build the most efficient path for cleaning your home, ensuring that this little servant doesn't miss any areas while cleaning. A robot vacuum with mapping feature knows where it has previously been cleaned and where it needs to clean. ECOVACS's TrueMapping system built into DEEBOT robot vacuums has achieved precise navigation for the most efficient cleaning.


  • Effective cleaning

Compared to traditional robots that bump into furniture until the battery dies, those with advanced mapping functions can methodically cover all the cleaning areas by following its created map. Another advantage of having mapping function for a robot is that it doesn't run over the same places repeatedly, which saves battery life and makes floor cleaning more efficient, allowing the robot to complete the work faster.


  • Enjoyable experience

Most mapping robot vacuums enable users to see the created map in their app. With advanced models like DEEBOT series, you can monitor it in real time. So you can control your robotic vacuum when getting away from home to enjoy the functions of high-tech technology, such as cleaning a particular room, zoned cleaning, virtual boundaries, and so on.


ECOVACS Robot Vacuum with smart mapping technology 


ECOVACS Robot Vacuum with Smart Mapping Technology


If you are going to invest in a robot vacuum with intelligent mapping technology, consider ECOVACS robot vacuum. Newer DEEBOT series robotic cleaners have quipped with a professional TrueMapping system, showing enhanced navigation capabilities to finish cleaning more efficiently.


Here are three models having mapping systems you can pick as a gift this holiday season, and each of them has been highly praised for its outstanding mapping and navigating system.


DEEBOT X1 Robot Vacuum with Mapping


Newer DEEBOT models like DEEBOT X1 series TrueMapping technology all have smart mapping capability. They can create accurate 3D maps, so they know every piece of furniture and pathway through your home. Then it's empowered to quickly navigate an efficient cleaning, with no traffic jams. DEEBOT X1 robot can clean up to 3875 sq ft while avoiding obstacles.


So what makes TrueMapping system stand out and become an essential feature for an advanced robotic vacuum? Here are 3 Advantages of TrueMapping technology (Compared with traditional LDS navigation technology):


1. Wider detection range


The detection range of TrueMapping system has increased x2, allowing the robotic cleaner to detect objects from a great distance and adjust its planning routes timely.


2. Higher detection efficiency and accuracy


TrueMapping combines Lidar with an industry-leading DToF laser sensor, resulting in the most advanced RVC LIDAR technology available. Therefore, the DEEBOT X1 robot all have higher detection efficiency and accuracy, which increased x4, ensuring no bump.


3. Improve detection ability


TrueMapping, with improved detection ability and strong anti-light interference ability, allows the robotic vacuum to detect dark colour objects or smoothly navigate and run at night.


DEEBOT T10 Plus Robot Vacuum with Mapping


Same with DEEBOT X1 Family, DEEBOT T10 Plus also adopts TrueMapping 2.0, meaning that it can create accurate 3D maps according to the layout of your house in minutes. So you can immediately begin customizing your cleanings to set up boundaries or command your robot to vacuum and clean specific areas.


Besides, with advanced AI-based obstacle avoidance technology, DEEBOT T10 Plus offers a pristine cleaning experience that takes extra special care of your home. It will recognize the objects on your floor, slippers, books or cables, and avoids them to save you the hassle of tidying up before you clean.


DEEBOT T10 Plus robot vacuum with mapping 


DEEBOT N8+ Robot Vacuum with Mapping


DEEBOT N8+ robot vacuum can also be an ideal hi-tech gift if you have a limited budget. Adopting TrueMapping navigation and mapping system and dToF Laser Detection, it can detect a double distance and has four-fold precision. The outstanding mapping technology enables DEEBOT N8+ scan and saves multiple maps of different levels.


Moreover, you can download our app on your phone to control the robotic vacuum when you are not at home and customize the cleaning area according to your demands, which greatly facilitates your life and ensure highly efficient cleaning.


Robot vacuum with mapping is popular as a holiday gift. And you can invest in our DEEBOT series that adopts the most advanced TrueMapping technology, enjoying more free time. These smart servants can help reduce stress so that you can have more family parties and don't need to worry about floor-cleaning tasks. You can find more information about DEEBOT on our official website.