How to Set Up Your DEEBOT 101


Congratulations - you’ve entered the wonderful world of DEEBOT! Get ready to sit back, relax, and not think twice about whether your floors are clean or not - because who has time for that! 

Don’t know where to start with your initial DEEBOT setup? No problem - we’ve put together a few simple steps that will make setting up your DEEBOT a breeze. 

Step 1: Opening the DEEBOT

Time to take your shiny new DEEBOT out of the box! You’ll want to: 

  1. Remove the packaging protectors.
  2. Attach the side brushes to the bottom of the DEEBOT by pressing the brushes into each slot until they click. 
  3. Place the Auto-Empty Station in an open area and plug it in.
  • Pro Tip: If planning to mop, place the station on your hard floor instead of carpet as DEEBOT will avoid carpet when mopping.

Step 2: Charging the DEEBOT

Once your DEEBOT is out of the box, it’s time to charge! Make sure to check that the Power Switch is turned ON before charging. You're going to want to let your DEEBOT charge to 100% before starting so it can map out your floor in one go. This could take at least 4 hours, but no need to keep checking, you’ll know your DEEBOT is ready when its power button stops glowing. 

Step 3: Installing the ECOVACS App

While your DEEBOT is charging, let’s go ahead and install the ECOVACS app. Whether you’re #teamAndroid or #teamiPhone, ECOVACS has you covered!

  • If you have an Android, click here to download the ECOVACS Home app from the Google Play Store. All of our Apple users can click here to download the ECOVACS App from the App Store. Go ahead and make an account if you don’t have one already! 

Step 4: Connecting DEEBOT to Wifi & Auto Update Setup 

Once your account is set up on the ECOVACS app, you’ll need to connect to your WiFi network. Go to your phone’s WiFi settings and make sure you’re connected to your home’s 2.4GHz WiFi signal (pro tip: don’t use 5G!). If your phone automatically connects to the 5G WiFi signal, you can temporarily “forget” your 5G network until your DEEBOT is successfully connected. 

Pro tip: When connecting your DEEBOT, physically bring your DEEBOT as close to your router as possible to ensure a secure connection. Once the connection is up, you can return your DEEBOT to its dock anywhere in the house.

You’ll also want to set up auto updates to make sure your DEEBOT is up to date with the latest software enhancements. In the app, click on the DEEBOT menu (three little dots in the upper righthand corner) and press “Additional Settings.” Click on “About Deebot,” “Firmware Version,” and then toggle the Automatic Update button on (it will turn green!) 

Now that you’re connected, head back to the ECOVACS app and add your robot! 

Step 5: Map your house 

For DEEBOTS with mapping capabilities, excludes the N79, U2, U2 Pro, 661, and 500. 

We’re almost ready for a hands-free clean! To set your DEEBOT up for success, open the doors in your house so it can find all the rooms and areas you want to routinely clean. To start your vacuum, click the blue button on the DEEBOT menu. Time to let it run! Make sure to not pick up your DEEBOT or move it, even if it’s moving in circles. It’s working hard to map out your space! Trust the DEEBOT process: you don’t want DEEBOT to lose its map!

After your DEEBOT has completed its first clean and returned to the docking station, the app will notify you. Make sure to save the map so the DEEBOT knows which areas to clean moving forward.

Have two floors? No problem.  If you would like to clean another floor, double check that you saved your first map, move the docking station to the next floor, and start a new cleaning from the docking station. After mapping, make sure to save the second map!

Congrats! You’ve successfully set up your very first DEEBOT. Now it's time to relax as your new favorite cleaning buddy does all the hard work for you! 

Additional Support

Need help with something else? Visit our help and support section to learn more about troubleshooting and maintaining your ECOVACS DEEBOT.

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