Washable Mopping Pad for X1 PLUS/T10 PLUS

3 pcs Washable Mopping Pads
• Use with OZMO™ Pro 3.0 Oscillating Mopping System, full-amplitude reciprocating vibration mopping, it can effectively remove stubborn stains, cover the edges and corners.
• Clean and no residue: three-layer structure design, efficient dust, long-term water lock.

• Environmentally-friendly and durable: pads can be washed back automatically, be recyclable.

Recommended replacement frequency:1-2 months

Compatible model:X1/ X1 PLUS/ T10/ T10 PlUS
Applicable scene: Cooperate with DEEBOT for wet mopping. Suitable for all kinds of hard ground.

Washable Mopping Pad for X1 PLUS/T10 PLUS