Best Black Friday Robot Vacuum Deals This Year


Hey everyone! Black Friday 2022 is coming! Are you ready to welcome the biggest shopping season of this year? What better way to ring in the holiday shopping season than with fantastic discounts on innovative robot vacuums? A smart robot vacuum is a great investment for everyone who wants to streamline their life!


Have no idea how to buy your desired robot vacuum at the best price? Don't worry. We've listed our exclusive offers on best-selling models to help you save money on your holiday shopping. Read this blog to see our ultimate Black Friday deals at ECOVACS for 2022!


Robot Vacuum Deals and Black Friday Sales


Here is what you can expect!


1. $550 off on DEEBOT X1 OMNI


Original price: $1,549.99

Black Friday surprise: $999.99


If you are looking for an all-around cleaning model that excels at both mopping and vacuuming, you should try DEEBOT X1 OMINI. It offers outstanding cleaning performance with a strong suction force of 5000PA and an advanced OZMO Turbo Rotating Mopping System.



Besides, DEEBOT X1 OMINI is powered by the updated TrueMapping technology, which ensures accurate navigation, and AIVI 3D, a cutting-edge obstacle avoidance technology. Not to mention that YIKO Voice Assistant enables natural voice control commands, providing a distinctively immersive intelligent user experience. The Black Friday deals are on! Add it to your cart now and bring it home saving $550!


2. $350 off on DEEBOT T10 PLUS with complimentary disposable mopping pad and air fresheners (free gifts are adjusted according to the actual stock availability) 

Original price: $949.99

Black Friday surprise: $599.99


DEEBOT T10 PLUS provides a pleasing cleaning experience with 3000Pa suction power and the improved OZMO Pro 3.0 Oscillating Mopping System. Thanks to the advanced TrueMapping 2.0 technology, this model can offer industry-leading mapping and navigation features.


industry leading mapping and navigation features of ECOVACS 

A creative design is that this model is equipped with an air freshener. As your home is cleaned, you can not only feel it becomes lighter and brighter, but also smells better and fresher.


During the Black Friday deals this season, once you buy DEEBOT T10 PLUS, you can gain an additional surprise - complimentary disposable mopping pads for ten and air fresheners for three (free gifts are adjusted according to the actual stock availability) ! Don’t hesitate and buy it now!


3. $300 off on DEEBOT N8 PRO+

Original price: $699.99

Black Friday surprise: $399.99


The high-performance vacuum mop in one robot ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 PRO+ is made to keep your sweet homes spotless. With an exceptional 2600Pa suction, this model can bring you a clean floor effortlessly.




The DEEBOT N8 Pro uses ultrasonic sensors, which enables it to automatically double the suction force when vacuuming the carpet, and avoid the carpet when mopping hard floors.


The OZMO Mopping system employs a precise micro-water pump instead of the untidy drip system used by other mopping robots to prevent leaks and over-wetting floors. You may modify the settings to suit your needs thanks to the four different water flow levels. Isn’t it a big surprise to bring such a good robotic helper home with a cost-effective $399.99?


How to Choose a Robot Vacuum



To help you find the right model, we have also sorted out all the matters you need to consider before making a wise purchase. Please read the following step-by-step guide on how to choose a robot vacuum.


1. Figure out Your Budget


The budget decides everything. Normally, a robot vacuum that under $400 is hard to compete with one that costs over $1,500 in functions. You should figure out your budget range first and compare the robot vacuum at a similar price level.


2. Compare the Suction Power


Suction power is a typical metric used in the floor-care market nowadays to assist consumers in evaluating the cleaning effectiveness and performance of vacuum cleaners. Higher suction power is better for you to embrace a stronger vacuum.


3. Mapping and Navigation


Robot vacuums have to explore every corner of your home before starting vacuuming. Newer DEEBOT devices use the QuickMapping feature to navigate your home without cleaning and build a map in minutes. With TrueMapping technology, DEEBOT designs an efficient path that reduces missed or repeated locations, as opposed to cleaning pinball-style as robots with gyroscope mapping do.


4. Run Time


Another factor to consider with robotic vacuums is their run time, which refers to how long they can operate between charges. This should be viewed as a range, as most vacuums have suction power options (and thus affect the run time). A small run time is good for frequent, light work, but if you have some heavy duty jobs, look for a vacuum with a larger battery that is adequate for the task.


Black Friday 2022 at ECOVACS


There are also many other surprises waiting for you to explore during Black Friday salesThe above-mentioned models are just the most popular choices that our customers prefer to choose. You can explore the DEEBOT that best suits your needs on our official website and unlock more surprises!


For example, we offer DEEBOT X1 OMNI Package that you only need to pay $1,049 to get X1 OMNI Black + Buddy Kit+Dust Bags+Washable Mopping Pads!


Dont hesitate to join the ECOVACS Club! You can gain 3,000 membership points if it is the first time you register at ECOVACS, which is almost equal to $30 when you purchase! Complete DEEBOT tasks, and you can expect double points.




Another exciting news is that you can obtain twice as many points on any purchase you have made during the Black Friday sales!


In sum, there is no better time to bring your ideal vacuum home thanks to the exclusive Black Friday deals! Weve already rounded up the best discounts for you to snag right now, Dont forget to subscribe to our blog to catch up with the latest offers.