50 Funny and Clever Names for Your Robot Vacuum


Man and woman sitting in a living room as robot vacuum cleaner cleans the floors
What is the most helpful smart home device you have bought in recent years? Whatever your answer may be, an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner must be one of the responses. Many people give funny names for their robot vacuum that is smart enough to respond. Not all robot vacuums feature a voice assistant system, but newer models on the market such as DEEBOT do allow you to issue verbal commands by calling out the name of the device.

Indeed, naming your robot vacuum is just as important as naming your pet or your WiFi. After all, it navigates around your house, plans cleaning routes, and listens to your commands, from setting virtual boundaries and no-go zones to thoroughly cleaning big stains and ultimately becoming a new member of your family.

Older “bump-and-run” models may also have odd behaviors like bumping into objects or circling in the same place, as though they have a personality of their own! In contrast, newer models such from the DEEBOT family can navigate and map your home much more efficiently, they’ll even know where your furniture is or where you have carpets on the floor.

Giving your smart vacuum a nickname makes the cleaning process a bit less tedious and more enjoyable. Plus, choosing the best robot vacuum cleaner name can be a fun and creative process. If you’re wondering what is a good name for your robot vacuum, we've got 50 cool and unique nicknames to choose from.

Funny Names For Robot Vacuum

Robot floor cleaner at its docking station

If you’re having a tough time coming up with a funny nickname for your robot vacuum, our list of names will surely make you giggle every time you call out your cleaning robot.

1. Obi Wan Cleanobi

Just like a Jedi master, your robot vacuum can “wave” its sensors and make dirt, dust and debris disappear from your floors.

2. Dustbin Hoffman

If there were ever an Oscar-worthy home appliance, it would be your robot vacuum that sweeps you off your feet and also your floors!

3. Sir Cleansalot

A formal cleaning robot name that shows respect for your little helper. It is loyal, thoughtful and always awaits your instructions.

4. Taylor Sweep

Just like the mega pop star that swept the US with her tour, your smart vacuum sweeps your floor with determination.

5. The Dirt Detective

Like a detective, your DEEBOT finds all the dirt hidden in every part of your home.

6. OCD Reliever

A smart vacuum robot is able to largely soothe your raging OCD.

7. RoomPaul

Inspired by the iconic "RuPaul's Drag Race", your vacuum cleaner is every bit as fabulous as any of the drag queens.

Cute Names For Robot Vacuum

Cat sitting next to robot vacuum cleaner

What’s not to adore about your little helpers that are incredibly efficient at cleaning tasks. With these cleaning robot names, you can keep your floors spotlessly clean in the most delightful way.

8. Dee Dee

A funny and unique cleaning robot name with the same syllable, easy to read, and suitable for your smart DEEBOT vacuum.

9. Sweetheart

Your robot vacuum will sweep you off your feet and be the dust bunny of your heart. So it’s only apt that you call it Sweetheart.

10. Elsa

Like the song“Let it go” sung by Elsa, your DEEBOT also lets all dust go and disappear.

11. Cinderella

Your DEEBOT is not a princess, but it does clean like Cinderella without any help!

12. Mopana (Moana)

Inspired by Disney character Moana who is intelligent and reliable, much like your smart vacuum cleaner.

13. M-O

The adorable robot vacuum cleaner from Wall-E that goes around the spaceship cleaning contaminated items, just like your smart vacuum.

14. TiDeebot

An apt name for your DEEBOT, which is great at keeping your home tidy.

15. Otto

A play on the word "auto" from automatic vacuum, this is a fitting name for a robot vacuum cleaner.

Cool Names For Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum floor cleaning carpet

A cool smart vacuum cleaner that has a slim and thin design and can autonomously clean your home deserves a cool nickname. From celebrity names to TV show and film characters, these are the coolest names for your device.

16. Vac Efron

When you’re as big of a fan of your auto vacuum cleaner as much as you like Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron.

17. Nicole Cleanman

Your robot vacuum will blow you away with its cleaning abilities, just like its Hollywood namesake.

18. Moprah Winfrey

Oprah may have had a significant impact on people across America, but your robot vacuum cleaner impacts the cleanliness of your home regularly.

19. Hairy Botter

This one is for the Potterheads, a reference to the Harry Potter book and film series. Just like Harry Potter, your auto vacuum will “magically” clean the pet hair from your carpets.

20. Keanu Cleans

Your robot vacuum is efficient, tireless and gets the job done, much like Keanu Reeves’ in his action movies.

21. Mr. Carson

A fan of Downton Abbey? The straight-faced butler from this famous TV show may impress you with his gentlemanly mannerisms, just like your smart vacuum.

22. Hardwood Harry

This clever name reflects the robot vacuum cleaners ability to effectively maintain and clean hardwood floors.

23. Minesweeper

A cool name that sounds like “my sweeper”. When your house is the battlefield and dust is the enemy, your DEEBOT will win this battle.

24. The Mop

If your robot vacuum has a multi-function of vacuuming and mopping like DEEBOT, this is a good name for this cleaning device.

25. The Cleaner

A classic name for your cleaning robot that keeps your home sparkly clean.

26. R2DEE2

Make way for your favourite droid from a galaxy far, far away. Just like R2D2 in Star Wars, your DEEBOT works hard to clean your floors.

Clever Names For Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaner mopping floor

Robot vacuums are incredibly clever devices that are capable of carrying out household cleaning tasks on their own. So it’s only fitting that we give them a clever name.

27. Vac & Cheese

A word play on everyone’s favourite carb and a clever nickname for your robotic floor cleaner.

28. Cookie Monster

Robot vacuum cleaners often “eat” food debris that are accidentally dropped on the floor. If you or your kids love Sesame Street, Cookie Monster is a cute and funny name for a robot vacuum.

29. Vaczilla

Combining the word “vacuum” with the famous monster Godzilla, this name brings to mind a powerful cleaning machine that can tackle even the toughest of messes.

30. Vaccuminator

Much like the Terminator, your robot vacuum is unstoppable and a highly effective machine that is best at cleaning dirt and debris.

31. Moparazzi

Sounds like Paparazzi, who have to be efficient and quiet just like a robot vacuum cleaner.

32. Sweep Dog

As a high-tech device that you love to have in your home, your robot floor cleaner as the same cool factor as Snoop Dog.

33. The Iron Throne

Your robot vacuum is the king that reigns on all the dust on your floors.

34. Vactastic

A “fantastic” name that captures the essence of the robotic cleaning device.

35. Roundabout

Your auto vacuum always knows how to follow the path according to your instruction, even in a roundabout.

Female Robot Vacuum Names

36. Mary Moppins

Your modern day Marry Poppins glides effortlessly across your floors and mops up messes in the most delightful way.

37. Kelly Sharkson

A unique robot vacuum name for when your DEEBOT powers through even the toughest of dirt and debris. What doesn’t kill your floors makes them stronger indeed!

38. Katniss Everclean

With the same precision as Katniss Everdeen when she aims her arrow at her enemies, your robotic floor cleaner cleans every inch of your floors thoroughly.

39. Cleanopatra

Your robotic Pharaoh of floor care is destined to sweep up your kingdom (read: home) with efficiency.

40. Wanda

A bewitching name for a robot vacuum that uses its camera vision and sensors to tidy up messes in your home.

Male Robot Vacuum Names

41. Dobby

Just like the house-elf’s selfless devotion to cleaning Gryffindor Tower, your cleaning robot will tirelessly sweep away dirt and dust.

42. Shakesweeper

A fan of Elizabethan literature? This Shakespearean name is perfect for a smart vacuum that can clean even the grandest of estates.

43. Hugh Vacman

A bold name for a robot vacuum that evokes images of a heroic machine keeping your home sparkling clean.

44. Hairy Styles

The groovy, pop-star-inspired name is perfect for your vacuum cleaner, which gets rid of all the hair on your floor.

45. Baymax

Just like Baymax, your robot cleaner has a gentle, friendly and helpful persona when cleaning up messes around your home.

Pet-Inspired Names For Robot Vacuum

46. Cat Car

Do you find that your cat loves to ride on your moving robot vacuum? Call your DEEBOT “Cat Car” if it has an animal friend.

47. Night Owl

In the silence of night, a robot vacuum can still automatically clean and have a clean home for you to wake up to in the morning

48. Whisker

Perfect for when your floors need a good “licking-up”, your little friend will prance around your home and chase down every last crumb and dust bunny

49. Bald-DEE

Inspired by the American bald-eagle’s keen vision, just like your DEEBOT's advanced sensors.

50. Cougar Cleanup

When your smart vacuum is a lean, mean, dirt-busting machine. It has the agility of a jungle cat and the suction power of a hurricane.

How To Name Your DEEBOT

How to name your robot vacuum cleaner

To name your DEEBOT, open the ECOVACS HOME app, find “Rename Your DEEBOT” under “More”, then type in your chosen nickname and click “Save”. You can even connect your DEEBOT to Google Home, Alexa or Home Assistant to activate voice control and issue commands using just your voice. This is especially useful if you prefer a hands-free cleaning experience or have multiple robot floor cleaners in your home.

If you want more unique ideas for what to name your robotic floor cleaner, think about what’s hot in pop culture at the moment, beloved cartoon names from your childhood and urban slang words for some ideas. You can even draw inspiration from the smart vacuum’s features and unique characteristics as well as your own personal interests.

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