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Why Are Cats Scared Of Vacuums?
Why Are Cats Scared Of Vacuums?
If you’re a cat owner, you’re familiar with what happens when you bring your vacuum cleaner out to clear your furniture and carpets of pet hair — your feline freaks out and runs to another room. While this is a common issue, it’s still quite distressing for both cats and parents. Here, we explore why cats are scared of vacuums and provide practical tips to help them relax while you use your appliance to clean your home. At ECOVACS, specific models are designed to avoid obstacles, as they naviga
Why Won't My Robot Vacuum Go Straight & Keep Going In Circles?
As time goes by and your robot vacuum tirelessly cleans day after day, it's inevitable that signs of wear and tear begin to show. When it starts zigzagging, or worse, keeps going in circles instead of moving in straight lines, such unpredictable behavior leaves us feeling frustrated. The good news is, these navigational hiccups often have straightforward solutions. Manufacturers including ECOVACS don't just sell you a robot; they're committed to ensuring it works flawlessly in your space. So, i
Why Is My Robot Vacuum Making A Loud Noise?
Robot vacuum cleaners are convenient as they provide an automated housecleaning experience. But there are times when they may cause concerns, like when they make loud or unusual noises. It’s important to figure out the reason behind this as it can interfere with your smart vacuum’s performance,by not letting it clear and collect dirt or charge properly. These issues can often be resolved with simple fixes. Many times, all that’s needed is to pause the robot vacuum and perform a basic check o
How To Set Up Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner?
You’ve bought a robot vacuum and are ready to start your hands-free household cleaning experience. However, first-time owners of automatic vacuums unfamiliar with these devices may be confused about how to assemble them, especially since the appliance also needs to be connected to Wi-Fi, an app, and possibly integrated with a smart home network. Find out how to prepare your smart vacuum, regardless of the model and manufacturer of your appliance. This guide will walk you through the various s
Are Robot Vacuums Good At Cleaning Sand?
Many of us know the hassle of finding sand everywhere after a day at the beach or at a children's playground with sandpits. This sneaky intruder buries deep into carpet fibers, scatters across hardwood floors with every footstep, and settles into the tile crevices, making it seem impossible to remove all the sand from your home. It’s time to bring out the robot vacuum, you think. But here's the twist: not all automatic vacuums are equipped to handle the challenge of sand. What you need is a mod
How To Choose Robot Vacuums With Docking Station?
Tidying up your space with a smart vacuum liberates your hands, and pairing it with a docking station elevates this cleaning experience to new heights. Models without a docking station face significant drawbacks, such as unreliable charging, often not ready when needed, and the inconvenience of frequently misplacing the robot since it lacks a designated home base. An auto-docking station addresses these challenges by serving as a multifunctional charging hub, and ECOVACS takes it a step further