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11 Helpful Smart Home Devices For People With Disability
11 Helpful Smart Home Devices For People With Disability
Smart home technology has revolutionized the way we interact with our living spaces, allowing better control over devices, thus enhance convenience and improve the quality of life. When setting up a smart home for disabled people, improving accessibility and independence are prioritized. With that in mind, we will look into 11 must-have smart home devices designed specifically for people with disabilities, addressing their challenges faced at home. Challenges Faced By Disabled Individuals
12 Smart Home Assistant Devices For Elderly And Seniors
By 2030, 1 in 6 people in the world will be aged 60 years or over1, and the number continues to grow. As their physical condition will not at their prime, many will need a support system. Other than caregivers, family members and elderly homes, there is a growing interest in smart home technology. The concept of a smart home is no stranger to the public nowadays, in fact, if you are using smart bulbs or smart thermostats, you’re already part of the community. While in a normal smart hom
Your Guide To Turning Your Home Into A Smart Home (And Must-Have Gadgets)
We used to imagine a smart home from movies – talking to friends on virtual screens, having robots that clean and cook. With more and more smart home appliances, such as robotic vacuum cleaners and smart bulbs, appear on the market, a smart home is now a possible and affordable reality. The emergence of home automation systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant also make tasks like controlling electronic devices and monitoring alarm systems become automated and effortless. In thi
Can I Use A Robot Vacuum To Clean Outdoor Patios?
Among all the smart cleaning robots for home, robotic vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular items, and they have been a game-changer when it comes to cleaning indoor spaces. Despite its popularity, many people wonder if robotic vacuum cleaners can be used to clean outdoor spaces like patios and decks, since outdoor cleaning is a very difficult task when compared to indoor cleaning. Using an outdoor robot vacuum may also cause potential warranty issues. In this article, we will discuss h
Round Robot Vacuum Cleaner vs. Square : What's Best For Your Home?
The history of robot vacuums has been a round one. The first robot vacuum ever to be introduced to the public was round. Not yet equipped with modern intelligent navigation sensors, if it got stuck in a tight corner, it could just keep turning around, probing until it found open space to travel. Then, alternatively shaped robot vacuums entered the scene. D-shaped and square robotic vacuums have staked the claim that they are better suited for reaching ground that went uncovered by the first s
Can Robot Vacuum Cameras Be Hacked?
Smart watches, fridges, speakers and pet collars - more and more products are becoming ‘smart-ified’, an effect of our lives becoming more integrated and consumers showing interest in personalization and forming an identity around what their habits say about them. Robot vacuums, which are praised for being able to independently navigate, map and even stream live videos of your house all while being connected to the Internet, are one of the potential smart devices that can potentially