Revolutionizes your smart home lifestyle with home monitoring
  • ECOVACS APP Control
  • Enhanced AIVI Technology: AI video monitoring with 122-degree wide angle and HD camera for pets interaction with 2.0 megapixels.
  • More accurate detection of humans and 7 objects(cabinets, chairs, doors, wires, slippers, socks, carpets).
  • Advanced dToF technology for quick millimeter-level mapping for even an area of 2000 inches.
  • Vacuum & Mop Simultaneously with OZMO Pro Wiper Technology
  • Up to 3 Hours Long-Lasting Runtime with 5200mAh Battery
  • True Mapping Technology with Multi-floor Mapping
  • Work with Google Assistant or Alexa

For A Better Looking Home

For A Better Looking Home

Vacuums and Mops Simultaneously

Vacuums and Mops Simultaneously

Simultaneously vacuum and mop. The extra large 240mL water tank covers over 2000 square feet of mopping. Carpet detection sensors instantly identify floor type, automatically avoiding carpets when mopping and doubling suction power when vacuuming.
Intelligent Object Recognition

Intelligent Object Recognition

AIVI identifies, recognizes, and intelligently decides how to clean around obstacles like shoes and cables so you don't need to clean before cleaning. Now upgraded with greater accuracy and 2X faster object recognition over previous models.
Precision Laser Mapping and Navigation

Precision Laser Mapping and Navigation

TrueMapping creates a precise map of your floor for complete and efficient cleaning, and prevents missed or repeated spots. Now with 2X greater range and 4X greater precision down to 2mm, compared to previous models.
Advanced Custom Cleaning

Advanced Custom Cleaning

Clean as much or as little as needed, on a schedule or on demand. Clean your entire floor or go directly to a specific area or room that needs a quick clean - like under the kitchen table.
Virtual Boundaries

Virtual Boundaries

Create unlimited custom boundaries to keep the robot away from areas where you don’t want the robot to go.
Multi-Floor Mapping

Multi-Floor Mapping

Creates and stores multiple maps. DEEBOT is ready to clean promptly and efficiently even when moved to a different location or floor.
Missed Area Notification

Missed Area Notification

Cleaning map reports any obstacles like shoes and cables encountered during cleaning. Lets you remove the obstacles and send the robot back so you won't miss a spot.
High-Efficiency Filter

High-Efficiency Filter

3 layer dust filtration filters 99% of minute particle matter, and effectively filters particles as small as 6 microns.


DEEBOT’s low profile lets it go where other vacuums can't. Crosses higher thresholds than previous models.
Recharge and Resume

Recharge and Resume

Automatically returns to the charging dock when the battery is low, and continues where it left off when charged.
Smart Home Compatible

Smart Home Compatible

Use your voice for hands-free control with Google Assistant or Alexa, like “Alexa, ask DEEBOT to start cleaning the kitchen.”


Navigation Type
Cleaning Mode
Auto, Area, Custom
Vacuum Components
Main Brush
Carpet Detection
Vacuum Power Adjustment
Dust Bin Capacity (ml)
Floating Main Brush
Type of Reservoir
Water Level Adjustment
Map Generated by App
Voice Report
Time Scheduling
Continuous Cleaning
Size of Robot (φxH,mm)
Noise Value (dBA )
Battery Specifications (Type, mAh)
Li-ion 5200mAH
Working Time (min)
Hard ground: 180(OZMO)
Charging Time (H)
about 6.5
Rated Power of Robot (W)
Working Voltage of Robot (V)
Model No. of Charging Dock
Charging dock
Side Brushes
Cleaning Cloth
Disposal Cleaning Cloth
Cloth Plate
High Efficiency Filter
IM package
Cleaning Tool
Upgraded Bundle for DEEBOT T8/N8 Series
Compatible with T8/T8 AIVI/N8/N8 PRO

T8/N8 Series Accessories Kit
Buddy Kit+Dust Bags+Washable Mopping Pads for T8/N8 Series

Buddy Kit + Dust Bags for T8/N8 Series
Compatible with N8PRO+/N8+/T8AIVI+/T8+

Buddy Kit for N8 PRO+/N8/N8+/T8/T8 AIVI
Main Brush x1, Side Brush x4, Sponge&Filter x3

OZMO Pro Mopping System for OZMO T8AIVI/T8+/T8

Washable Mopping Pad (3pcs)for N8 PRO/N8/T8 FAMILY
Compatible with N8/N8+/N8 PRO/N8 PRO+/T8/ T8+/T8 AIVI/T8 AIVI+

Disposable Mopping Pad (25pcs)
Compatible with DEEBOT T8/T8 AIVI/N8 PRO/N8 PRO+/N8/N8+/ X1/ X1 PLUS/ T10/ T10 PLUS

Charging Dock for T8/T8+/T8 AIVI/N7/N8/N8+/N8 PRO/N8 PRO+/920/950
Replacement charging dock, or an additional charging dock for multi-floor homes

Main Brush Cover-Black
Compatible With:NEO+/ N10/ X1/ T10/ T9/ N8/N8 PRO/T8/T8 AIVI/N7/OZMO 920/OZMO 950/OZMO 750/T5/N5/N5S Series


Instruction Manuals

DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI is rated 4.0 out of 5 by 25.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best Way to Vacuum...Without Lifting a Finger Pros: - Nearly perfect vacuuming - Customizable cleaning - Accurate floor mapping - Obstacle avoidance - Self-emptying dustbin - Long-lasting battery - Quiet operation - Feature-packed app - Effective filter Cons: - Moderate mopping performance ---- Review ---- Design: The DEEBOT OZMO T8+ is dark grey in color with a sleek look. Some of it is a shiny material and other parts have a matte finish. At just over three and a half inches tall, it fits under most of my furniture with ease, getting the hard to reach areas that I often neglect. It has a TrueMapping Distance Sensor that protrudes slightly from the top and an AUTO Mode button beside it that can be pressed to initiate automatic cleaning (custom cleaning can be initiated through the mobile app). The button also acts as an indicator light. It’ll either be off, solid white, flashing white, solid red, or flashing red, depending on the scenario. With the top cover lifted, there’s a Wi-Fi indicator light, reset button, power switch, and multifunction cleaning tool (for maintenance). There’s also access to the auto-empty dust bin and the filter. The front has an anti-collision bumper and multiple sensors. On the bottom, there are additional sensors, the main brush with a release button for maintenance, two side brushes, wheels, charging contacts, a water outlet, and a reservoir. Included with the robot is the Auto-Empty Station, which has an infrared signal emitter to help the DEEBOT dock, auto-empty inlets where the dustbin’s contents go when the station is initiated, a dust bag under the top lid, and an indicator light. The power cord wrap that’s built into the back is a nice touch that I appreciate because it helps with hiding the power cord. Both the DEEBOT and Auto-Empty Station are very well designed. Setup: Under the top cover is a paper insert that has the steps to get started. I found them to be helpful and easy to follow. Basically, all that’s required is to remove the protectors, install the side brushes, place the Auto-Empty Station in the desired location, put the DEEBOT on the station, power it on, download the app, scan the QR code on the DEEBOT, then finish the on-screen instructions. Within minutes, my DEEBOT was ready to go. Setup was seamless from start to finish. I always appreciate an easy setup process. Performance: The DEEBOT is impressively efficient. It doesn’t just roam aimlessly and change directions when it bumps into a wall or object. It maps out the room, moves in straight lines when it makes sense to do so, knows where it has been, and covers nearly every inch of the floor. It’s even able to make it over a somewhat high transition strip that’s between my laundry room and living room. I’ve inspected its work after multiple uses and couldn’t spot anything significant left behind. My wife and I have a cat, so we were hoping this would help pick up hair throughout the week instead of it accumulating prior to our normal cleaning day, and it does a fantastic job of doing that. It’s also helpful for the inevitable kitchen messes after preparing/eating meals. Looking at the clean floor after it’s done and seeing how full the dustbin gets is quite satisfying. The Auto-Empty Station eliminates the need to manually empty the dustbin after each use, but I do have to occasionally check the dustbin because pet hair sometimes gets caught. When the DEEBOT transitions to carpet, it recognizes the difference and increases suction automatically. Even with the higher suction engaged, it still operates quietly. The only time it gets loud like a full-size vacuum is when the dustbin is emptying at the Auto-Empty Station. A lot of our flooring is hardwood, but several rooms are carpeted, and the cleaning effectiveness on the carpet is just as impressive as it is on the hardwood. I wouldn’t say it can replace a standard vacuum, but it certainly helps keep my carpeted rooms cleaner than they’d normally be. Whether I tell the DEEBOT to just do certain rooms or the entire first floor of my house, the battery lasts a long time. On average, it can get up to three hours of runtime on one charge. The mopping capability for hard floors is a great bonus, but it’s not perfect. As I mentioned, a large portion of my flooring is hardwood, so having the mop helps keep the hardwood cleaner than just a vacuum would. However, mopping just involves a wet cloth getting dragged across the floor as the DEEBOT is also vacuuming, so I wouldn’t say it’s deep cleaning by any means. Although it’s better than vacuuming alone, I wish the mopping cloth spun or vibrated to scrub the floor a little more than it does. My other wish is that it was acceptable to use a cleaning solution instead of just water. The instructions specifically recommend purified water. There’s no mention of a cleaning solution, so I’ve just assumed it’d be best to stick with water, in case using a cleaning solution somehow causes damage. Despite those wishes, I still like the mopping capability because it does a pretty good job of preventing grime buildup on the floor. Overall, this DEEBOT has the smarts and performance to deliver nearly perfect vacuuming, but I think the mopping performance is just moderate. App Features: General controls, like starting, pausing, or stopping a cleaning job can all be done in the app. Additionally, there are plenty of more advanced features available in the app as well, such as cleaning schedules, a cleaning sequence (order in which rooms will be cleaned), the ability to select a specific room or area to be cleaned, virtual boundaries, adjustable vacuum power or water flow level, and more. If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices, the DEEBOT can even be controlled with your voice. It’s a feature-rich app that makes the DEEBOT experience both user friendly and convenient. Verdict: Where the DEEBOT OZMO T8+ falls short is mopping. While it’s cool to have a robot vacuum that mops at the same time, I think the word “mop” should be loosely used in this case. It’s more like a wipe. I might eventually try the add-on mopping accessory with high-frequency vibration that can be purchased separately, but I wish that was already an included feature and that cleaning solution could be used instead of just water. I think this DEEBOT is mainly designed to be a vacuum though, so with that in mind, there’s no denying that the DEEBOT OZMO T8+ is an innovative and effective robot vacuum. It accurately maps out the floor, knows where it’s been and where it still needs to go so that a spot doesn’t get missed and time isn’t wasted. The feature-rich app enables highly customizable cleaning, like schedules, virtual boundaries, or even the ability to tell it a specific area within a room to go clean. The icing on the cake is the included Auto-Empty Station that empties the dustbin automatically after each cleaning job. I’m happy to report that the robot vacuuming experience has been nearly perfect and for that, it deserves my recommendation and a five-star, “Excellent” rating
Date published: 2021-11-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Absolutely love this little robot. I have had the T8 AIVI with the Auto Empty Station for a few months now and I couldn’t be happier with it. It has done a wonderful job of keeping my house clean and allowing me to do other things. I have two dogs and a teenager and the T8 has kept my house virtually pet hair And crumb free. The amount of dust it picks up is impressive. I have it cleaning once a day on the main floor of my house and have been told by my parents who visit rather regularly that my house looks cleaner and actually smells a lot cleaner as well. With a minimal amount of prep (picking up dog toys and clothing) it does a great job with coverage and I have found the object detection does quite well at avoiding stuff I may have missed. And when my big dog doesn’t feel like getting out of the way (he is 100lbs+) the T8 just goes around him. The mapping functions are great and the fact that you can have the robot clean everything, just a room or just an area you have selected are very handy. And the multiple maps you can store are great as I have it clean the guest room up stairs whenever I am going to have company. I have found that cleaning the T8 about twice as much as recommended seems to help keep everything functioning great. The little cleaning brush helps immensely with getting all the dust out of the dust bin since it likes to build up in the corners. And I will say that it is fairly simple to clean, very minimal effort. A few down sides I have found but they don’t really bother me is that long hair does tend to tangle up in the brush rather easily but that take all of 30 seconds and of my time to resolve and I only have to do it once a week. The other problem is that if you don’t run the T8 regularly the bin fills up to much and the auto empty station can’t get all the pet hair out. But I can’t really say that is the robots fault. A bigger down side is the mop. I bought the scrubbing attachment in addition to the standard mop unit that comes with the robot. On the positive it is great for cleaning up small messes and if I run the scrubbing unit in the same spot twice it does a fairly good job of cleaning up around the dogs water bowls. The down side is that it is more like a maintenance thing. If you have not mopped my hand in a while it doesn’t really do anything to get the floor clean. I think some kind of cleaning solution would help with that. The major down side though is not with the robot itself but is the cost of replacement bags. I find they are far to expensive. Breaking down the cost it is just under 7$ a bag when you by the three pack which is about as much as I would pay for a vacuum bag for my normal vacuum and these are much smaller. If they could do something about that I would admit that I would really have no complaints about this robot.
Date published: 2021-07-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great product of this century! It is the best addition ❤to our family. We just love it. Can't express in words how much it is helping us.
Date published: 2021-06-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Well worth it!! We have only had it for about a month and we love it! We have 2 Australian shepherds and 2 cats and alot of carpet. It really seems to get it all. We also bought the auto dumping station. It does not always get the pet hair to dump so we need to check it each time but all in all it has been well worth the purchase.
Date published: 2021-05-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loving it, so Cool It’s the mopping function which is an absolute delight. Really helpful to maintain clean floor Noise level is Ok
Date published: 2021-02-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great vacuum and mop We’ve had our vacuum for a more than a month now and it’s been absolutely great. I really like the object avoidance so that it doesn’t get stuck and bump into things. This is really helpful to make sure the vacuum complete’s its task without you having to pick kit up and move it frequently. The mop attachment works pretty well for most light cleanup and is fairly handy to help keep things dust and stain free from the floor. The auto dispense of the bin is also quite handy to keep maintenance to a minimum. Overall quite happy with our purchase and would recommend to anyone looking at this.
Date published: 2020-12-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Office Help! We bought this for the office and it's been such a great help! We program it to start a couple of hours before the workday begins. There have been a few times that the robot has been stuck but it just tries again the next day and it's been great!
Date published: 2020-11-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love the auto scheduling feature I have my robot vacuum set to vacuum the floor every morning at 5am so I can wake-up to a clean floor. It picks up pretty much all dirt and small debris on the floor, quiet and avoids cords and other objects. Morning feature works good though I would like it to be able to travel over a rug to reach the other side for mopping. I understand that's a feature in a newer model. While I probably need a better life, this vacuum has been my favorite purchase by far this year.
Date published: 2020-11-14
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Does this unit for$799.99 come with everything you need to vacuum and mop?? No extra accessories needed? Also, how is customer service??? Returns or problems?

Asked by: Marshacrt12
Customer service is real bad, especially considering how much it costs. There are common problems that this device has that they won't honor in the warranty. They might fix it and send it back but it will break again and they'll make you pay for it. Their warranty repair is designed to get your device to be able to limp across the 12 month warranty period, they'll offer you a discount when it inevitably breaks outside of the warranty period though so I guess there is that?
Answered by: DisappointedBryan
Date published: 2022-12-27

i have German Shepperd and shed a lot of hair. is it pet friendly?? How is the mopping function??

Asked by: Anonymous
Its a vacuum. All pets hate vacuums so not definitely not pet friendly lol. If your pet is not moving around it will try to avoid them but your pet may get scared and damage it. Mopping function is basically useless, unless you have the oscillating mop head. Make sure you put the cleaner on the floor and not in the robot. Only water should really go into the robot.
Answered by: Niconiconico
Date published: 2021-07-17

ISs a a 5/050 solution of soft water and distilled vinegar for mopping acceptable / recommended?

Asked by: ltsinclair
Acceptable and recommended. Don't use cleaners in the reservoir tank, if anything put them on the surface you want to mop and then just put soft water in the tank so it does the same thing.
Answered by: Niconiconico
Date published: 2022-05-03

I have a lab mix dog with a double coat type hair that sheds a lot, is this model capable of picking up dog hair?

Asked by: Rollin Stone
Can pick up all hair. Long and short. Comes with a little letter opener/brush that's used for cutting any tangles off the removable roller
Answered by: Niconiconico
Date published: 2021-10-01

What's exactly in the box?

Asked by: Mimibmib21
The robot and every accessory except the self emptying bin
Answered by: Niconiconico
Date published: 2021-07-17

The roborock s7 raises it's mopping pad when it goes over carpet..Does the t-8 avi do that as well?

Asked by: wondere 2021
No  It not even moving when mop function is on
Answered by: Ank0000001
Date published: 2021-05-01

Like the other questions for this model, I too am wondering if this model will have an automatic self-cleaning dust bin.  Is this something you are looking at?  I'd buy this now, but would wait if your going to add this feature.

Asked by: Rollie5410
Several sources have said the end of August.
Answered by: Binky_Sears
Date published: 2020-12-13

Hi. Can the live streaming be disabled for privacy reasons and concerns that ppl can hack into it to spy 

Asked by: Spookie007
The vac ships with an opaque cover for the camera lens that effectively disables the camera. This will also compromise the quality of the mapping and navigation but will address your privacy concerns.
Answered by: GKTVFL32162
Date published: 2021-04-22
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