DEEBOT Robot Floor Cleaner

DEEBOT: Robot floor cleaner for different types of flooring

Thanks to robot floor cleaners, cleaning the floor no longer has to be a chore. A floor vacuum robot can help you deal with dust, hair and other debris on your floors, it can even get under beds, sofas and in corners which are difficult to clean. Many homes have different types of flooring, ranging from hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring to tile flooring or even mixed flooring. ECOVACS DEEBOT robot floor cleaner, can clean a variety of floor types. Read our top picks and tips to help you choose your floor-cleaning robot for your different floorings.

robot vacuum hardwood floors

Robot vacuum
cleaners that will
not scratch
hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring can add a touch of elegance to your home but requires special care to preserve its shine, which our high-performance robot vacuum cleaner designed for hardwood floors can provide.

vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwood floors

ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI is a robot vacuum cleaner particularly suitable for hardwood floors. First, hardwood flooring materials are easily prone to scratches. If the cleaning parts used on the body of the robot are hard, they may leave stubborn, deep scratches on wooden flooring.

soft brush vacuum for hardwood floors

The two main components of the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI are: the main brush and the side brushes which protect hardwood floors from damage in the cleaning process. The side brushes are durable, made of wear-resistant nylon bristles, resistant to deformation, providing high-performance cleaning that won't leave scratches on hardwood flooring and furniture. The main brush is made of both soft brush and flexible rubber strip (made of TPU material) which can roll up dust particles stuck between floorboards without damaging the floor.

vacuum that won't scratch hardwood floors

On the other hand, DEEBOT X1 OMNI is powered by AI and is equipped with an astrophotography-grade RGB camera with integrated Autopilot technology, enhancing its obstacle avoidance and human recognition capabilities. It is also equipped with integrated vision and in-depth information, making it your smart home cleaning partner. Its 5000 Pa Suction Power and OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System provide strong integrated sweeping, suction and mopping capabilities for a deep and efficient clean, leaving no stubborn stain untouched, when vacuuming wood floors.

DEEBOT X1 OMNI robot vacuum hardwood floor


  • An intelligent cleaning process that leverages advanced AIVI 3D and TrueMapping technology.
  • The pioneer behind the hands-free All-in-One OMNI Station.
  • A humanized YIKO Voice Assistant that offers a unique immersive experience.
  • Offers integrated sweep, suction, and strong mop for a deep and efficient clean, ensuring no stubborn stains remain on hardwood floors.
  • The floating structure of the main brush is designed to maximize contact with the floor to achieve deep cleaning while preventing damage especially on hardwood floors.
best vacuum for vinyl floors

What is a good
robot vacuum
cleaner for cleaning
vinyl floors?

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice of flooring in many homes. How to choose a best robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning vinyl floors?

best robot vacuum for vinyl plank floors

Like hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring also has gaps between floorboards, which often hide dust particles. DEEBOT T10 OMNI is equipped with the strong suction power needed for the daily clean of vinyl flooring as it deep cleans between the floors and absorbs dust, pet hair and debris.


Vinyl flooring is made of more wear-resistant materials than hardwood flooring, making DEEBOT T10 a good choice for users with vinyl flooring as it can remove deeply entrenched dust in between floorboard gaps with high frequency. It has a suction power of up to 5000 Pa, which can remove deeply entrenched dust particles efficiently.

robot vacuum with automatic dirt disposal

The OMNI Station is equipped with an Auto-Empty function, which is designed to dispose of dust, hair, and other small particles in DEEBOT's dustbin, so no need to worry about emptying DEEBOT. The 3L disposable dust bag can hold up to 60 days of dirt and debris, allowing you to enjoy a hands-free vacuuming experience. The dust bag is allergy-friendly as it can be sealed automatically, preventing dust from escaping in the air.



  • Get things done with the All-in-One OMNI Station:Auto-Empty, Auto-Clean, Auto Hot Air Drying, designed for hands-free cleaning experience.
  • Consistently maintain a powerful suction of up to 5000Pa, makes cleaning hard to reach places remarkably easy, removing dirt on vinyl floors.
  • AIVI 3.0: Upgraded AI-based Object Recognition and Avoidance
vacuum for tile floors

Floor-cleaning robot
for cleaning tile floors

Tile flooring is common in many homes. However, on top of a daily sweep, smooth tile floors require mopping. Over time, a lack of mopping may lead to your tile floor becoming dull and dirty and losing its shine.

vacuum that mops and vacuums at same time

DEEBOT N10 PLUS is a robot vacuuming and mopping cleaner suitable for cleaning tile floors, especially it is capable of mopping and vacuuming all in one step.


First, it is equipped with an OZMO Mopping System, a super-strong water-locking mop with 480 repeated wipes per minute. Just like an electric mop, it effectively cleans stubborn stains and restores the shine of your tile floor.

OZMO PRO Mopping Water Tank

Unlike messy drip systems of other mopping robots, OZMO Mopping System uses a precision micro-water pump to avoid leaks and over-wetting tile floors. With four different water flows, you can adjust the settings to your needs.

DEEBOT N10 PLUS tile floor vacuum


  • Automatically self-empties its dustbin after cleaning. It also comes with a 2.5L hypoallergenic dust bag that auto-seals, ensuring no dust particles escape into the air.
  • OZMO Mopping System uses a precision micro-water pump to avoid leaks and over-wetting of tile floors. With four levels of water flow, you can adjust the settings to fit your needs.
  • Cutting-edge Mapping and Path Planning Experience

Comparison Chart

If you decided to buy an ECOVACS DEEBOT for cleaning your floor, but not sure which one is better for your needs, check out this comparison with the main differences between the robot vacuums.


What Our Users Say

deebot reviews
With 5,000Pa suction force, the robot vacuum cleaner takes up dirt from both hardwood floors and carpets more effectively. Mopping is also one of the best I've seen on a robot. It leaves a beautiful finish on the floor. I use the maximum water flow, and a visible trail of washed floor can be seen as the robot progresses. I have it set to return to clean the pads every 20 minutes. This is a setting the can be increased/decreased. So cool!
deebot reviews -2
The suction of my DEEBOT is strong enough to pick up most of the garbage from the vinyl floor and it can clean the mop automatically, which is so cool.
deebot reviews -3
The revolutionary OZMO Turbo rotating mopping technology works twice as hard to remove stubborn stains and dirt, leaving my tile floor spotless.
deebot reviews -4
It is very convenient for it can vacuum and mop at the same time, and it can identify the carpet automatically when the mopping plate is on so that it won’t wet my carpet. So brilliant!


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