Upgrade your DEEBOT Firmware on ECOVACS Home App


Smart Navi Cleaning logic V2 is now ready on ECOVACS Home App for your DEEBOT!

What will the new version firmware bring to you?

  • Increasing cleaning coverage by taking care more edge & corner area
  • Keeping track of where your robot has cleaned, with maps that show its path around your home
  • Drawing virtual boundary in map building process to save your time


Upgrade the firmware of your DEEBOT on ECOVACS Home App.

The ECOVACS Home App is compatible with all DEEBOT 900 Series, DEEBOT OZMO 900 Series, DEEBOT OZMO Slim Series, DEEBOT 700 Series and DEEBOT 600 Series.

Download your ECOVACS Home App and control your robot wherever you are!

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