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Why Is My Robot Vacuum So Loud & How To Fix It?
Why Is My Robot Vacuum So Loud & How To Fix It?
The hum of a robot vacuum should be a background whisper, a subtle sign of cleanliness in progress. Yet, when the gentle hum escalates to a roar, a tune louder than we signed up for, it causes not just annoyance but a genuine concern for their performance and our comfort. The frustration is real when peace is pierced by unexpected noise, but fear not – troubleshooting this loudness can be straightforward. Through understanding and the right approach, the tranquillity of automated cleaning
How To Choose A Robot Vacuum With No-Go Zone?
Australians are building bigger homes, according to Statista, with the average floor area of new houses built in the country in 2022 measuring 232.3 square metres — an increase from the previous year’s average of 230.4 square metres. Such large homes require extensive housekeeping, but homeowners or tenants may not have the time to clean such vast residences. However, a robot vacuum cleaner can make the process easier as they can clean homes unsupervised. The basic models of smar
Why And How Do I Reset My Robot Vacuum?
Robot vacuum cleaners are designed to allow users to clean their homes unsupervised and with minimum involvement. However, there are times when these automated devices face issues — such as moving erratically or displaying persistent error codes — which can be caused by minor navigation problems or major system malfunctions. Many times, issues such as your smart vacuum making strange noises or not clearing and collecting dirt properly can be resolved by regularly cleaning and maintaining th
How To Choose A Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner?
Run a robot vacuum to make your floor ''look'' sparkly – but have you looked into the shadowed nooks beneath your furniture? Whether you live in a Sydney apartment or a Gold Coast mansion, the reality of home cleanliness can't overlook these hidden spaces. Dust and debris, mostly hidden under furniture, not only degrade air quality but also pose a risk to those with allergies, yet manually cleaning these areas is a chore incompatible with today's pursuit of convenience and autonomy. That's wh
What To Do When My Robot Vacuum Can't Find Its Base?
Navigating back to its "Home" sweet home, or rather, the docking station, is one of the common features of today's robot vacuums. This home base isn't just a charging station; for some models, it's where they empty and clean before another cleaning session. Ideally, they utilise smart mapping technology to find their way back to their chargers and dock, even if you live in a big house in Melbourne or a smaller place in downtown Sydney. Yet, when a smart vacuum gets lost, it becomes a real is
Do Robot Vacuums Set Off House Alarms? (How to Prevent It)?
In Australia, specifically within Western Australia, an impressive 33.3% of respondents rest securely under the protection of alarm systems, as per Statista's findings. The conversation around smart home devices, like robot vacuums, is no longer just about convenience, but how they can seamlessly integrate with our home security systems and work cohesively with other home robots to create a perfect smart home. Imagine your automatic vacuum, such as our cutting-edge DEEBOTs, not only kee