Can You Put Cleaning Solution in Robot Mop


No one really enjoys mopping, especially living in a large house with a big family. Modern technologies have freed us from daily chores, and thanks to the invention of robot mops, we neednt wipe the floor by ourselves.


Robot mops are good helpers in house cleaning. It has become more popular in recent years not only because of the high cleaning efficiency, but also the simpler lifestyle they brought to us. Especially after years of technology upgrades, the newer models are equipped enough to get our trust from the excellent user experience in the past.


In fact, the history of robot mops can be divided into two parts in general. It was designed with a single purpose to mop the floor at first, which can help to clean dirt and debris through a dry sweep. The technician later upgraded it into a multi-functional mopping vacuum to cater to market demand, and the high praises of the users have proved its success.


Maybe there still are some doubts spinning around in your head. How does the mopping vacuum work? Can you put cleaning solution in robot mop? Let's learn more about robot vacuum and mop. 


Advantages of Using a Robot Vacuum and Mop


When we open a shopping website and want to buy a mopping robot, it’s easy to find that the 2-in-1 mopping vacuum is more popular. Robot vacuum and mop are good at both dry and wet sweeping, making our floor shine and spotless every day.


2-in-1 mopping vacuum


Vacuum mop in one with powerful suction and rotating mop can handle everything like tangled hair, stain, debris, and dust. Just comfortably lying on the sofa, a mopping vacuum will take good care of your floor! It can be said that mopping vacuum frees people from tedious and time-consuming chores. But you need to pay attention to cleaning its water tank, which is important to keep your water fresh in the reservoir.


Robot Mop that Uses Cleaning Solution


Some people once tried to put cleaning solution into their vacuum mop to clean water tank for a deeper cleaning effect. To kill bacteria and viruses that live on the floor surface, cleaning solution seems like a proper solution to handle that situation. However, can you put cleaning solution in robot mop? Is the general cleaning solution compatible with all mopping vacuums?


From experience, we suggest that do not put a disinfectant cleaner into a robot mop. If your robot mop doesnt include a cleaning solution, it would be better not to add anything extra but water to your robot. Chemical substances of some cleaning solutions remaining on the internal components may erode the tubes or many chemicals can leave behind particles that build up and form clogs over time.

But if you want to disinfect your floors and remove bacteria and fungi from them, a proper cleaning solution is necessary for a deep, disinfecting clean. Based on the past user experience, we recommend you choose a proper robot mop cleaning solution that is compatible with your mopping vacuum. ECOVACS has developed DEEBOT robot mop cleaning solution to support deep cleaning. There are the models!




DEEBOT X1 OMNI provides a hands-free experience, and it’s compatible with DEEBOT cleaning solution. If you are a person who is pursuing an easier life meanwhile having high demands for a cleaning environment, DEEBOT X1 OMNI is the one you are looking for.




A fully automatic robot mop that uses cleaning solution needs a large clean station to replenish water by itself. DEEBOT X1 TURBO with great suction power is suitable for home floor cleaning. You can buy a professional DEEBOT cleaning solution on ECOVACS.




Cleaning solution will be given to the customer as additional accessories with 3pcs dust bag and 3pcs washing mopping bottle. DEEBOT T10 PLUS is compatible with DEEBOT cleaning solution that is specially designed and will not cause damage to the robot mop.



Robot Mop Cleaning Solution


Can you put cleaning solution in robot mop? We already talked that above. However, many people like to hand-make cleaning solutions and put them into their mopping vacuum, which will cause a series of troubles after long periods. Although your vacuum and mop in one are compatible with cleaning solutions, you’d better use the ideal product as we suggested.


Here are two types of cleaning solutions you can use with confidence.


DEEBOT cleaning solution


DEEBOT Cleaning Solution (1L) is compatible with DEEBOT X1 OMNI and X1 TURBO. Its large capacity can be used for a few months and you can take 1 bottle cap each time.


DEEBOT Cleaning Solution Bundle (110 ML) designed with the pump is compatible with DEEBOT T10 PLUS and X1 PLUS. Its wild blue scent makes your robot mop more adorable. Bundle including 3 bottles of DEEBOT robot mop cleaning solution.


How to Use a Vacuum Mop in One


After getting a new mopping vacuum, the first consideration for us is to find an ideal place for this smart robot. Take DEEBOT as an example. Place it against a wall on a hard floor ensuring a large activity area, which is also friendly to your pets and children avoiding stumble. Station usually contains a clean water tank and waste water tank. Be careful when you move it!


Connect the power cord to the station and plug in the power cord. Then the buttons on the panel will light implying it has been ready to work!


Then we need to install all the side brushes to the underside of the DEEBOT matching its right color to the slot. Download the ECOVAS HOME App from the App store then scan the QR code on your DEEBOT, which is under the top cover. Setting it as your needs.


After it finishes mapping, you can use the voice command for floor cleaning. Dont forget the preparations for mopping: remove the clean water tank and add water to the max level (adding the DEEBOT cleaning solution makes cleaning more efficient). 

DEEBOT X1 0MNI or X1 TURBO Recommended single usage


Then place black into the station and enjoy your relaxing time. A robot mop is a new trend in intelligent home cleaning devices. Newer models of DEEBOT support deep cleaning by adding cleaning solutions. If you are hesitating about what types of mopping vacuum can be your ideal floor cleaning helper, go to the official website of ECOVACS, and you will surely find out more novel tips about mop robots. Oh, dont forget to subscribe to ECOVACS newsletter for exclusive deals and updates!


Hope everyone will find your favorite robot mop and live easier and happier!

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