How To Choose The Right Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Long Hairs?


mother brushing hair of her daughter
Shiny, voluminous hair is on everyone's wish list, but the drawbacks to more hair breakage and consequently, more fallen hairs. In particular those with long hair, they are more likely to notice strands on the floor due to the greater volume, and it can be annoying to pick up hair day after day.

Nowadays, more people are turning to smart vacuums for hands-free cleaning. However, long hair is a challenging task, not because of the amount, but because it tends to tangle around the brushes. Meant to pick up dirt and debris, these brushes lose their capability when entangled with hair. The only solution is to detach the brush and carefully cut away the tangled hair.

Recognising this issue, manufacturers like us have developed specialised features, like tangle-free brushes, to manage hair effectively.

Why You Need A Robot Vacuum For Long Hair

If you're constantly battling long hair on your floors, a robotic vacuum cleaner could be the solution you need. Long hair tends to wrap around vacuum brushes, reducing their efficiency and at the same time, increasing the need for frequent maintenance. By investing in an automatic vacuum designed for long hair, you can save time and avoid the hassle of manual clean-ups.

Robot floor cleaners are "smart" in navigating and mapping your house, even in the dark, to find the most efficient cleaning routes. Their strong suction power picks up hair without it getting stuck on the brushes and ensures it is safely collected in the perfectly sealed dustbin. More importantly, as hair tends to fall constantly, smart vacuums are perfect because you can pre-schedule cleaning sessions remotely via the app. This allows frequent cleaning to keep your place always hair-free.

Best DEEBOT Robot Vacuums for Long Hair

With the mission of “Robotics for All” in mind, ECOVACS never stops in bringing new technology in their intelligent robotic solutions for homes. Find out why these three top DEEBOTs are among the best robot vacuums for long hair.


deeobt x2 omni robot vacuum

DEEBOT X2 OMNI is the new flagship model that could be the best robot vacuum for long hair. Not only does it feature a powerful 8,000Pa suction 1, to effectively collect long hair on the floor without getting wrapped around the brush, but its square design also supports strong edge cleaning performance, reaching within 30 mm of corners, making sure it doesn’t miss hair in those hard-to-reach areas. The super slim profile effortlessly cleans under low-height furniture. Enhanced with TrueMapping 3.0, it accurately maps your home, allowing you to target specific areas via 3D Mapping 2.0, like bathrooms where long hair accumulates.

Features that handle long hairs:

Vacuum Power Adjustment: 8,000Pa

Vacuum Components: Rubber Main Brush, Side Brush

Navigation Type: Semi Solid State LiDAR



 deeobt t20 omni robot vacuum

DEEBOT T20 OMNIaddresses the challenge of long hair with its strong 6,000Pa suction power2and durable rubber brush. This combo enhances its capability to pick up long hair, regardless of the volume, and ensures hair tangled on the brush can be easily removed and cleaned. With the upgraded Housekeeper Mode 2.0, you can adjust cleaning settings based on your preferences, while the YIKO voice assistant, which uses the latest AI advancements in natural voice recognition and sound source localisation technology, allows for voice-directed spot cleaning. For instance, you can simply ‘ask’ the device to clean up after brushing your long hair. Moreover, its Edge Deep Cleaning function significantly improves corner cleaning, reaching within 3mm of walls.

Features that handle long hairs:

● Vacuum Power Adjustment: 6,000Pa

● Vacuum Components: Floating Main Brush, Side Brush

● Navigation Type: TrueMapping 2.0



deeobt t10 plus robot vacuum

Further to efficiently collecting long hair, DEEBOT T10 PLUS is designed to tackle the issues of bacteria and smells as well. With a 3,000Pa suction power3, it easily removes hair from floors and carpets with its dual side brushes and a floating main brush. It even automatically increases suction on carpets, ensuring hair stuck between the fibres is removed. This model features TrueMapping 2.0 for efficient navigation and quick targeted cleaning around obstacles. Paired with a lightweight auto-empty station, its 3.2L disposable dust bag and fully sealed system keep dust and debris contained for up to 60 days4. Plus, the added air freshener leaves your home smelling fresh.

Features that handle long hairs:

● Vacuum Power Adjustment: 3,000Pa

● Vacuum Components: Floating Main Brush, Side Brush

● Navigation Type: TrueMapping 2.0


How To Choose A Robot Vacuum For Long Hairs

Consider the following features when choosing an auto vacuum to ensure it is ready to keep your floor free of hair:

Brushes and Tangle-Free Designs: Look for models with rubber brushes or specialised detangling technologies, such as the "ZeroTangle Anti-Tangle Technology" feature in the DEEBOT T30 Family. ZeroTangle is a dual comb-teeth-array structure developed by ECOVACS that effectively straightens the hair vacuumed-up, accelerates airflow in the air duct. Paired with an anti-static V-shaped bristle, it greatly reduces the probability of hair tangling on the main brush, with a tangling rate as low as 0%5, eliminating the maintenance troubles caused by hair entanglement.

Suction Power:High suction power, from 3,000 Pa and above, is essential for effectively capturing long hairs. DEEBOT robot vacuums feature strong suction to ensure hair is lifted from all types of flooring without getting caught in the vacuum's mechanism.

Filters: High-efficiency filters play a crucial role in trapping pet dander and hair. This not only helps in cleaning but also improves the air qualityof your home.

Dustbin Capacity:Opt for vacuums with larger bins to reduce the needs of manual emptying. This is particularly useful in homes with long-haired residents or pets, where hair accumulation is faster.

Smart Features:Look for advanced navigation, mapping, and app integration. These features allow the vacuum to navigate around your home intelligently, ensuring that no area is missed and that it can effectively manage areas with more hair.

Maintenance Tips for Robot Vacuums Handling Long Hair

deebot robot vacuum cleaning

No matter it is to deal with long hair, or prevent other issues like stopping, maintaining your auto vacuum on a regular basis is key to lengthen its lifespan. Here are some tips from us to keep your device in top condition:

Clean the Brushes Regularly: Hair tends to wrap around the brushes, affecting the vacuum's performance. Gently remove the brushes and cut away any tangled hair with scissors. This should be done weekly to prevent build-up.

Empty the Dustbin After Every Use: A full dustbin reduces suction power. Make it a habit to empty the dustbin after each cleaning session, or once a week with the auto-empty station like OMNI station, ensuring your vacuum operates at peak efficiency.

Check and Clean the Filters: Filters trap dust and allergens but can clog over time. Wash or replace them according to the manufacturer's instructions to maintain air flow and suction power. This is usually recommended every month.

Inspect and Clean the Wheels: Hair and debris can also wrap around the wheels, hindering smooth movement. Regularly check the wheels and remove any objects with a pair of tweezers that might prevent your robot vacuum to spin.

Wipe Down Sensors and Cameras: Use a soft, dry cloth to gently clean the robot's cameras and sensors to ensure it navigates smoothly and accurately around your home.


How often should I clean my robot vacuum if there is someone with long hair at home?

If you live with someone with long hair, clean your smart vacuum's brushes and empty the dustbin at least once a week to maintain optimal performance.

Can robot vacuums handle long hair on carpets as well as hard floors?

Yes, smart vacuums can handle long hair on carpets as well as hard floors, especially models with strong suction power and specialised brushes designed for this purpose.

How does suction power affect a robot vacuum's ability to pick up long hair?

Suction power greatly impacts a robotic vacuum cleaner's ability to pick up long hair, with higher suction ensuring more efficient hair removal from both carpets and hard floors.


  1. 8,000Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT X2 OMNI can reach 8,000Pa.
  2. 6,000Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT T20 OMNI can reach 6,000Pa.
  3. 3,000Pa: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The suction power of DEEBOT T10 PLUS can reach 3,000Pa.
  4. 60 days: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. The large 3L disposable dust bag can be used for up to 60 days. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.
  5. 0% tangling rate: This data comes from ECOVACS laboratory. When dealing with dry hair shorter than 25 cm, the T30 Pro, through its sweeping, rolling, combing, and suction functions, achieves a 0% hair tangling rate on its roller brush. Hair does not remain on the roller brush. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.

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