5 Things To Consider When Buying A Pet Vacuum Cleaner


Keeping a home clean with furry friends around can be a tough task. Hair, dander, and other pet debris can quickly accumulate, making it difficult to keep your home fresh and clean. This is where a pet vacuum cleaner can come in handy. 


Pet vacuum cleaners are designed specifically for pet owners, and their advanced technology helps keep your home clean even with pets. With new advancements in technology, pet vacuum cleaners have become even more efficient and effective in picking up pet hair and debris. They are ideal for busy families who want to maintain a clean home with minimal effort.


What's the Difference Between a Robot Pet Vacuum Cleaner and a Regular Vacuum?


A robot pet vacuum cleaner and a regular vacuum cleaner differ in several ways. Here we made a comparison.


  • Design and Function


The primary difference is in their design and function. A regular vacuum cleaner is a handheld or upright device used to manually clean flooring. It requires manual operation and needs to be pushed or pulled around the home to clean. On the other hand, a robot pet vacuum cleaner is an automated device that uses sensors, navigation systems, and suction power to clean floors and carpets on its own.


robot pet vacuum cleaner 


  • Performance


Another difference is in their performance. Regular vacuums often come with different attachments and settings that make them more versatile but require manual operation. However, robot pet vacuum cleaners have been designed specifically to clean pet hair and debris, and they use advanced technology to clean more efficiently and effectively. They are also more convenient to use, as advanced models can be programmed to clean at specific times and do not require manual intervention.


What Should I Look for in a Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair?


After deciding to free your hands with a robot pet vacuum cleaner, it's time to learn how to pick an ideal one. When looking for a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for pet hair, there are several important factors to consider:


Suction Power


Pet hair can be difficult to remove. The hair is lightweight. It can easily spread throughout a room and cling to carpets and floors, making it hard to clean up completely. We suggest pet owners choose a vacuum cleaner with stronger suction power. Our ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI, with an increased suction power of 5000Pa, is superior in removing pet hair, which helps a lot for pet owners who pursue ultimate cleaning performance, especially multi-pet families. It is an all-rounded pet vacuum carpet cleaner. Our DEEBOT T10 Plus, with 3000Pa, also performs well in collecting pet hair. If you only have one or two furry pets, DEEBOT T10 Plus is a great cost-effective vacuum cleaner for pet hair.


Sensor Feature


Robots are intelligent because they have senses, like all intelligent lives, in the form of sensors. Sensors enable the robot pet vacuum to evaluate the environment and avoid obstacles. For pet owners, you need a robot vacuum with stronger sensors as you have to prepare food bowls and toys like cat scratcher and teaser, which needs to be avoided during cleaning sessions. The ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI adopts AIVI 3D, our most innovative and advanced technology, which employs 3D structured light sensors to auto-identify, recognize and avoid obstacles accurately and efficiently. 


Specifically, its sensing range has improved significantly from 35cm to 80cm, thanks to its 16 times more powerful computing power. With detailed information about height, direction, and depth, the DEEBOT can easily maneuver around obstacles like carpets and cables, ensuring that every inch of your home is well-cleaned. For example, when it detects carpets, some models will increase suction power, making it an excellent pet vacuum carpet cleaner. This makes DEEBOT a highly efficient cleaning partner that operates with precision.


Noise Level


Noise level is an important factor to consider when choosing a robot pet vacuum because it can affect the user's comfort and experience while the device is in operation. High noise levels can be distracting and disruptive, especially when using a vacuum in a shared living space. Additionally, pets, especially dogs and cats, may get scared or stressed by the loud noise, leading to discomfort and anxiety. Choosing a pet vacuum cleaner that operates at a low noise level is essential to ensure a comfortable and stress-free environment for both the pet and the user.


Both our ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 Plus and X1 OMNI operate at a noise level of 66 dBA, which is considered relatively quiet. It is roughly equivalent to the sound of a normal conversation between two people, and will not disturb you and your pets.


ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 Plus and X1 OMNI operate at a noise level of 66 dBA 


Smart Mapping


Smart mapping is an important feature for a robot vacuum cleaner as it helps the device to map out the floor plan of a room and navigate efficiently. The robot vacuum cleaner will then generate a virtual map for you to design a cleaning plan and optimize the cleaning process.


Our ECOVACS DEEBOT uses TrueMapping technology to probe every corner of your house and creates a map. Newer DEEBOT models produce accurate 3D maps and identify every piece of furniture and pathway. And this map is interactive. You can use the app to control or set personalized cleaning schedules. For example, your dog may like hanging over the living room. You can try custom settings to target areas that require extra attention.




Pet hair often carries dander, which can cause allergies and other respiratory problems. Some of our ECOVACS DEEBOT models can self-empty themselves after cleaning. Our DEEBOT adopts the AllergenLock bag, a disposable bag that is conveniently located inside the charging dock. After each cleaning session, the DEEBOT empties the dirt and debris it has collected into this bag, making it a hygienic and convenient solution for pet owners. This feature makes the DEEBOT an ideal vacuum for pet owners who are looking for a solution that is not only effective, but also hygienic and convenient.


In conclusion, a robot pet vacuum cleaner is an essential tool for busy pet owners to keep their homes clean and free of pet hair. The advanced technology of ECOVACS DEEBOT makes this task easier and more efficient. To learn more about ECOVACS and our robot vacuums line, check out our products or subscribe to the newsletter for updates and special offers.