Does The DEEBOT T9+ Vacuum And Mop At The Same Time?


ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ robotic vacuum and mop cleaner is a star product from our ECOVACS DEEBOT series. Distinct from its predecessors, this robot is equipped with vibrating mopping pads that can immediately wipe the dirt and water away, thus mopping and vacuuming with one go. This feature may seem insignificant at first glance. Nevertheless, it is by no means trivial for those who want a clean and sparkling home.


Today, we will take a close look at DEEBOT T9+ and check by ourselves how a robot vacuum and mopper can further release our hands from daily chores. You will also get informed about how this robot functions and how to maximize its benefit.


ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ Features and Specifications


ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ is an award-winning vacuum robot that leads vacuum and mop robots into a new stage. This smart device is supported by ECOVACS self-developed TrueMapping 2.0 Technology and TrueDetect 3D 2.0 Technology, which allows this robot to learn your rooms. In this way, this intelligent device can direct itself to navigate through your house and avoid crashes and falls. The two technologies are further combined with ECOVACS Home App control system, which can customize your cleaning plans and schedules.


Most importantly, ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ pioneers in integrating the two most essential aspects of cleaning into one, sweeping and mopping. ECOVACS has always devoted itself to solving the problem of how to integrate sweeping and mopping functions into one and it has provided its solution, OZMO Pro 2.0 Technology.


To better treat dirt and furs, it has increased its suction power to 3,000 Pa, which is twice the power of previous models. Those remaining tiny dust and stubborn stains will be subsequently wiped away by the mop attached underneath the main body. What’s more, this technology can detect different types of floors and choose a cleaning model accordingly, which has reduced the risk of wetting carpets. Equipped with this technology, ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ can simultaneously vacuum and mop when it moves around your house, bringing you a sparking home with one go.


  ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ simultaneously vacuum and mop


ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ with Mopping Function


DEEBOT T9+ with mopping function is a powerful robotic vacuum. Unlike normal vacuum robots, this robot cleaner has an additional in-built water tank and a mopping pad attached underneath its body. The pad keeps vibrating when it works so that dust and stains can be captured by the fiberglass mopping cloth. The water tank keeps providing the cloth with clean water to moisturize the cloth. Powered by the OZMO Pro 2.0 Powerful Mopping System, this robot has a mopping power that is strong enough to effectively achieve a deep clean. What’s more, this robot cleaner can remove not only specks of dirt but also smell with its inbuilt Air Freshener, leaning your rooms an enduring air of freshness.


ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ Auto Empty Station


ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ needs to empty its container when it has finished a cleaning cycle.  An auto-empty station is thus necessary to release householders from subsequent manual work. This station contains a sealed disposable bag that can store the dust for as long as 30 days. This station is installed in a fixed position. Therefore, whenever the inbuilt dustbin is full, the robot can return to the station to empty itself. It will then proceed with its unfinished cleaning schedule.


ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ Suction Power


ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ is equipped with a powerful suction motor that can easily lift pet hair and other debris from carpets and hard floors. Compared to its previous generations, the suction power of this cleaning robot has doubled to 3000 Pa, which indicates a better performance in dealing with debris and even dust stuck in carpets. When this cleaning robot performs its cleaning task, it can recognize the type of flooring in your rooms and customize a suitable mode. The inbuilt suction motor is further combined with the fiberglass to capture and collect dirt. Therefore, a single robot vacuum can treat both your floor and carpet.


ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ Accessories


The full set of ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ contains a series of accessories, including a dust bag, side brush, microfiber wipe, sponge filter, and air freshener capsules. The dust bag is fixed to the docking station to collect waste. Side brushes keep rotating to push the dust to the center so that dirt can be vacuumed and collected. The mopping pad and microfiber wipe are disposable, which makes it convenient to change new ones. The three-layer filter can efficiently block not only large particles but allergens to further improve sanitary conditions. Besides, ECOVACS has provided air freshener capsules with different fragrances for users to choose from.


ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ accessories 




Those who are interested in a robotic vacuum with mopping function may wonder how to maximize its use of it. These robots need special treatment. Some users may find that their vacuum robots don’t operate as they have expected even if they have followed the guide on the instruction to install the cleaning robot. Therefore, before you start your ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+, it is necessary to read this quick guide to avoid common mistakes.


It should be highlighted that cleaning robots are not omnipotent devices that can take care of all types of floors. You should pay close attention to their working environment, especially the surface of the floor. For instance, a robot vacuum and mop can effectively clean tile, and marble, and maintain your wood floor and carpet. However, this cleaning robot may cause a headache for floors that can easily get bruised. You should also observe the condition of your floor when the robot is mopping if your floor is not waterproof.


Fortunately, ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ is intelligent enough to detect the surface it touches and choose an appropriate cleaning mode. For hard floors, it can vacuum and mop with one go to achieve deep cleaning. For rugs and carpets, this robot cleaner will precisely control its water supply to avoid water marks.




Backed by advanced OZMO Pro 2.0 Technology and a powerful suction motor, ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ is leading a revolution in house cleaning. In the past, a robotic vacuum may be what we imagine from robot cleaners. These days they are growing more intelligent and automatic. They can sweep, mop, and even maintain our floors, promoting cleaning efficiency to a new level.


With a vacuum robot with mopping function, keeping homes clean on busy days is no longer a headache. A robot cleaner like DEEBOT T9+ can be a good investment that can benefit your home and your life. ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ is worthy of a try.