Complete Overview of Robot Vacuum Cleaner Navigation


How do DEEBOT robot vacuums move across the floor to clean, vacuum, and sweep?  From the earlier days of using bounce and bang navigation techniques, DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaners have been greatly improved.


Instead of simply running into obstacles and ploughing through the house until they have cleaned the entire reachable floor, modern robots are designed with advanced technology to create detailed maps of the home and calculate the most efficient cleaning path. This is made possible by using a variety of sensors and artificial intelligence. 


Let’s explore the technologies behind DEEBOT and figure out the secret of their outstanding navigation performance.


How do DEEBOT Robot Vacuum Cleaners Navigate?


Vacuum cleaners robot use various sensors and technologies to navigate around a room. The most common type of sensor is a set of obstacle sensors, which applies infrared or ultrasonic technology to detect obstacles and prevent the robot from running into furniture or walls.


However, our DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaners are more intelligent. Not only do they use the advanced laser sensor, they are also programmed to create maps of your room in order to navigate more precisely. These maps allow the robot to remember where it has already cleaned and to avoid areas it has already covered. The smart navigation system that allows the robot to learn the layout of the room and adjust its cleaning path accordingly is called TrueMapping navigation system.


To understand how do robot vacuums navigate, it’s crucial to learn about our unique TrueMapping navigation system first.


What is ECOVACS TrueMapping?


ECOVACS has been researching and developing the TrueMapping navigation system for years. This system is designed to improve the robot's navigation and mapping capabilities. It uses laser-based navigation technology, so as to scan the environment and create a detailed map of the user's home. This map is stored in the vacuum cleaner robot's memory, allowing it to navigate through the home more efficiently and effectively. Some of our newer models are already equipped with the TrueMapping 2.0 navigation system. For instance, DEEBOT X1 OMNI is a good sample that utilizes this advanced technology. This cutting-edge design has achieved the following convenient outcomes:


  • RVC Lidar Technology: TrueMapping combines Lidar with a leading-edge dToF laser sensor to create the most advanced RVC Lidar technology. These technologies could also be found in self-driving cars, which are really intelligent. The newly developed DEEBOT models generate accurate 3D maps, allowing them to recognize every corner and obstacle in the home. Then it is able to quickly navigate an efficient and thorough cleaning avoiding traffic jams.
  • Interactive Maps: Unlike other robots, the map generated by DEEBOT is interactive, which means it enables the user to control. Users can interact with the maps through intuitive ECOVACS HOME App on their mobile devices to help the robot gain an accurate view of their home. It depends on you to choose 2D or 3D maps. The maps create a more detailed home environment and accurately identify home structure, furniture, and ground materials by learning and understanding the home environment. 
  • Remote Control: After mapping the home, the app could serve as command central for cleaning floors on users’ terms. Users can remotely control the vacuum robot cleaners on their phones. In real time, users can see how many areas have been cleaned. What’s more, users can use customized settings to target areas that require extra attention, such as the kitchen after the kids "helped" make cookies, or near the pet door. 


The advanced TrueMapping navigation system helps users to enjoy an intelligent lifestyle. There’s no need to worry about the vacuum robot cleansers’ work and they have more time to relax with family or study.


How Many Maps can ECOVACS Vacuum Cleaners Robot Have?


DEEBOT truemapping navigation system


An impressive advantage of the DEEBOT TrueMapping navigation system is that it is capable of creating multi-floor maps, which means the robot can move seamlessly between different levels of the home without getting confused. But, how many maps can ECOVACS vacuum cleaners robot have?


Generally, our DEEBOT supports storing multi-floor maps. With the capability to store up to four different layout setups, this technology allows the robot to clean every nook and cranny of your home in a flexible manner without any manual intervention or snags, making it more efficient than other less high-tech systems.


In other words, our DEEBOT can quickly and accurately learn and map a home's layout, even with complex floor plans or challenging conditions. If the vacuum cleaner robot is used to clean a new area that it has never cleaned before, there is no need to worry if it cannot recognize and work in the new place. It could map out the new area quickly and save the map in minutes. Moreover, once the map is accidentally deleted, the auto-recovery feature will quickly reload the most recently saved maps.


Can ECOVACS Robot Vacuum Cleaners Australia Work in the Dark?


The answer is definitely yes. ECOVACS robot vacuum cleaners Australia adopts dToF navigation and TrueDetect 3D Smart Detection technology. A signal amplifier is used by the dToF laser sensor to increase the range and stability of laser scanning. Thanks to this technology, DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaners can clean just as well at night as it does during the day, which detects objects as small as 2mm. The robot scans its surroundings extremely precisely and detects small obstacles in the room using structured light technology and a 3D scanning algorithm to avoid collisions, getting stuck, or tangled. Even with the lights turned off, those little popcorn kernels and crushed chips from movie night will be gone by morning.

DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaners

One of our bestsellers, the DEEBOT T10 PLUS has a built-in astrophotography camera that offers a recognition range of 148.3°* FOV (Field of View), allowing it to capture sharp images of still and moving objects, even in low light conditions. We respect your privacy, and thus the T10 PLUS robot will alert you when the camera is active. Additionally, this product has received TÜV Rheinland privacy and security certification for both its hardware and software.




People nowadays are all striving for a simpler way of life through technology. ECOVACS is always focused on the needs of its customers in order to create an intelligent product that can surprise customers. We are constantly updating DEEBOT’s navigation system to improve its cleaning efficiency. With the companion of our robot vacuum cleaners, you can have more freedom to relax, spend time with your families, and enjoy life. If you are seeking wonderful robot vacuum cleaners Australia, just visit ECOVACS.