How Do Vacuum Robots with Mapping Navigate?


What is the newer revolutionary home cleaning device on the market? Surely, a robot vacuum with mapping may come into your mind for its outstanding performance and high praises. How does a robot vacuum know where to go and navigate through the obstacles? Actually, it adopts a mapping and navigation system, which is enabled by algorithms and sensors that can detect and map your house strategically. Mapping can help vacuum robot understand your house and quickly plan a proper cleaning route.

Different from the original robot that may not be smart enough to clean the corner and often bump into items, a robot vacuum with mapping equipped with systematic navigation can efficiently sweep the floor and return to the dock when it needs charging. After finishing the charge, it can navigate back to the former places and continue to clean.

Navigation is also important to your vacuum robot in avoiding lost and repeated cleaning. Just set the area you want to clean, and the robot vacuum with mapping will navigate itself to the selected areas of your home, and then start comprehensive cleaning, freeing your hands and making your life easier.

Admittedly, robot vacuum mapping is a great breakthrough in technology. Any guy who wants an intelligent cleaning helper deserves a robot vacuum with mapping and navigation system. Maybe a dizzy array of choices in the robot vacuum market troubles you. DEEBOT series products have upgraded robot vacuums mapping and navigation system, meanwhile developed several new products to satisfy the customers. You can trust DEEBOT as your house cleaning specialist.

Robot Vacuum with Mapping Technology  

Sometimes, You buy a robot vacuum with an eagerness to embrace technology. However, you have to help the robot vacuum change a direction to avoid repeated cleaning, or you find that it just cleans with random navigation, missing some dirt and hair on the floor in useAt that moment, the robot vacuum cool you down suddenly.

We recommend you change your old machine and try to use a robot vacuum with mapping for its powerful navigation system. The robot vacuum will map your house during the first cleaning, which is helpful when you want to clean the selected areas in the future. Besides, you can remote control your vacuum robot on your phone that already stored the map of your house, then you can have time to study or relax with no need to worry about the vacuum robot cleaning randomly.

Nowadays, most of the high-end models are applied with mapping technology in a robot vacuum. DEEBOT has upgraded its robot vacuum into DEEBOT TrueMapping 2.0 mapping and navigation system, which enables more powerful smart features like virtual boundaries, customized cleaning, and interactive 3D maps.

The newer DEEBOT adopts aerospace technology to map every corner of your house. It is equipped to get to work and can clean even the dark corners you don’t notice. With AIVI 3D technology support, ECOVACS achieves 3D household mapping, which offers a wider field of view and virtual boundaries.

With the advanced mapping technology, the newer DEEBOT can take customized cleaning according to your requirements. It will customize the ideal route automatically and then arrive at the selected area based on the accurate stored 3D maps. There is a need to point the direction or give instruction to your robot vacuum when you want to clean your kitchen, just to set the kitchen as the cleaning area or gently say, “go mop the kitchen” or “start vacuuming ”.

DEEBOT TrueMapping 2.0 Mapping and Navigation has developed a series of products to meet all your needs and provide a better user experience. Various features with different styles, choose your favorite one!

DEEBOT OZMO Robot Vacuum and Mop with Mapping

DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI smart robot vacuum with AI mapping and OZMO mopping technology is suitable for bare floors, carpets, and pet hair. Smart laser-based navigation maps cleaning areas so the DEEBOT understands and constantly adapts to your home. It has to say that precision technology allows you to draw certain areas to clean or avoid. DEEBOT OZMO Robot Vacuum and Mop will change its working models based on the different materials it cleaned without user intervention. Fully free your hands, and save more time and money.

More Features:

With rotating brushes, you can use them for edge cleaning. Small running voices do not disturb you when you're sleeping. A dirt sensor can detect the dust and clean it.

DEEBOT X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum and Mop with Mapping

If you want to explore and experience our new product with TureMapping 2.0 navigation system, the DEEBOT X1 OMNI vacuum robot is an ideal choice. With the QuickMapping feature, newer DEEBOT models create a map in minutes. If a map is accidentally deleted, you can quickly reload your last saved maps. It is designed to provide a better user experience through its professional cleaning.

More Features:

A large dock to store a mage dustbin and two water reservoirs - an all-in-one OMNI station. Totally free your hands with the function of automatic washing, drying of mop cloths, and replenishing clean water by itself.

Voice assistant and sound source localization technology make it easier to understand and follow the instructions.

DEEBOT X1 PLUS Robot Vacuum and Mop with Mapping

Just like DEEBOT X1 OMNI, DEEBOT X1 PLUS Robot Vacuum and Mop also has adopted TureMapping 2.0 navigation system that can map your home quickly and navigate efficiently. With the combination of laser-based LiDar technology and dToF sensors, TrueMapping can scan your home environment and create the most efficient cleaning paths for more area coverage and fewer missed spots.

More Features:

Top-of-the-line cleaning system. Enjoy the utmost convenience of a more compact cleaning system that automatically empties its dustbin after vacuuming. 5000Pa and OZMO™ Pro 3.0 Oscillating Mopping System show uncompromising superior cleaning performance.

With the rapid innovation of robot vacuum with mapping technology, DEEBOT constantly upgrades its mapping and navigation system. Advanced mapping technology not only greatly improves the cleaning efficiency, but also saves more time for people to relax, stay together with families, and enjoy life. Nowadays, people are all pursuing a simpler way of life through technology. DEEBOT always focuses on customers needs to create an intelligent product that can surprise you and me. It is time to replace the old-fashioned robot vacuum with a robot vacuum with mapping!