20 Funny and Clever Names for Robot Vacuum


What is the most helpful smart home device you have bought in recent years? Whatever your answer is. An intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner must be the one among various responses, and many people give funny names for robot vacuum that is smart enough to respond. Not all robot vacuums feature a voice assistant system, especially at the first stage of technological development of robot vacuum.


Since the first generation of intelligent vacuum was invented, it has created a lot of discussion about its performance. People have high expectations of robotic vacuums, imagining that they could automatically clean floors. However, this little vacuuming helper acts not so excellently at the first stage as they think. Gyroscope navigation without virtual boundary building leads robot vacuum can’t plan cleaning routes reasonably. Bumping into objects, circling in the same place and other “silly actions” made by vacuuming robot happens in your home, causing much laughter.


Fortunately, with the development of technology, robot vacuum has continuously ungraded into the second and third generation. More advanced technology is applied to the production of robot vacuums, which makes them smarter enough to meet people’s cleaning needs. Also, no “silly but funny” things will happen and that is replaced by highly efficient cleaning.


Rather than being a cleaning device, an intelligent robot vacuum has a personality of its own and is more like a family member alongside us. Just like your pets, they deserve the funny names for robot vacuum.


funny names for robot vacuum


Funny Names For Robot Vacuum 


Coming up with a name is not as easy as it may seem. There is a tendency for people to gravitate to names that are similar or names that don't quite fit. Here are 10 funny names for robot vacuum, and you can pick the one that impresses you a lot.


1. Hairy

If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, name your robot vacuum Hairy as it’s a pun on Harry. Besides, Hairy also means that your DEEBOT is good at handling pet hair.


2. Dee Dee

A funny name with the same syllable, easy to read, and suitable for your smart DEEBOT vacuum. When you want to take a floor cleaning, just open the ECOVACS HOME app, find Dee Dee, enter smart cleaning, and it will immediately start to clean the floor.




3. Snoop Doggy

Does the intelligent robot vacuum clean and walk in the house like a dog patrolling his territory? Cute snoop doggy can be used as a name for a robot vacuum to show its small figure.


4. Dustbin

If you think deeper, you will find a lot in common between robot vacuum and dustbin. The base station of DEEBOT truly holds dust after the robot vacuum finishes cleaning.


5. Cat Car

A moving robot attracts a cat’s attention sometimes and cats will occasionally ride on it like a captain. Call your DEEBOT “Cat Car” if it has an animal friend.


6. Cookie Monster

Robot vacuum often eats some food debris dropped by kids. If you have kids, Cookie Monster will be a cute and funny name for a robot vacuum.


7. Mr. Carson

Anyone who has watched Downton Abbey over here? The straight-faced butler from this famous TV show may impress you with his decent manner.


8. The Iron Throne

In your house, all the dust on the floors is ruled by a robot vacuum! A real king of dust.


9. Sweetheart

It is perfect to give the sweeper a name like “Sweetheart”. But it is quite a sad name when someone who is a loner calls it.


10. Cinderella

Your DEEBOT is not a princess, but it does clean work like Cinderella even without any help!


robot vacuum scans floors


Clever Names For Robot Vacuum


Here also are 10 clever names for your DEEBOT. If you’ve ever owned a DEEBOT, you know that it is not only a little device but a smart robot caring for your floor well.


1. The Dirt Detective

DEEBOT features with latest detective technology that can easily reach every hidden corner, cleaning the dirt out of your home.


2. Roundabout

Your vacuuming robot always knows how to follow the path according to your instruction, even in a roundabout.


3. Minesweeper

A cool name sounds like “my sweeper”. House is the battlefield and dust is the enemy. Your DEEBOT will win this battle acting as a minesweeper.


4. Night Owl

In the silent night, a robot vacuum can still automatically clean, ensuring a clean environment when you wake up in the morning.


5. The Mop

If your vacuum robot has a multi-function of vacuuming and mopping like DEEBOT. The Mop sounds like a great name for this cleaning device.


6. The Cleaner

Robotic vacuums are cleaner and also clever. A classic name, isn’t it?


7. Sir Cleansalot

A formal name shows your respect for the little cleaning servant. It is always waiting for your instruction, loyally and thoughtfully.


8. Bob

Everyone knows a Bob. A robotic vacuum just like your old friend who knows you a lot.


9. OCD Reliever

A smart vacuum robot is able to largely soothe your raging OCD. Thanks to it, you can say goodbye to the endless dust and hair.


10. Elsa

There is a song “Let it go” sung by Elsa, and your DEEBOT also let all dust go and disappear.


DEEBOT Robot Vacuum


DEEBOT robot vacuum has built-in voice control, easily following your instruction. DEEBOT XI OMNI is an industry-leading vacuum robot with voice assistant and sound source localization technology, which makes it simply activated by your voice. Besides, there are more advanced technologies adopted by DEEBOT waiting for you to experience, like AI computing power, astrophotography-grade RGB camera, optimal TrueMapping 2.0 detective technology, and so on. All the funny names for robot vacuum above are suitable to describe DEEBOT, as it is such a clever vacuuming robot.


In the future, the robot vacuum industry will continuously develop to meet people’s cleaning demands. And it will become smarter than today. As smart home devices rise in the market, intelligent robot vacuums may get associated with other technological systems, forming a super edgy modern house. Subscribe to ECOVACS and learn more information about robot vacuums and the industry newsletter!