Have Pets? Here's Why You Need a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair


There is no doubt that having a pet can make you happy. Taking care of your fluffy buddies is always a top priority. Everyone wants the superb items for their pets, whether pet food or accessories, but shedding is a major issue for most pet owners. Cats, dogs and bunnies shed a lot of hair, which can cling to your clothing, carpet, and other surfaces. Cleaning pet hair by hand can be time-consuming, especially if you have carpeted flooring. This demands immediate treatment, particularly if your pet has white fur that is visible on the carpet. Luckily, a robot vacuum for pet hair can keep your carpets and floors clean.


excellent pet vacuum cleaner


An excellent pet vacuum cleaner, with the function to automatically empty the pet hair and debris, can help you stay on top of shedding to keep your symptoms under control if you have allergies to pet hairs. It feels like magic to watch these cutting-edge devices operate with little assistance from humans.


So how do they function? Let's take a look.


How Does a Vacuum Robot Work?


Vacuum robots work the same way traditional vacuums do, brushing and sucking up dirt. However, using sensors and algorithms, vacuum robots can perform this without any human interaction.




Most robotic vacuum cleaners have plastic chassis and are small enough to fit into narrow spaces. The majority of robotic vacuum cleaners employ one or two spinning brushes in addition to a rolling brush. These brushes collect dirt and direct it to the middle of the room, where an electric motor creates suction. Dust, hair, and other debris are vacuumed and stored in a removable dust container by the vacuum cleaner. Once the container is full, users must manually dump the dust. Some premium models additionally include an auto-dumping capability that automatically disposes of dust without the need for human intervention.


obstacle sensors of ECOVACS


Robotic vacuum cleaners use cliff and obstacle sensors to guide themselves through environments automatically. Obstacle sensors, which are typically found on the vacuum cleaner's bumper, are intended to prevent the cleaner from hitting objects in its path, such as chair and table legs, sofa cushions, toys, etc. Robotic vacuum cleaners automatically navigate clear of obstacles when the obstacle sensors go off. They are designed to rotate and advance until the machine discovers a clear passage. Where the bumper makes contact determines which way the robotic cleaner moves.


The advanced robot vacuum for pet hair will be equipped with more functions. Taking ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI as an example, it utilizes an all-in-one OMNI station which delivers a hands-free maintenance cleaning experience. The strong suction force, at 5000Pa, ensures a deep removal of pet hair from both carpets and hard surfaces. TrueMapping 2.0 technology analyzes your home environment more precisely and thoroughly, allowing it to swiftly develop a map of your home and plan out efficient cleaning routes. Precision mapping and navigation ensure fewer missed and repeated spots. The DEEBOT dustbin can be mechanically emptied in about 10 seconds, thanks to its powerful 21 kPa suction power. The large 3L disposable dust bag can be used for up to 60 days.*


*Data is from ECOVACS laboratory


advanced robot vacuum for pet hair 


Why Use a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair?


Keeping your home clean is a huge challenge for pet owners. Attempting to rid your home of pet hair is a hard task as you may need a regular cleaning on a daily basis. Let's take ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 PLUS as an example. A robot vacuum for pet hair is handy for all pet owners for the following reasons:


First, it can easily clean hard-to-reach areas, such as the corner under your bed, where your cats or dogs may love to wander. It will take up any dust, pet hair, or dander in its path, bringing a cleaner environment with less hair and dust drifting around.


Second, it can greatly save your time. During the shedding period, you have to clean your home every day, which requires a lot of time. You can order your ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 PLUS to clean your house daily. Besides, compatible with the brand new Auto-Empty Station, it frees your hands for up to 30 days without cleaning the dustbin.


Third, ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 PLUS is designed not to disturb pets. The unique pressure maintaining system optimizes the robotic vacuum cleaner's performance and produces powerful suction while remaining astonishingly quiet during operation due to the innovative material and design of the suction channel.


pressure maintaining system of ECOVACS


Forth, for pet owners who live in a huge house and may have defined the spaces for your pets to wander, ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 PLUS can scan and save multiple maps of different levels of your home. You can also customize where youd like the DEEBOT to clean on each map, which means you can ask your DEEBOT to clean the room that your pets live in more frequently with just several easy setting steps.




A robot vacuum for pet hair will leave your floors and carpets spotless and hairless. With ECOVACS DEEBOT, you can have sparkling floors while enjoy sweet time with your cute furry families. In the future, ECOVACS will continue to provide diverse products that cater to your demands. Subscribe to ECOVACS newsletter now for exclusive deals and offers for pet owners!