Vinyl Plank Flooring Maintain And Clean Methods


How won't you fall in love with vinyl flooring? It has a beautiful appearance; it is adaptable and durable; it is available in practically any pattern and style to flawlessly replicate other materials; and it is reasonably priced! Vinyl is a common floor type for both residential and commercial use, made from PVC and a variety of chemical compounds. It can be purchased and placed as sheets, tiles, or planks, and unlike many other types of flooring, it is scratch and water resistant.


Overall, these benefits make cleaning and maintaining vinyl flooring a breeze! Having said that, there is still good and wrong way to clean vinyl flooring, and you won't want to end up doing the latter! Today were going to focus on vinyl flooring clean and make everyone understand how to maintain it properly!


Vinyl Plank Flooring Maintenance and Cleaning Tips


Here we have concluded 6 tips for maintaining your vinyl flooring clean.


1. Use a doormat


Doormats serve as excellent reminders to your guests or family members to remove their shoes before entering or leaving the house. They also keep dirt, sludge, sand particles, and other pollutants from being pulled into your vinyl floor.


Chemicals in your footsteps are particularly damaging to vinyl floors. When dragged through your home, they leave a blemishing yellow stain on your floor. Using a doormat will make it easier to keep vinyl flooring clean.


2. Sweeping and vacuuming regularly


It is critical to do regular cleaning to remove dirt and dust. Your floors will stay clean and scratch-free if you undertake basic cleaning on a regular basis. Dust grains or tiny sand particles are frequently carried within. They scrape when you move over. As a result, you must keep the floor clean by sweeping and vacuuming frequently. Always keep an eye out for corners, beneath furniture, and near baseboards.


3. Using the right cleaning products


Always remember to use safe cleaning products that will not leave markings on the floor before you begin cleaning. Vinyl flooring is durable, and most mop kinds will clean them nicely. However, using hot steam and abrasive brushes and cleaners might damage the finishing.


Synthetics and traditional cotton are good choices. Cotton is incredibly absorbent, whereas synthetic textiles are soft on the surfacePick a vinyl floor vacuum is also a wise decision. Robotic vacuum can save you from chores while effectively keep your vinyl flooring clean.


vinyl floor vacuum


4. Avoiding abrasive materials


It is vital to refrain from using bleach or abrasive cleansers on vinyl floors. Abrasive cleansers are likely to damage your floor's gleaming condition. Instead, use dish soap or apple cider vinegar, or a vinyl floor cleaner.


5. Clean spills at once


You have to wipe up spills as soon as they occur. Such procedures will save you from having to deal with stains that have already formed. Any liquid can soak into the seams, discoloring and staining them. Unfortunately, depending on the liquid spilled, this can weaken the adhesive bond or cause a terrible odor.


6. Stick felt adhesive strips to your furniture


The usage of felt adhesive strips at the bottom of your furniture prevents scratches on your vinyl floor. Furniture legs can scratch delicate surfaces such as vinyl floors. Fortunately, felt sticky textiles are gentler on your floor. They are stronger and last longer than regular felt pads. You may effortlessly move furniture while dusting without scratching your floor.


Vacuum for Vinyl Floors


As we mentioned above, an appropriate vacuum cleaner will help maintain the vinyl plank flooring looking great. But there are so many different types of vacuums for vinyl floors available nowadays that choosing the correct one can be difficult. Here we recommend you consider the following products.




With a 2300Pa high suction, this vinyl floor vacuum can suck tough filth effectively, not just surface-level dust. Laser mapping with dToF (direct time of flight) technology can measure 1,800 points per second.




Quick mopping and drying can prevent bacterial growth. The floating primary brush is ultra-wide and eliminates dust from gaps and cracks. It also guarantees effective removal of Cola, flour, juice, dust, soy sauce, coffee, salad dressing, tomato sauce, etc.


Besides, DEEBOT N8 can handle long cleaning trails. If the battery runs out, the robotic vacuum cleaner returns to its docking station. When completely charged, it resumes cleaning the floor where it left off. As a result, the DEEBOT ensures consistent cleaning.




This incredible robot vacuums, vacuums, and mops your filthy floor all at the same time. Remove dust, tiny dirt, and pet hair from small areas and corners in your home.


Expertly remove debris from beneath beds, sofas, and furniture with no effort. Dual side brushes and a floating main brush easily remove debris from carpets and hard surfaces and protect your vinyl floor from damage.


robot vacuum protect vinyl floor from damage


The OZMO™ Pro 3.0 oscillating mopping system is intended for deep cleaning on hard surfaces. When mopping, the smart system intuitively avoids carpeting.


TrueMapping 2.0 builds a map of your home in minutes, allowing you to start customizing your cleanings right away - name rooms, clean specific areas, draw up limits, and more. Simply tap a piece of furniture on the map to clean around it with the new 3D maps!




Vinyl flooring is not only gorgeous, but also waterproof and long-lasting. You can keep your floor looking lovely for more than a decade if you take good care of it and follow our basic maintenance suggestions. There are always better and smarter ways with the development of technology. Well, the good news is that ECOVACS will explore them and bring the right products to you! With ECOVACS DEEBOT, it will no longer be a difficult task to keep vinyl flooring clean!