The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide: Room-by-Room Cleaning Checklist


Spring is on its way. Some of you may be under the pressure of spring cleaning in order to get a new start with a clean house. If you don't do it, your houses and your brains will both become cluttered. It's also crucial to consider the advantages to health and wellness. This time, we will introduce you to the preparation and guide on spring cleaning. Here we prepare this ultimate room-by-room cleaning checklist to help you clean your home effectively.


Room-by-Room Cleaning Checklist


By dividing the spring cleaning chores into a series of room-by-room tasks will make every cleaning goal clear for you.


1. Living Room Cleaning Checklist


The living room is where your family gathers in the home. It's where you host family game evenings and movie marathons, or where you unwind with a good book. A cluttered and messy living room will ruin your sweet family time and me-time. Complete the following tasks to deep clean your living room:

  •  Polish and dust your furniture.

  •  Wash the slipcovers, blankets and pillows.

  •  Vacuum your sofa and chairs.

  •  Clean the curtains and dust curtain rods.

  •  Clean the windows.

  •  Clear the window sills.

  •  Take care of ceiling fans.

  •  Dust and tidy the decorations.

  •  Disinfect remote controls.

  •  Vacuum your floors.

  •  Sweep your floors.


2. Kitchen Cleaning Checklist


Kitchen is one of the rooms that requires a regular cleaning mostly. It is the heart of food preparation. Complete the following tasks to deep clean your kitchen:

  •  Remove any expired items from your refrigerator.

  •  Clean the drawers in your refrigerator.

  •  Take out the trash.

  •  Purge your pantry.

  •  Clean the outside of your refrigerator. Don’t forget to dust the top of your refrigerator.

  •  Wipe down the stoves and the burners.

  •  Wipe the inside and outside of your microwave.

  •  Clear out your oven.

  •  Do your dishes.

  •  Wipe down all surfaces, including the walls, cabinets, and baseboards.

  •  Dishrags and ornamental cloths should be washed.

  •  Clear the counters.

  •  Vacuum or sweep the floors.

  •  Mop the floors


3. Bedroom Cleaning Checklist


Everyday, you spend at least eight hours in your bedroom, though the majority of that time will most likely be spent sleeping. A clutter-free and clean environment is essential for restorative sleep. Deep clean your bedroom by doing the following tasks:

  •  Launder your bedding.

  •  Turn your mattress over.

  •  Pick up and wash your clothes.

  •  Sort through your belongings.

  •  Dust the furnishings.

  •  Donate or throw away your unwanted clothes.

  •  Keep windows open to get fresh air.

  •  Empty cupboards and drawers, clean them inside and out, and carefully replace the contents. Get rid of anything that has expired or is no longer in use.

  •  Dust your mirrors.

  •  Clean the lights and lampshades.

  •  Take care of window screens, sweep or wash them.

  •  Don’t forget your light switch plates. They should be washed and disinfected.

  •  Clean the doorknobs and doors.

  •  Sweep and mop the floors.

  •  Shampoo carpet.


robot vacuum clean bedroom


4. Bathroom Cleaning Checklist


Additionally, there is a lot of everyday traffic in thebathroom.A bathroom can never be the cleanest room in the house, which is no secret. Showering frequently createswetenvironments that foster the growth of mold and mildew, which can be harmful to your health. Clean your bathroom thoroughly with the list below:

  •  Discard all your expired personal care goods and makeup. Pay attention to outdated medications, They should be brought to drop-off location.

  •  Clean your makeup brushes.

  •  Maker your vanity sparkle.

  •  Dust and wipe the mirror.

  •  Clean and sanitize the bath, and if required, wax it. Disinfect and clean the drain.

  •  Clean the sink and drain.

  •  Clean and polish the faucets.

  •  Clean and disinfect your toilet. Remove and clean the seat as well as the seat bolts.

  •  If you have floor registers and vent covers, clean them now.

  •  Replace your shower curtain liner.

  •  Scrub the tile grout.

  •  Sweep and mop floors.

  •  Wipe down the walls.

  •  Clean the baseboards.


How to Create a Spring Cleaning Plan for the House


The aboveroom-by-room cleaning checklist is really practical for ensuring the cleaning goals and tasks.By making your own cleaning plan, you may tailor it to fit your needs. In this way, you can do the tasks that need to be completed on certain days and make it a habit! Take a pen and paper, and let's begin.


1. Designate specific days/ times for cleaning


You may simplify what can initially appear to be a daunting process by allocating certain tasks to different days of the week, leaving you with more manageable cleaning tasks.


For example, you may vacuum and mop your floors twice a week, clean the toilet once a week and clean the windows once a month. And you can allocate them to the following schedule:


  • Every Thursday and Sunday: Vacuum and mop the floors
  • Every Tuesday: clean the toilet
  • The 20th day of every month: clean the window


designate specific days or times for cleaning


2. Create a schedule for each room


Normally, you have no need to clean every room of your house every day. Why not create a schedule for each room? Take a look at the following schedule which is an example that may inspire you.


  • Bathroom: Once a week. Sunday is a good choice. Then you can enjoy a sweet bathing time every weekday after finishing your busy works.
  • Bedroom: Twice a week. Tidy everything on desks and dressers. It’s good for your health to wash your bed sheet every two weeks


3. Set aside time for deep cleaning tasks


When you decide to do a deep clean, you should also allocate an additional hour each week. Youare likely tospend roughly three hours each week on basic cleaning if you have a standard three-bedroom house or apartment. Additionally, you should allot 1.5 hours fordeepcleaning duties.


4. Make a list of supplies needed


An efficient daily cleaning requires lots of supplies and tools. For instance, you may need rubber gloves, cleansers, squeegees, sponges, vacuum robot, etc. You can make a list of supplies you needed for each room, and prepare them in advance before your cleaning.


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For most people, spring cleaning your house is a heavy task. Thisroom-by-room cleaning checklist can be your guideline of cleaning tasks. ECOVACS is always here offering tips and solutions for room cleaning. Enjoy a more convenient life with our trustworthy vacuum robots!