How to Clean a Wool Rug: A Step-by-Step Guide


Speaking of natural fiber carpets, you may first think of wool rugs. Nothing oozes sophistication and class like a wool rug. It's such a beautiful piece that gives any contemporary home an elite atmosphere.


A wool rug is one of the wisest purchases you can make because of its gorgeous, hand-woven pile and its warm, comforting features. Moreover, wool carpets get better with age. But how to clean a wool rug? How to make your wool rug look as luxurious as it should be?


Cleaning wool rugs is a headache for many homeowners. To avoid harming the lanolin or causing the colors to bleed, you must apply the proper items to it. Let's learn about how to clean a wool rug so you can preserve the beauty of your rug for years to come.


How To Clean A Wool Rug


A wool rug will gather dust, grime, and debris over time, just like any other rug does. The rug may develop excessive wear patterns and stains that are challenging to remove if kept uncleaned. Give your wool rug a professional deep clean by following these 5 steps.


1. Shake the carpeting to get rid of any loose dirt.


Shaking the delicate wool rug lightly is a preparation step for cleaning wool rugs. This makes it easier to vacuum by removing any loosely embedded dirt. When hanging your wool rug outside on a bright, sunny day, give it a few light taps with a rug beater (a broom and tennis racket can be your alternatives when there is no rug beater). Additionally, you can grasp this opportunity to vacuum over the flooring beneath the rug to clean it.


2. Vacuum the rug


The following step is to vacuum your rug. Use a vacuum to remove stubborn stain, dust, dirt and debris after laying the wool rug flat on your patio or deck. Turn the rug over and vacuum the opposite side as well. We recommend you vacuum your wool rug twice a week to avoid the buildup of debris.


robot vacuum cleans the carpet


3. Employ a mild detergent solution


Since wool rugs are so fragile, you should refrain from using any harsh chemicals that can harm the rug's fibers. This is why you should only combine a mild detergent solution with a bucket of water, ideally a product that is specifically made for wool carpets.


4. Use a sponge to gently scrub the rug


Scrub the rug gently with the sponge dipped in the solution, being careful to follow the rug's nap (the direction in which the rug feels smooth after gliding your hand). Start with one end of the rug and work your way to the other in portions. Rinse the sponge often to prevent reinfesting the wool fibers with debris.


5. Dry the wool rug


The final and core step is to dry the wool rug. A little clothesline outside is needed to hang the rug. And a sunny and warm day is preferred. Remember to avoid exposing the rug to direct sunlight because it can fade. A wool rug may take several days to dry completely, so bring the rug inside at night to avoid the growth of mold and mildew.


Can You Vacuum A Wool Rug?


After reading the above step-by-step guide on how to clean a wool rug, some people may doubt if it is a right decision to vacuum a wool rug. Because they think the suction power of most vacuums is strong and may harm the fibers of wool rug and shorten its lifetime.


But the fact is that vacuuming is essential for keeping your carpet clean. In our daily use, a wool rug can absorb pet dander, dust mites and other dirt which are hard to be deep cleaned without vacuuming.


Meanwhile, having less dirt and soil in your carpeting also contributes to keeping your home clean. Routine vacuuming is essential since the typical rug may hold kilograms of dirt before it even begins to look unclean.


When picking the vacuum, you should know that power brushing is not as crucial as the vacuum's suction. Since most vacuum brushes are designed to be used on hard floors and more durable carpets, they will be too harsh for your wool rug. A vacuum with strong suction power is what you need for the maintenance of your carpet. But, how to choose the vacuum for wool rugs?


choose the robot vacuum for wool rugs


We recommend you to pick our DEEBOT that can effectively clean your rug without damaging it. DEEBOT X1 OMNI is an ideal choice if you have a wool rug at home. Its 5000 Pa suction power is strong enough to remove and collect the debris, dirt and hairs on your carpet effectively without harming it. The advanced AIVI3D and TrueMapping technology make it excel in the robot vacuum market, guaranteeing an outstanding performance in obstacle avoidance and human recognition.


 the advanced AIVI™ 3D and truemapping technology of ECOVACS


If you have a limited budget, DEEBOT T9+ will be a better choice. Budget-friendly, it provides 3000 Pa suction power that can help you clean your wool rug while preserving its natural beauty. Meanwhile, with an industry-leading built-in Air Freshener, DEEBOT T9+ can fill your house with a luxurious and exquisite aroma.




Undoubtedly, a wool rug needs a little more tender care. Given the high cost of wool carpets, frequent maintenance should be a profitable investment. We hope this article helps you to understand how to clean a wool rug properly. You can keep the beauty of your wool rug and maintain its condition for years to come by adhering to our tips. Start today and vacuum your luxury wool rug with our ECOVACS DEEBOT!


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