Do Robotic Vacuums Really Work?


Have you ever bent down to sweep your floors and found your waist aching after long hours of cleaning? Maybe you should consider taking a robot vacuum home. Robotic vacuums are intelligent house cleaning tools that can perform cleaning tasks automatically once you set them properly. Now, they are welcomed by many householders who want a better-looking home.


Robotic vacuums are equipped with brushes that can collect dirt and garbage. The trashes will later be stored in in-built dustbins. They are similar to traditional vacuum cleaners in this aspect. However, they are more convenient because they are self-driven and powered by batteries. 


robot vacuum detect different obstacles


Moreover, as the latest innovation in house cleaning, these robotic vacuums can benefit you in unexpected ways. For instance, they are smart enough to detect different obstacles and customize cleaning modes. They can navigate through your house and clean dead corners that are hard to reach. Some of the robotic vacuums allow for app control, thus reducing manual work to a minimum.


If you are interested, proceed with us and see how these smart gears work. We will also provide you with some simple guidelines on how to choose a robot cleaner for your home.


How Robot Vacuums Work?


Vacuum robots can collect dust and suck them up into the dustbin when they move around the house. They have floating brushes and side brushes that can sweep the trash to the center. The trashes will later be pushed or sucked into the dust container inside. Once the container is full, we need to empty the dustbin so that they can come back to work. Some robot cleaners can even come back to the docking station to automatically empty themselves so that they can continue to work.


robot vacuum come back to the docking station


When choosing a cleaning robot, there are many functions and specifications to consider, like whether they allow remote control, whether docking stations are attached, and how long their battery supply is. Basically, there is no best robot vacuum but there is always one that suits you. That’s why we would suggest you make your choices from our DEEBOT series.


DEEBOT series


If you want to effectively clean your floors in one go, DEEBOT T8 AIVI is a good choice. It is supported by enhanced AIVI technology, namely Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation Technology, which is designed to identify different obstacles at a fast speed. It can also learn from behaviors and customize cleaning plans for you.


artificial intelligence and visual interpretation technology of robot vacuum


If you live in a house with multiple floors or many rooms, you will find our DEEBOT T9+ extremely helpful. It is powered by TrueMapping technology, which can scan the layout of your rooms and generate virtual 3D maps of your rooms, which are accessible from the ECOVACS Home App.


Feeling like more information on our robot vacuums? The following are some of the detailed introductions of our highlighted features from our DEEBOT series.


Robot Vacuum Mop In One


Some robotic cleaners are equipped with washable mopping pads underneath their main body and an inside water tank. They will subsequently wipe the water from the surfaces with the disposable pad. In other words, they can sweep and mop in one go, thus effectively increasing cleaning efficiency. 


robot vacuum mop in one


What’s more, some vacuum robots are intelligent enough to deal with stubborn stains, of which DEEBOT T9+ is an example. Armed with OZMO PRO 2.0 technology, it can take care of different types of floors and effectively wipe dirt and dust off them. in addition, the whole set includes a auto-empty station. Whenever your robot cleaners finished one stage of cleaning, they will come back to recharge themselves and empties itself into a sealed disposable dust bag.


Robot Vacuum With Mapping


Sometimes you may find it annoying when your cleaning robots are not smart enough to deal with different stories or clean specific areas. In these cases, have to manually adjust their cleaning route. If so, a robotic vacuum with mapping features is definitely the choice that you can’t miss. 


Robotic vacuums with mapping features have scanners and in-built systems that can scan your homes and map the layout. Take DEEBOT T8 AIVI for example. It has a TrueMapping system that can accurately detect surrounding environments and make cleaning schedules accordingly. It can further save at most two different maps so that you can design your cleaning plan for different levels. In this way, you can make the most of your cleaning robots and save yourself time and energy.


Is A Robot Vacuum And Mop Effective?


Worries about the cleaning effects of cleaning robots have long been heard. Of course, it is too early to claim that robotic vacuums and mops will replace traditional vacuums. It is also unfair to deny their roles in house cleaning. A robot vacuum with hybrid functions is advantageous in many aspects.


Compare to traditional vacuums with a only single function, they are more efficient in cleaning because they can simultaneously sweep, vacuum and mop. Our DEEBOT series can even detect stubborn stains and wipe them off your surfaces. It will take good care of your floors and save you money spent on traditional mopping cloth and detergents.


They are also ideal choices for those who are too busy to clean their floors on a daily basis. Previously, you may need to bend down for long hours to clean your floors. With a robot vacuum with a mopping feature, you just need to start the machine and forget it. After you come back from your own business, you will find your floors have changed a fresh look.




If you want a clean home and save yourself from possible troubles related to house cleaning, perhaps you should consider bringing a robot vacuum home and let them handle this task for you. Don’t forget to consider the features we have introduced so far when you make your purchase decisions. Most importantly, we would suggest you pick an ideal one from our DEEBOT series.


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