Do Robot Vacuum Work With Siri?


siri voice assistant activated on iphone

Introduced by Apple in 2011, Siri marked a major leap in digital interaction as a voice-activated personal assistant. As a cornerstone of home automation, Siri enables users to monitor and control electronic devices with simple voice commands. This includes robotic vacuum cleaners, which innovate with a hands-free cleaning solution – however, not all models work with Siri, forcing homeowners to handle cleaning tasks manually. In Australia, studies indicate a growing reliance on voice assistants like Siri : 42% of Australians use them at home, and 41% of users wouldn’t want to go back to life without voice assistants!

Why Choose A Siri-compatible Robot Vacuum?

Many people have switched to Siri-compatible robot vacuums for the unparalleled convenience they bring. With Siri, you gain a true hands-free operation of your smart vacuum, so you can start, stop, or adjust settings with just your voice. Imagine being able to tell your vacuum to start cleaning like: “Siri, start vacuuming”, or adjusting settings on the go, such as instructing a vacuum and mop combo to mop with low water flow.

Siri’s integration also provides advanced scheduling to fit your lifestyle. From setting your vacuum to operate at specific times, to coordinating its actions with other smart devices, and even checking its status when you’re not home – this level of remote control not only improves your cleaning routine but also frees you for other important tasks.

Which Robot Vacuums Work With Siri?

deebot t20 omni robot vacuum vacuuming

While it largely depends on the brand and model, many robot vacuums work with Siri through Apple’s Shortcut app. This app allows you to perform tasks quickly with just a tap or by asking Siri, which is awesome for turning your home into a smart home. For example, DEEBOT users can schedule cleaning at certain times of the day, adjust settings based on scenarios like when they leave the house, or even give impromptu commands.

You may wonder if you can simply buy an Apple HomeKit-compatible robot vacuum? While it would ideally be the most straightforward way to integrate smart home accessories, it currently does not support any automatic vacuums. Therefore, the best way to make yours work with Siri is via the Shortcut app.

How To Connect Robot Vacuum To Siri?

Connecting your smart vacuum to Siri involves using the Shortcut app. A shortcut provides a quick way to get things done by asking Siri, and it further automates a wide range of tasks, such as getting directions to your next event, placing grocery orders online, and much more.

Once a shortcut is created, you can simply activate Siri and say the shortcut’s name to run it. By making your robot vacuum work with Siri, you can easily integrate the device into your existing setup and use voice control through devices like HomePod.

To connect your vacuum to Siri, the process is similar across most models and brands. Let’s use DEEBOT as an example :

connecting deebot robot vacuum to siri via shortcut app steps

  1. Connect your device to the ECOVACS Home App and ensure it is online.
  2. Open the Shortcut App on your iPhone or iPad, then tap the "+" icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select "Add Action" and search for "ECOVACS Home" to find available commands like "Start Cleaning", “Area Cleaning”, “Pause Cleaning” and “Return to Charging Dock.”

connecting deebot robot vacuum to siri via shortcut app steps

  1. Choose the specific device you want to control with this command under "Robot" and give the shortcut a name for future use.
  2. You’re done! Now, try saying the shortcut command to Siri, and you'll see the corresponding device being controlled in the ECOVACS Home App.

How To Control Robot Vacuum With Siri?

Controlling your auto vacuum with Siri using Shortcuts is relatively easy. Like any Apple app, it's well-designed and user-friendly. Once connected, you can start, stop, pause, and resume cleaning; dock and locate it; check its status and battery level; set suction power; and initiate area cleaning.

To create your own Siri shortcut:

  1. In the Shortcuts app on your iOS or iPadOS device, go to the Library tab and press “New Shortcut”
  2. Tap “Rename”, type the name of your shortcut, then tap “Done”.
  3. Tap “Add Action”, and a list of action categories will appear.
  4. Tap a category, then select an action to add it to your shortcut.
  5. To add another action, swipe up on the search field, then choose an action.
  6. Tap “Done” when you’ve finished adding actions.

Once your shortcut is created, add it to Siri by going into Settings and tapping “Add to Siri”. Some common examples of Siri voice commands include:

● "Hey Siri, start cleaning/vacuuming"

● "Hey Siri, stop cleaning/vacuuming now"

● "Hey Siri, dock (robot vacuum name)"

You can also create a scene with your robotic vacuum cleaner and other smart devices:

  1. If this is your first automation: In the Shortcuts app, tap “Automation”, tap “New Automation”, then scroll down and tap “Create Home Automation”.
  2. If you’ve previously created an automation, tap “Automation”, tap “+” at the top, then scroll down and tap “Create Home Automation”.
  3. Choose a trigger, such as “People Arrive” or “A Time of Day Occurs”.
  4. Select the options for the trigger, then tap “Next”.
  5. Select accessories and scenes to automate, then tap “Next”.
  6. Tap “Test this Automation” to give it a try!

Why Isn't My Robot Vacuum Connecting to Siri?

deebot x2 omni robot vacuum cleaning edge in the kitchen

Sometimes Siri may stop listening, responding, or even ignore your "Hey, Siri!" command. When that happens, don’t get frustrated – there are some simple fixes to get your assistant back on track.

Compatibility Issue

Not all auto vacuums support Siri integration. Thus, if yours isn’t working with Siri, it might be because it’s simply not compatible with the voice assistant. Check the manual or the official website for compatibility details. If it's not supported, consider using the manufacturer’s app for control, or upgrading to a Siri-compatible model like our DEEBOT series.

Wi-Fi Network Issue

Another common reason involves your Wi-Fi setup. Is the Wi-Fi signal stable and strong throughout your place? Is there anything, like a thick door, that may be blocking the signal? If Siri says "I'm having trouble connecting to the network" or "Try again in a while", the issue may be a weak internet connection. Placing your vacuum within range of your router and restarting both your router and vacuum can help. For persistent issues, consider adding a Wi-Fi extender to boost signal strength.

Outdated Software & Firmware

Compatibility issues happen when either the vacuum’s firmware or your device’s software is not up-to-date. Regularly check for updates in the manufacturer’s app and install them. For instance, ECOVACS frequently releases updates to improve functionality and add new features. Keeping everything updated to enjoy optimal compatibility and performance.

Incorrect App Setup

This issue often occurs when devices aren’t properly added or configured in the Shortcut app. Double-check that your vacuum is listed under the correct room and has the necessary permissions. Take DEEBOT as an example: did you update the password after renewing it on the ECOVACS HOME app? If needed, follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s setup guide to remove the device and add it again.

Unclear Commands

Siri needs to hear your voice commands clearly to respond correctly. If you give commands while the TV is on, Siri may not pick them up clearly. Stay closer and ensure your voice command is clear to prevent this issue. Besides, check if your shortcuts are named clearly: if “Start Cleaning” isn’t working, try renaming it to something more distinct like “Vacuum Now.”


Are all robot vacuums compatible with Siri?

No, not all automatic vacuums are compatible with Siri. Compatibility depends on the brand and model. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to confirm if Siri integration is supported.

Can Siri start my robot vacuum when I’m not home?

Yes, Siri can start your robotic vacuum cleaner when you’re not home, as long as your device is connected to Wi-Fi and you have set up the appropriate Siri Shortcuts.

Are there any privacy concerns with integrating my robot vacuum with Siri?

Yes, privacy concerns with robot vacuum are valid. Generally speaking, Siri is safe because Apple doesn’t associate the collected data with your ID or sell it. However, it can still accidentally record sensitive data. You can disable “Ask Siri” and delete request history anytime.

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