The Science Behind Clean Floors: The Technology that Makes Robot Vacuum and Mop in One Device So Effective

Vacuum and mop in one cleaners never experience boredom or distraction and are willing to clean every day without any complaints. Therefore, using robot vacuum cleaners can easily maintain clean floors with minimal effort on your part. With the combination of advanced technologies and customized cleaning, robot vacuum and mop devices are highly effective, becoming increasingly popular among customers.

What Technology Do Robot Mop And Vacuum In One Use?

Generally, the innovative robot mop and vacuum cleaner is a high-tech cleaning device that combines the power of advanced sensors, mapping technology, powerful suction, and mopping capabilities to provide a complete and thorough clean. However, each manufacture has its own secret technologies to enable their products stand out in the market.

ECOVACS Vacuum and Mop in One: Key Features

ECOVACS, a global leader in service robotics, is fulfilling its commitment to "Robotics for all" with the introduction of the vacuum and mop in one devices, which are powered by cutting-edge technologies, such as TrueMapping Navigation and the OZMO Oscillating Mopping System. These revolutionary products are set to transform the way we clean our floors. Now let’s have a look over the key technologies applied by ECOVACS in its vacuum and mop in one products.

A robotic vacuum cleaner can come back to station automatically

All-in-One OMNI Station

The All-in-One OMNI Station that comes with the ECOVACS vacuum and mop in one device serves as a multi-functional accessory. It functions as a charging dock, storage dustbin, and water tank. The device automatically returns to the OMNI Station after cleaning for charging. The OMNI Station also acts as a storage dustbin where all the dirt, debris, and pet hair are collected. Moreover, it serves as a water tank for the mop, which means you can add water and cleaning solution to the station and let the mop do its job. With the OMNI Station, the ECOVACS vacuum and mop in one device offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for your home.

YIKO Voice Assistant

The YIKO voice assistant sets the standard in the industry for AI technology that creates a truly hands-free home cleaning experience. By saying "Hey YIKO" or "OK YIKO" followed by a command such as "start cleaning" or "change to mopping mode", homeowners can simply activate the voice assistant and ask the robot vacuum to start work. YIKO will then carry out the requested task, and homeowners can monitor the progress through the ECOVACS Home App.

With YIKO integrated into your vacuum cleaning robot, you can sit back and relax while the DEEBOT does the cleaning for you. You can experience this high tech via the DEEBOT X1 family. If you’re confused about how to use the device, YIKO also provides accurate guidance and complete control, simplifying complex household tasks by interpreting and executing voice instructions.


The ECOVACS vacuum and mop in one device features AIVI (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation) technology that enables the device to avoid obstacles and recognize objects in its cleaning path. 

The AIVI technology integrated into the DEEBOT allows it to improve its cleaning performance by learning from its daily tasks and identifying common household items that often block the path of traditional floor cleaning robots, such as cords, footwear, waste bins, and socks. It achieves this using an optical lens that visually detects and avoids obstacles while cleaning. As AIVI technology evolves, it will update its database of objects to avoid, enabling it to continually enhance its performance.

TrueMapping Navigation

TrueMapping Navigation system is a smart mapping technology used in the DEEBOT mop and vacuum in one device that helps it map out the home and clean efficiently. Unlike older robotic vacuums that may struggle to clean corners and frequently collide with objects, a robot vacuum with mapping and systematic navigation can effectively sweep floors and automatically return to its charging dock when necessary. Once fully charged, it can navigate back to its previous location and resume cleaning.

The most advanced RVC LIDAR technology available is achieved through the combination of Lidar and an industry-leading DToF laser sensor in TrueMapping. These components are the same as those utilized in self-driving cars. The latest DEEBOT models use this technology to create precise 3D maps that include all furniture and pathways within your home. This technology empowers the DEEBOT to navigate with speed and precision, ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless.

DEEBOT TrueMapping 2.0 Navigation System has created a range of products to cater to your requirements and offers an enhanced user experience, such as DEEBOT T9+ and DEEBOT X1 OMNI. With a variety of features and styles available, you can select the one that best suits your preferences. 

OZMO Oscillating Mopping System

OZMO Oscillating Mopping System is an advanced cleaning technology by combining a vibrating mop head with water and cleaning solution. The mop head oscillates at high frequency, creating a scrubbing motion that effectively removes dirt and stains from the surface. The system also features sensors that can detect the level of dirt on the floor and adjust the amount of water used accordingly. This system is designed to work on different types of surfaces, including hardwood, tile, and carpet. Equipped with the above considerable designs, DEEBOT T10 PLUS could provide a deep and thorough cleaning experience.

How Does The Robotic Cleaning Technology Make Cleaning Easy?

With fast-paced development, robotic cleaning technology has revolutionized the cleaning industry by providing homeowners with an easy and stress-free way to clean their floors. The robot vacuum and mop in one can clean floors autonomously, freeing up time and energy for homeowners to focus on other tasks, use sensors to detect and navigate around obstacles, and ensure thorough cleaning of the entire floor.

The advanced cleaning technologies, such as rotating brushes and suction systems,  help effectively remove dirt and debris. With programmable cleaning schedules, homeowners can set the device to clean while they are away, ensuring a clean home without any effort. Overall, we could find a convenient and efficient method to maintain a clean home without sacrificing time or energy.

A white robot vacuum with an auto-empty station

How Effective Is A Robot Vacuum And Mop In One?

We used to spend a long time holding the vacuum cleaner and walking around every corner of the house, to make our home cleaner. However, it must be an exhausted and annoying work if you don’t have enough time. Now a robot vacuum and mop in one device is much more effective compared to traditional cleaning methods.

It can vacuum and mop simultaneously, saving homeowners time and effort. With advanced sensors and navigation technology, the robot can detect and avoid obstacles, ensuring thorough cleaning of the entire floor. It can also detect and adjust to different floor types, such as hardwood or carpet, to provide effective cleaning. The device is also capable of cleaning multiple surfaces, including stairs and corners, which are often missed before.

Using a robot vacuum and mop in one is a convenient way to clean your floors quickly and thoroughly without taking up too much of your time. It's particularly useful if you don't want to spread dust around or if you want to multitask while cleaning. The DEEBOT robot vacuum cleaner is a great option that can clean your floors in just a few minutes, leaving them sparkling clean without any effort on your part.


Thanks to the robot cleaning technologies, we could experience an easy, stress-free and thorough way of cleaning our home, if you want to simplify your life, and free your hands from the chore, consider purchasing a DEEBOT robot vacuum and mop in one to experience the convenience and effectiveness of the technologies firsthand.