Are Self-Emptying Robot Vacuums Worth It?


When advised “You should change a self emptying robot vacuum”, some may find it unnecessary when they already have an auto vacuum cleaner in their homes. The truth is that a robot vacuum with self-emptying features is widely welcomed by the market for its unique features. Many people believe that they can be a good investment in unexpected ways.


Self-empty robotic vacuums are smart vacuum cleaners that can vacuum floors and automatically dump the trash they collect once the inbuilt dustbin is full. While ordinary vacuum robots may require us to manually empty their dustbins, self-empty robot vacuums can automatically detect how much garbage they have collected and come back to the docking station to empty themselves. Now, many companies of self emptying robot vacuum in Australia are adding this function to their vacuum robots.


The feature seems to be simple but it is another major leap forward in releasing our hands from housework. Similar to ordinary robot vacuums, they are driven by the battery and in-built programs. But these robot cleaners can work longer hours to finish a complete cleaning schedule, thus improving the efficiency of cleaning. 


In this article, we will share some of the benefits of self-empty robotic vacuums with you. And you will see how it will become a worthwhile investment in your homes.


What is a Self Emptying Robot Vacuum?


As can be indicated by their names, robotic vacuums with self-emptying functions are cleaning robots that can automatically empty their inbuilt dustbins once the dustbin is full. They share the same mechanism as ordinary robotic vacuums in terms of vacuums. But they are more intelligent in that they can detect whether the garbage they collect reaches a certain limit. Once their amount surpasses their capacity, they will navigate all the way back to their docking stations. The trashes they gather will be subsequently transferred to the dust bag attached to the docking station. 


They share the same features as ordinary robot vacuums, like automatic cleaning, and smart control. Compared to traditional vacuums, they are more compact in size. Therefore, they can go to places that are difficult for vacuums to reach, like the corners under the bed. Moreover, they can design cleaning routes by themselves and detect various objects and obstacles. There is no difference between their cleaning results. 


However, a self emptying robot vacuum can further benefit its users because they can finish a whole cleaning schedule by themselves. Unlike ordinary vacuums, self-empty robots don’t require us to dump the dustbin every time it is filled with clouds of dust. We just need to start the machine and then it will go through your rooms and help your floor change a clean look.


Features of Smart Vacuum Cleaners


Robot vacuums with self-empty features can increase the efficiency of cleaning by working longer hours. Previously, we may need to break from our work to empty the dustbin every time they finish a cleaning cycle. Self-empty vacuum robots can empty themselves and continue their cleaning schedule. Compared to the inbuilt dustbin, the garbage bag attached to the docking station has a larger capacity. Therefore, instead of dumping the robot cleaner frequently, users now just need to check once or twice a month to see whether the bag is full and change it.


A self emptying robot vacuum generally needs a docking station except for its main body. The docking station is an accessory designed to charge the robot cleaner. It has also dust bags that can contain dust collected by the vacuum cleaner. This docking station is fixed to a certain place in the house. Once the robot vacuums run out of battery or the inbuilt dustbin is full, it can come back to the docking station to charge itself and dump its garbage. Some docking stations have an extra water tank. Robot vacuums with hybrid functions like mopping can wash their mopping cloth and refill clean water, thus achieving vacuuming and mopping with one go.


A vacuum robot with self-empty features can also be smarter than you may expect. As previously mentioned, they are designed to free us from house cleaning. These robotic vacuums are constantly evolving towards a direction of being more intelligent and automatic. TrueMapping technology from ECOVACS is such an achievement. It is backed by its advanced program and inbuilt scanner. Let’s illustrate with DEEBOT N8+. This robot can map the layout of different rooms and transmit it to its programs to generate a virtual 3D map, which is also available from the ECOVACS Home App. Our DEEBOT T9+ is one of the robotic vacuums that can be controlled by mobile phones.


truemapping technology from ECOVACS 


DEEBOT Auto Vacuum Cleaners


Now you are almost a semi-expert in self emptying robot vacuums. Yet, finding an ideal one and making purchase decisions are not that easy. If you’re still hesitating about where and what to buy, you can make your choice from our DEEBOT series, which are products trusted by customers from the whole globe. Currently, our DEEBOT family includes the following products:



  • DEEBOT X1 OMNI               
  • DEEBOT X1 TURBO               
  • DEEBOTX1 PLUS                   
  • DEEBOTT10 PLUS                
  • DEEBOT T9                           
  • DEEBOT T9+                        
  • DEEBOT N8                           
  • DEEBOT N8+                          
  • DEEBOT N8 PRO                      
  • DEEBOT ZOMO T8 AIVI             



We have a wide range of robot vacuums for you to select from, each backed by our advanced technology such as TrueMapping and AIVI Technology. They are also characterized by their unique features. You can customize your choices according to features and specifications dust bag capacity, vacuum level, and docking station type. All of the products mentioned above are accessible at our official ECOVACS website, where you can receive our exclusive offers and find many coupons. You can also join the ECOVACS Club and get considerably support via live chat from the official website.




Let’s have a brief review here. Now we know that self emptying robot vacuums are smart robot cleaners that can automatically empty their trash containers after they have finished a cleaning cycle. We also know how it can be a worthwhile investment for our homes. If you are considering changing to a robot cleaner, it is time to make your choices. Burying ourselves into piles of papers and contracts is already exhausting. We deserve a self emptying robot vacuum as a reward for our hard work. Don’t forget that you can start your journey with our DEEBOT series. 


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