What is the Best Robot Vacuum for Large House?


Vacuuming the floors can be a thankless task for big house owners. Regardless of whether you have hard floors or a mix of hardwood floors with carpets, the chores still waste lots of your time.

Large areas also mean more dark corners that you probably ignored in cleaning, annoying people for the unsatisfactory cleaning effect.

Thanks to the development of cleaning devices, intelligent robot vacuums save people who live in big house from getting rid of the endless floor cleaning work and freeing their hands. The best robot vacuum for large house can take over their floor.

Imagine that you are drinking a cup of coffee or taking a nap while a robotic servant is cleaning floors up. If you want, you can remotely control it to clean and enjoy a spotless environment when you get home.

Some people may think robot vacuums are not smart enough to completely take over the floors, especially for large houses. In fact, after generations of technological innovation, the advanced robot vacuum equipped with cutting edge is specialized in cleaning the floor of the big apartment.

So what features should the best robot vacuum for large house has? If you are confused about that and are in the market for one, read this article that describes the most important function of the robot and gives you reliable suggestions on shopping.


Best Robot Vacuum For Large House


Speaking of the best robot vacuum for large house, the most important function that can make a robot vacuum excel in the market is its mapping technology. It lays a foundation for a robot vacuum to clearly understand your houses layout and plan a reasonable cleaning route.

Robotic vacuums without mapping features work randomly in your house, which is may acceptable for a smaller house with limited floor covering areas. But the random cleaning is not sufficient for a large house. It can be said that mapping has become a necessary basic function for the best robot vacuum for large house.


best robot vacuum for large house


Here we recommend DEEBOT X1 PLUS which features the outstanding mapping function with TrueMapping 2.0 technology, ensuring a complete and precious recognition of your big house. DEEBOT X1 PLUS will never get lost in your home!

Also, you can choose the upgraded model DEEBOT X1 OMNI which also adopts the same optimal TrueMapping 2.0 technology. Besides, the most useful feature of the robot vacuum for large house is auto-empty.

Auto-empty solves the biggest problem for most big house owners: they have to frequently empty the dustbin of the robot vacuum chasing the robot vacuum all over the house. Even have bought a station for their robot vacuum, they still need to manually handle it every three or five days.

DEEBOT X1 OMNI with auto-empty features frees your hands from continually removing the dustbin of the robot vacuum. With the large capacity dust bag in the station, you can even leave it for a month!

If your budget is limited DEEBOT T9+ is by default one of your top options. It features both TrueMapping 2.0 navigation and an auto-empty station. Although the suction power is smaller than DEEBOT X1 OMNI, it is absolutely strong enough for cleaning floors in big houses. And DEEBOT T9+ is also one of the top-selling robot vacuums in the market.


Robot Vacuum With Mapping Technology


The most advanced mapping technology empower robot vacuum in detecting large house to clean more strategically.

How does a robot vacuum work with TrueMapping 2.0 navigation system? The first time it is awakened, the robot vacuum will explore every inch of your house meanwhile map the layout according to the placement of objects.


mapping technology empower robot vacuum


No matter how complex environments your house is, ECOVACS DEEBOT with TrueMapping 2.0 technology can effectively finish the mapping work, so that it can take precise navigation and quickly arrive at the cleaning area up to your order without loss or detour.

TrueMapping 2.0 technology also plays an important role in cleaning. For example, after receiving the instruction “cleaning the living room”, DEEBOT can strategically plan a cleaning route according to the layout of your living room, very suitable for multiple rooms.

Besides, DEEBOT with upgraded mapping feature can navigate smoothly not just in daylight but also in total darkness to get your home thoroughly cleaned effortlessly anytime.

Tips: Download the ECOVACS app on your phone to remotely control DEEBOT. There are more options for the cleaning modes in the app. You can visit ECOVACS App Wifi Connection Tips for more details.


Robot Vacuum With Mapping And Self-Empty


The whole point of using a robot vacuum is to cut down on your housework, but you have to empty the dustbin often, which adds a chore to your list. The robot vacuum with mapping and self-empty can automatically empty the bursting dustbin, offering greater convenience than its traditional counterparts.


robot vacuum with mapping and self-empty


Lots of models of DEEBOT come with the auto-empty station, like DEEBOT X1 PLUS and DEEBOT T9+. They will navigate themselves and go back to the station after finishing work, and then dock with the base. Usually, it takes only 10 seconds to automatically empty the DEEBOT dustbin with strong suction power. The dust bag and fully sealed drawer-style design keep dust and allergens contained.

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