Do Robot Vacuums Learn Your House?


Nowadays, cleaning robots are intelligent devices that are welcomed in homes, offices, and shops. You might believe you are familiar with them, but they can still surprise you in unexpected ways. This article will offer you a guide on a seldom-noticed but highlighted feature in house cleaning, the mapping function.


Robot vacuum with mapping technology, as indicated by their name, are robotic vacuums that can map your house and design their cleaning routes. With a virtual map, they can even remember their locations in certain areas.


Follow us and see how these robot vacuums learn your house and why they are a must-have for anyone who wants clean home.


How Do Cleaning robot Vacuums Map Your House?


Cleaning robot vacuums with mapping technology learn your house by scanning and mapping the layout of your rooms. To achieve this, two elements are essential. Sensors and lasers are like the sense organs of a robot vacuum. They direct the vacuum to see the surrounding environment. A mapping technology gives robots the intelligence to process data collected.


Set our ECOVACS DEEBOT series with mapping features for example. They are equipped with self-developed TrueMapping Technology that can direct the robots to move around your rooms while automatically detecting and dodging obstacles. Powered by this technology, ECOVACS vacuum robots can not only design cleaning paths based on the condition of your floors, but also recognize dust, hair, and debris with precision while avoiding edges, furniture and walls.


TrueMapping technology is combined with a series of components like dToF laser sensors and Lidar. The dToF laser scanning mechanism is a recent update from laser scanning. It uses an amplifier to increase the signals, thus doubling the scanning range and achieving stable scanning. The technology allows robot vacuums to recognize obstacles down to 2mm, massively improving the accuracy of mapping.


truemapping technology  of ECOVACS 


With these advanced sensors and lasers, ECOVACS robot vacuums are able to navigate around your rooms quickly to collect the data, which will be subsequently used to generate a virtual 3D map of the designated area. These data will later be transferred to your mobile phone so that the layout of your rooms is visualized and you can better understand how your robot friends perform their cleaning tasks. With these virtual 3D maps, cleaning robots can understand their real-time locations so that they can clean more efficiently.


What Does This Mean for Cleaning?


A cleaning robot with mapping features cleans more efficiently and further releases your hands from house maintenance. In the past, householders may manually move robot vacuums to different areas after they finish a cleaning cycle. Robotic cleaners and mops with mapping technology like ECOVACS DEEBOT line of products can design cleaning paths based on the layout of your house. Directed by the virtual map, they know where to go and clean effectively along the designated route. You can simply send directions through your phone or give a voice command.


This mapping function is frequently recommended for houses with multiple floors. For instance, DEEBOT series of cleaning robots can save up to two maps. Therefore, a single robot can process the data from different floors and plan out the cleaning route accordingly.


There are extra benefits that are under the spotlight. A mapping robot vacuum can perform specialised tasks like spot cleaning and edge-to-edge cleaning. The inbuilt sensors like the cliff sensor enable them to detect edges and measure distances so that our robot vacuums can avoid crashes and falls in time. Besides, the advanced sensors and lasers make robots more sensitive to tiny trash like spots, dust, and animal fur.


What Are the Different Levels of Smartness in Robot Vacuum with Mapping?


Robot vacuums are designed as smart devices and they are growing more and more intelligent. Mapping technology is a such development. With this algorithm, robot vacuums can be programmed to clean specific rooms. But their intelligence is never limited to mapping.


A robot vacuum with mapping features can see and hear. They have sensors that navigate them through complex working environments. Those equipped with advanced features like voice control can understand your voice directions and perform the assigned tasks.


ECOVACS DEEBOT products even have various cleaning modes developed for different types of floors and carpets. These cleaning robots can recognize the condition of their working area and choose the optimal mode. They can also simultaneously sweep and mop the floors.

The following are some of star products from ECOVACS.




What do you expect from cleaning robots? Our ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ robot vacuum proves that you can always look out for more.


Equipped with TrueMapping 2.0 technology, this vacuum robot can direct itself to navigate your rooms before cleaning, which is called QuickMapping. After the mapping task is completed, this robot will create a virtual 3D map that reproduces the layout of your rooms, including details like the positions of different furniture. This virtual map establishes a link that connects you, the vacuum robot, and your home. Just open the ECOVACS Home App and you can see your rooms and send this robot to designated areas. If you delete the map by accident, Auto-recovery will reload your recently saved maps.


ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ Vacuuming Mopping Robot with Advanced Mapping


If you hold higher expectations on the cleaning effects, you shall not miss ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ vacuum mopping robot. It can vacuum and mop the floors with one go, taking full care of your floors.


ECOVACS DEEBOT N8+ vacuuming mopping robot with advanced mapping 


This vacuum and mopping robot is supported by TrueMapping 1.0, which is highlighted by its capacity to design optimal cleaning routes. On the one hand, it can follow the virtual map to remember where it has cleaned and move strictly along the designed path. On the other hand, combined with advanced sensors and lasers, it can differentiate obstacles from trashes, thus avoiding obstacles without affecting cleaning efficiency.




Cleaning robots are examples of how technologies changed our life for the better. Today, mapping technology represented by ECOVACS TrueMapping is leading another revolution in the industry of robot vacuums, promoting the working efficiency of these intelligent devices to the next stage.


A robot vacuum with a mapping feature can understand their working environments within minutes, automatically navigate through your rooms, and detect various obstacles scattered on their way while efficiently collecting trashes, hair, and dust behind. Empowered by this technology, they may perform specialised tasks like designing cleaning routes and deciding cleaning modes according to the condition of your floors and carpets.


ECOVACS is working ceaselessly to optimize products and improve user experiences. Check ECOVACS DEEBOT line of products now and embrace a smart home.