2 Best ECOVACS Vacuum Robots with App


In the last few decades, vacuum cleaners have come a long way. Unlike the original vacuums, the newest robot vacuums have eliminated the defects like inaccurate navigation and inconvenient operation, gradually evolving into hi-tech intelligent devices.


In the recent market, there is a batch of smart vacuum robot with app that start floor-cleaning work automatically according to voice command. And with the application, people can control them more easily than ever, even without touching the button, which makes the robotic vacuums practically achieve full hands-free experiences.


Regarding the vacuum robot with app, ECOVACS is the pioneer of creative robotic vacuum cleaners with remote control functions. Up to now, its DEEBOT series products, the top-of-the-line models in the market, have realized the interactivity through its exclusive platform - the ECOVACS Home app. If you are the owner of DEEBOT, you will find how easy and efficient it is to control an advanced robot vacuum. Besides, considering the demands of every customer, the ECOVACS Home app is a free app available for Android and iOS devices.


Please remember that even the most advanced technology collects dust if operating it feels overwhelming. Therefore, the simple application with an intuitive interface developed by ECOVACS is significant. That allows DEEBOT to collect dust in the best possible way, giving you effortless control over every feature.


It is never late to invest in a vacuum robot with app now. If you want to invest in one or are interested in this super vacuuming robot, keep reading, and we will list several models featuring outstanding remote control functions. You can pick one according to your preference.


ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Vacuum Robot with App


In today’s market, what types of robot vacuums have been the overwhelming majority of consumers? Undoubtedly, the most popular vacuuming cleaners is the type that can provide the maximum convenience to people’s life. This means that it should have outstanding performance both in cleaning efficiency and maneuverability. The top-class robot vacuums can not only provide an excellent cleaning effects, but also make your life happier and simpler.


If you want an intelligent vacuuming robot that can provide you full hands-free experience, don’t miss the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 series. The model features the most advanced technology in the market, allowing you to control it or set up cleaning schedules via the app when you are absent from home. With the DEEBOT X1 OMNI, you can keep your floor stay in clean and get away from dust, pet dander, and debris. 


Also, equipped with YIKO voice assistant, you can control it with the power of your voice. Simply say, “Clean the living room”, as you need, and the little servant will automatically begin to work after receiving your command. 


Besides, don’t worry if it gets lost. With the intelligent AIVI 3D and TrueMapping technology, DEEBOT X1 OMNI always knows where and how to go there in the most effective way. 


The other product of the DEEBOT X1 series is also smart and powerful: the DEEBOT X1 TURBO. With the same voice control functions and navigation and mapping system, it is similar in cleaning performance to the X1 OMNI, both effective and powerful.


So what is the difference between these two models? It is the base station. The X1 OMNI is equipped with the first fully automatic and multifunctional all-in-one OMNI station, giving you a completely hands-free experience with fully automated self-cleaning processes, including automatic emptying of the dust container, hot air drying the wipes and so on. 


And the cleaning station X1 TURBO allows fully automatic cleaning, which includes cold air drying wipes and others. If you want to check, more details can be found on ECOVACS.


cleaning station X1 TURBO 


ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 Vacuum Robot with App Control


DEEBOT N8 and N8 PRO both have adopted the app control function. With an attractive price, they are the obvious choices that you won’t regret. Let’s take a closer look at these two models. 


Firstly, both of them can be controlled via the app, so you can schedule a cleaning task or check the current cleaning status.


Secondly, with the suction power that can be increased to 2300 Pa, DEEBOT N8 can ensure cleaning up the dust even on carpets. Also, they can vacuum and mopping at the same time, thanks to the OZMO wiping system.


DEEBOT N8 PRO has an improved suction power of 2600 Pa, and it can mop with TrueDetect 3D obstacle avoidance technology, minimizing the risk of getting stuck or tangled.


Thirdly, by adopting the ECOVACS TrueMapping technology, both of them can make accurate maps of your house, which lays a solid foundation for their automatic charging function. And don’t worry. The robotic vacuum can continuously floor cleaning where it is left off once fully charged. 


 robotic vacuum can continuously floor cleaning


As you can see, the DEEBOT N8 PRO has stronger suction power and advanced obstacle avoidance technology than DEEBOT N8. 


We have listed three DEEBOT series vacuum robot with app control functions, and we hope it is useful for you to select your ideal floor-cleaning device. All our robotic vacuums are designed to make your life easier. If you want to explore more different models, welcome to go on ECOVACS!