ECOVACS WINBOT: Everything You Need To Know About This Window Cleaning Robot


You can look forward to the beginning of an entirely new era in window washing with the assistance of ECOVACS robots, the industry leader in housework robots. The mobile, flexible, and sophisticated device known as WINBOT clings to the surface of your glass and then moves around it to clean it deeply.


ECOVACS has a variety of high-quality, effective models to make washing windows a breeze. The latest ECOVACS WINBOT models simplify a previously time-consuming and laborious task with groundbreaking features.


ECOVACS Window Cleaning Robot Features and Benefits


The size and shape of your windows are recognized by WINBOT, which then formulates an intelligent, systematic cleaning route that ensures you spend your effort and time optimally.


The innovative cross spraying design works on all types of windows and ensures that all dirt is eliminated by dissolving stains for simple wipe-off. It "climbs" along the glass and scrapes away grime while wet.


Microfiber cleaning pads have exceptional water absorption and are used to dry the windows thoroughly and to leave them streak-free. The robot is capable of cleaning the entire surface without losing suction and will surely miss nothing.


Using the modernized WIN-SLAM 3.0 system, the intelligent robot can determine the quickest and most effective method of cleaning any window size. With its eight-tiered protective mechanism and backup battery, the robot can continue on its predetermined trajectory even if the power goes out.


We have your safety guaranteed with an industry-leading anti-slip drive system for smooth movement, ultra-fast air pressure sensing and correction, a floating cleaning cloth plate, and intelligent power outage protection.


The ECOVACS WINBOT automatically cleans your windows and facades with cutting-edge technology, leaving no streaks behind. They are simple to employ, will be your great helper in cleaning.


WINBOT W1 Pro Window Cleaning Robot


The cutting-edge WINBOT W1 PRO possesses an efficient spray mechanism that cleans any window. The spray pattern's cross-spray design delivers effective wet cleaning over a big area. It also covers a lot of ground. Additionally, this cleaning robot can recall its previous location, which enables it to reliably clean windows from beginning to end with just the press of a single button.


Among the best ECOVACS window cleaning robots available, the ECOVACS W1 PRO stands out with its continual wetness function and high standard of cleaning performance. The WINBOT W1 PRO is one of the most excellent window-cleaning robots since it is equipped with cutting-edge technology. The WINBOT eliminates leaves and dirt from your windows using the ECOVACS cross auto-spray system.


To top it all off, the modernized WIN-SLAM 3.0 system allows this clever window-cleaning robot to map out the most effective cleaning route with the highest possible window coverage—even on the tiniest of windows.


clever window cleaning robot 


As a result of our cutting-edge safety features, your gadget will continue to function reliably and without interruption, even if the power suddenly goes out. The windows can look brand new at the push of a button.


Who is the WINBOT Suitable For?


It will be used to maintain the vast panes of glass and the tall, thin windows that need regular attention. Anyone who has difficulty opening such windows needs to have this item.


If you wish to keep your beautiful windows looking sparkling with minimal effort, the window-cleaning robot we offer is the perfect solution for you. When you use WINBOT, the amount of time and effort needed to clean a room is significantly reduced.


Another advantage is the WINBOT's ease of use and configuration, which is available. While it is cleaning the inside of your home, you can leave it connected to the window and handle quick tasks, such as fixing yourself a cup of tea. It quickly learns how to travel the window sill surprisingly quietly and will easily avoid impediments such as door knobs as it moves along the ledge.




WINBOT should be your go-to window-cleaning robot. It does a commendable job of cleaning without leaving behind any streaks, and the fact that it adheres to glass means that you don't have to supervise it as it works. The robot can also identify the window's perimeter automatically and develop its cleaning pattern. What's more, its cleaning pads extend the cleaning process to the glass's edge. The ECOVACS WINBOT is a must-have for anyone who wants immaculately clean windows.


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