Robot Vacuum With Mop Vs Regular Vacuum: Can Robot Vacuums Replace The Traditional Model?


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The allure of robotic vacuum cleaners isn’t surprising, considering the convenience they offer in our busy lives. From the early days of bulky, manual vacuum cleaners to the sleek, automated models of today, the evolution of vacuum technology has been remarkable. According to Statista Research Department , the global robotic vacuum market is projected to balloon to USD 4.98 billion (approximately AUD 7.62 billion) by 2025 - reflecting a growing trend towards this smart home device. But can a robot vacuum with mop completely replace a traditional vacuum? Before you immerse yourself into the trend, it's essential to consider both sides of the coin. Here's our take on what you need to know to decide if a smart vacuum is the best option for you .

Understanding Robot Vacuum With Mops

Auto vacuum with mops merge the efficiency of robotic vacuum cleaners with the thoroughness of mops, making them perfect for hard surfaces like wood and tile. These hybrid smart devices can sweep for dust and mop for removing stains. While their slim figure makes it easy to reach under furniture and navigate, not all models are suitable for carpets or rugs . Maintenance also requires attention, such as refilling water tanks and changing cloths, although some are equipped for self-cleaning . Yet, their advantages are clear: they reduce the circulation of dust and allergens , save significant cleaning time, operate quietly , and leave floors spotless and comfortable, while you monitor and control them remotely . For those seeking a hands-free cleaning solution, automatic vacuums and mops are a compelling choice.

Best DEEBOT Robot Vacuum with Mops

If you are considering bringing a smart vacuum and mop home, you shall not miss these 3 models in our DEEBOT series.


deebot x2 omni robot vacuum cleaning along edge

DEEBOT X2 OMNI is not just the latest addition to the DEEBOT family of robotic vacuum with mops; it also features plenty of advanced technologies developed by ECOVACS. Featuring dual-laser LiDAR navigation paired with the AINA deep learning model, this smart vacuum is ready to swiftly navigating complex indoor environments, easily avoiding obstacles like playful children and pets. Its impressive 8,000Pa suction power1, combined with the OZMO 2.0 Turbo Rotating Mopping system , effectively tackles even the most stubborn stains. The innovative square design of DEEBOT X2 OMNI improves its ability to clean tricky corners, outperforming its round peers. Furthermore, the upgraded YIKO 2.0 voice assistant understands multiple commands in a single sentence, making it user-friendly for all ages, including young and senior users .


deebot t20 omni robot vacuum white

Many people appreciate adding a carpet or two to their homes for aesthetics and warmth. If you're among them, DEEBOT T20 OMNI is an excellent choice, being the first in the DEEBOT series to feature an auto-lift mopping function. A common concern with smart vacuums and mops is their potential to get stuck on carpets, overwet them, or even damage delicate rugs. DEEBOT T20 OMNI addresses this concern with its innovative auto-lift mopping feature, which intelligently recognizes different flooring types and lifts the mop heads upon detecting a carpet. This ensures no water damage to your carpets, while its 6,000 Pa suction power2effectively removes dirt trapped in the long fibres. As it transitions back to hard floors, the mop heads lower to resume mopping, providing a seamless and safe clean for mixed flooring homes.


deebot n10 plus smart vacuum white

DEEBOT N10 PLUS is designed with ultrasonic sensors, enabling it to intelligently detect and avoid carpets while mopping hard floors. It automatically increases suction power when transitioning to vacuuming carpets. This cleaning robot is equipped with an electronically controlled water pump, allowing for precise water dispensation and adjustable cleaning modes for various floor types. For homes with pets, DEEBOT N10 PLUS offers the extra benefits of odour removal . It features an E11 antibacterial filter capable of capturing dust and allergens as small as 0.3 μm, while also absorbing smells from household waste, ensures a cleaner, fresher living environment.

An Overview of Regular Vacuum Cleaners

man vacuuming using traditional canister vacuum cleaner

Regular vacuum cleaners , a staple in many homes, are available as upright, canister, and handheld models . Upright vacuums excel in deep cleaning carpeted floors, canister vacuums offer flexibility for hard-to-reach areas, and handheld ones are ideal for quick spot cleaning. The main advantages of these vacuums are their powerful suction and portability for deep-cleaning even plush carpets and convenient for moving around the house. However, they require manual effort and may not be as durable for heavy use in large homes. Traditional vacuums are especially suited for homes with extensive carpetingand those who prefer a hands-on cleaning approach.

Comparative Analysis: Robot Vacuum With Mops VS Traditional Vacuums

Cleaning Efficiency

When it comes to cleaning efficiency, both robotic vacuum with mops and traditional vacuums have their strengths. Traditional vacuums rely on strong suction power, efficiently lifting dirt and debris from various surfaces, including carpets and hardwood floors. Their effectiveness on fluffy carpets is notable, but caution is advised on wet surfaces to avoid damage.

On the other hand, auto vacuum with mops combine suction with mopping capabilities . For instance, DEEBOT X2 OMNI features OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping system, applies consistent pressure on the chenille fabric mop to the floor for deep cleaning. Their compact design allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas like under beds and sofas. Other smart features such as self-emptying , remote control and voice control further enhanced the cleaning experience. However, they might struggle on carpets, and cause water damage on carpeted areas.

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, automatic vacuum with mops have more advantages over traditional vacuums. With smart features, including compatibility with apps that allow users to set cleaning schedules and create virtual barriers, robotic vacuum and mops can also be controlled remotely, integrated with smart home systems, and respond to voice commands. Their true appeal lies in their autonomy – they navigate, clean, and even self-clean without needing users' intervention, offering a hands-free cleaning experience .

In contrast, despite often being wireless and user-friendly, traditional vacuums still require manual effort. Users must physically push them around to clean, which demands more time and effort compared to the automated convenience offered by their robotic counterparts.

Maintenance and Durability

Many robot vacuums with mops are paired with self-cleaning stations to automate much of the maintenance process. Take DEEBOT’s OMNI stations as an example, they auto-empty dustbins to large dust bags that hold debris for months, clean and dry mop heads , and refill water tanks, ensuring the device is ready for the next clean. While self-cleaning vacuums require less frequent checks, regular maintenance like emptying the dust bag and unclogging brushes is recommended to extend their lifespan. They also notify users about malfunctions and part replacements through their app.

On the other hand, traditional vacuums need more hands-on upkeep . They require frequent emptying after each use to prevent overfilling and regular cleaning of mop cloths to avoid bacteria and odours .

However, when it comes to repair costs, fixing an automatic vacuum with a mop tends to be pricier than repairing traditional models.

Noise Level

deebot robot vacuum mopping

Traditional vacuums generally operate at higher noise levels , usually ranging between 70 and 80 dB, sometimes even higher depending on the model and mode of operation. This can be particularly noticeable and disruptive when used for extended periods or in quieter environments.

In comparison, robotic vacuums with mops are designed to be much quieter . DEEBOT T20 OMNI, for instance, operate at a lower noise level of around 67 dB for sweeping and 69 dB for combined sweeping and mopping. These smart vacuum cleaners often incorporate noise-reduction features like soundproofing materials . Plus, their intelligent programming allows for quieter, yet efficient operation.


Regular vacuum cleaners, being larger and bulkierthan their robotic counterparts, have the capacity to collect more debris in one session. However, this also means they demand more storage space. Typically, these vacuums need to be stored either horizontally or upright , with common storage areas being closets, laundry rooms, or garages.

Meanwhile, smart vacuums with mops are more compact and require way less storage space . Store your device and compatible docking stations in an easily accessible spot for hassle-free charging during cleaning sessions.

Can Robot Vacuums Replace Traditional Models?

The choice between robotic vacuum cleaners and traditional models isn't just about efficiency, but also about user preferences and lifestyle . Traditional upright vacuums, known for their deep cleaning capabilities, are ideal for heavy-duty tasks and homes with carpets , where they can remove deeply embedded dust and dirt. However, they demand manual operation, which can be time-consuming and physically demanding.

Alternatively, automatic vacuum with mops offer convenience and ease , especially for routine cleaning. They automate both vacuuming and mopping, reducing physical demand. Their smart sensors and algorithms allows for more efficient cleaning than regular vacuums. Their apps are also user-friendly for remote control. Ultimately, the decision hinges on your needs and how much manual involvement you're willing to invest in the process.


Do robot vacuums work as good as regular vacuums?

Automatic vacuum cleaners offer convenience and efficient routine cleaning, especially for hard floors and light carpets. However, for deep cleaning, especially on carpets, regular vacuums might perform better.

Can robots replace cleaners?

While robotic vacuum cleaners may not pay the same care and attention as a traditional cleaner, they can compensate with regular cleaning routines.

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