deebot x2 black mopping hardwood floor

Robot Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

As natural and durable as hardwood floors are, keeping them clean is no easy task. Robot vacuums can efficiently remove dirt and dust while protecting the finishing and shine of your floor. It allows for quick cleanup of spills and debris and saves you time on manual vacuuming. It can clean hard-to-reach corners and avoid scratching or over-wetting your floors while mopping.



  • 11000Pa suction power
  • 180-minute battery life
  • Precise edge cleaning with 1mm proximity
  • Anti-tangle brushes
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance


  • 8700Pa suction power
  • Efficiently cleans crevices
  • Dual LiDAR sensor
  • 200mm extra long brush
  • Rotating mopping system with Chenille fabric mops

About Robot Vacuums On Hardwood Floors

When looking for smart vacuums for hardwood floors, buy one that has gentle brushes to protect the delicate finish of your hardwood floors and strong suction to pick up dirt and debris from the cracks. Check if you can control the amount of water that is used during mopping, so that the floors don’t get soaked and end up warped or discoloured. This could save you a lot of time and money than having to repair your floors after the damage is done. These robot vacuums can also navigate around obstacles and identify hardwood floors without any supervision, saving you the trouble of constantly watching or checking on it while it does its job. DEEBOT vacuum cleaners have a rotating mopping system that provide consistent pressure to the floor to clean stubborn stains and strong suction power of up to 12,800 Pa depending on the model.


Are robot vacuums good for hardwood floors?

Yes, robot vacuums are effective on hardwood floors. They combine vacuuming and mopping to remove dust and stains without damaging the wood. Ensure the robot is compatible with hardwood floor cleaning solutions to maintain its finish and avoid excessive moisture.

Can robot vacuums go from hardwood to rug?

Yes, robot vacuums transition smoothly from hardwood to rugs. They adjust suction power and brush settings automatically to effectively clean both surfaces. Advanced models use sensors to detect different floor types, ensuring thorough cleaning without manual adjustments.

Will the robot cleaning vacuum scratch or damage my hardwood floors?

Robot cleaning vacuums are designed with softer, non-marking wheels and brushes to prevent scratching hardwood floors. However, it's essential to keep brushes clean and regularly inspect wheels for debris that could potentially cause abrasions. Choosing a model with height adjustment settings can further reduce the risk of floor damage.

How loud is the robot cleaner on hardwood floors?

Robot cleaners operate at moderate noise levels on hardwood floors, typically quieter than traditional vacuums. The noise level can vary between models and cleaning modes, but many are designed to minimise disturbance during operation. Opting for a quieter model or scheduling cleaning cycles during quieter times can further mitigate noise concerns.