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Do Robot Vacuum Cleaner Damage Floors (And How to Prevent It)?
Do Robot Vacuum Cleaner Damage Floors (And How to Prevent It)?
Gone are the days of manually vacuuming and mopping for hours. Today’s advanced cleaning technology offers hands-free options to keep our places clean, such as robot vacuums, which come in various budgets, features, and levels of 'smartness'. Despite their convenience, concerns arise about potential damage, such as scratches on floors or harm to furniture. After all, what’s the point of investing in one if it poses a threat to our homes? Luckily, advanced models like ECOVACS' DEEBOTs are desi
Why Your Robot Vacuum Doesn't Charge (And How To Fix)?
Robot vacuums are undoubtedly among the most popular smart home devices, saving users hours of vacuuming and mopping time with the convenience of hands-free operation. However, these electronic devices sometimes face charging issues, which can be frustrating. When the robot vacuum is not charging, not only do they stop cleaning, but they also cannot connect to the app to alert users about any malfunctions. Luckily, many charging issues can be easily fixed with straightforward solutions, and we
Can You Put Cleaning Solution In Robot Mop?
It is no news that robotic vacuums and mops have seamlessly integrated smart technology into our floor-cleaning routines, saving us countless hours and effort. These smart devices are getting more and more popular thanks to their hassle-free cleaning experience. Many people prefer adding a cleaning solution when mopping with traditional mops, whether it's a pre-mixed solution or homemade ones like vinegar and bleach. These solutions help remove stains and disinfect the floor, killing germs o
4 Ways To Clean A Home With Multiple Floors Using A Robot Vacuum
The bigger, the better, right? In Australia, multi-story homes are gradually gaining popularity. As urbanization expands and land availability decreases, the appeal of maximizing floor space on smaller lots is becoming increasingly attractive. While not as prevalent as in other countries, the trend towards building upwards is a practical response to evolving urban landscapes. However, with the elegance of multiple floors comes the daunting task of cleaning. A multi-level home means more groun
Robot Vacuum With Mop Vs Regular Vacuum: Can Robot Vacuums Replace The Traditional Model?
The allure of robotic vacuum cleaners isn’t surprising, considering the convenience they offer in our busy lives. From the early days of bulky, manual vacuum cleaners to the sleek, automated models of today, the evolution of vacuum technology has been remarkable. According to Statista Research Department , the global robotic vacuum market is projected to balloon to USD 4.98 billion (approximately AUD 7.62 billion) by 2025 - reflecting a growing trend towards this smart home device. But can a r
How To Preserve Laminate Floors At Their Best With Robot Vacuums With Mops?
When outfitting your new home, choosing the right flooring material is a major decision. If you appreciate the natural look of hardwood or stone but are looking for something more durable, laminate flooring would most likely be your best option. This type of flooring is usually made from a particle wood base, which offers strong structural integrity. Topped with a high-resolution photographic layer, reproducing the look of hardwoods or stone of your choice, all while being shielded by a clear la