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The View Is Better Than Ever

A new world of window cleaning is coming your way from the home robotics experts at ECOVACS ROBOTICS: WINBOT X is a free-moving, adaptable, intelligent appliance that attaches to your glass and travels the surface until every inch is spotless. The WINBOT is a peerless product in automated cleaning and window care, with striking features that leave other machines far behind for both practical appeal and technological flair. WINBOT moves safely and freely, so that you can spend more time on whatever you love.

- Cordless Power Source
- Deep Clean Mode
- Safety Tether System

The View Is Better Than Ever

selling_point_1547437657WINBOT X website-1.jpg

Cordless movement for a freer Life

WINBOT brings a smart new edge to your home life. The lack of power supply on the robot's body means less obstruction in your space, a larger cleaning area before being redeployed, and the ability to look after very high windows. WINBOT adapts to your window, moves intelligently and safely and applies powerful systems of cleaning until the work is done.

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Automatically chooses the smartest path

WINBOT can identify your window’s size and shape, then creates an intelligent, systematic cleaning path for greater cleaning efficiency.

selling_point_1547437686WINBOT X website-3.jpg

Multi-stage process and Deep Clean Mode for thorough results

WINBOT cleans your glass with a 4-stage process that focuses precisely on the space beneath the robot. While navigating the window, it can move in an Automatic cleaning pattern, or you can opt for a Deep Clean Mode, causing it to go back over the same areas to ensure a polished end result.

selling_point_1547437711WINBOT X website-4.jpg

4-stage cleaning system to return brilliance to your glass

Using a thorough 4-stage cleaning system, WINBOT squeegees and wipes in every direction. This helps to fully contain the cleaning solution and leave the windows streak-free and sparkling.

selling_point_1547437724WINBOT X website-5.jpg

Deep Clean Mode to take care of serious dirt

When the Deep Clean Mode is chosen, WINBOT uses a double pass and both of its cleaning patterns, giving a deep clean to your dirtiest window panes.

selling_point_1547437738WINBOT X website-6.jpg

Safety systems for your reassurance

WINBOT has been specifically designed with safety in mind. There are multiple key safety features to add to your peace of mind when using WINBOT.

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selling_point_1547437768WINBOT X website-8.jpg

Unique, extra Safety Tether system

A suction cup and cored-based device called a Safety Tether System ensures that WINBOT will stay safe during outdoor as well as indoor cleaning. With a 2.4 GHz connection to the main robot, the system monitors and ensures safe status of the robot. The robot will emit alarms if the suction cup in system air pressure is smaller than 3.5Kpa to ensure the tether's connection to the glass. If the robot appears to risk falling, the tether will draw it back towards itself, providing an active system of protection.

Power Suction System keeps the connection strong

The advanced suction fan technology of WINBOT serves two purposes: the main one is the safe attachment of your WINBOT to the glass. In addition, the more powerful suction means a firmer wiping action for the cleaning cloths, and thus a better clean for your windows.

selling_point_1547437785WINBOT X website-9.jpg
selling_point_1547437799WINBOT X website-10.jpg

Edge detection sensors ensure safe movement

WINBOT is ready to travel across any normal window thanks to its precise Edge Detection technology. This reacts when the robot impacts on the frame or other obstruction, or when it nears the edge of a frameless window, causing it to alter its course.

Long working time and staying power

A full charging session ensures a 50-minute cleaning process for WINBOT. When the power is low, it will back to the start point and activate the alarm for 30 minutes.

selling_point_1547446520WINBOT X website-11.jpg

User-friendly for better handling and control

The design of the physical body, the straightforward software and great safety features have all been carried out with one aim in mind: making this a great automated helper to deploy around your home.

selling_point_1547446553WINBOT X website-12.jpg
selling_point_1547446574WINBOT X website-13.jpg

Simple to operate with one hand

WINBOT has a firm and thick handle and balanced weight to make it extra easy to pick up and set going with one hand.

Handy remote control for directing at a distance

With a handy remote control, WINBOT can be operated and controlled from anywhere. Start, stop, pause or change direction at the push of a button, depending on your needs.

selling_point_1547446595WINBOT X website-14.jpg
selling_point_1547446616WINBOT X website-15.jpg

Finishes where it starts for easy retrieval

WINBOT knows when it has finished cleaning and returns to the exact place it began for your reassurance and ease of use.

Never miss a message with audio and visual warnings

When WINBOT needs to communicate, it uses both visual and audio warnings to get your attention . This means you can look away and do other things while your windows are being made to sparkle.

selling_point_1547446643WINBOT X website-16.jpg

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