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How To Dispose And Recycle Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner?
How To Dispose And Recycle Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner?
Advancements in technology help save time and increase efficiency by making a manual task automated. One example is using a robot vacuum cleaner to take care of routine household cleaning, a practice that is becoming more popular worldwide. According to Statista, the domestic service robotics market in Australia – which includes smart vacuum cleaners – is poised to grow to US$123.70 million (AUD 186.75.85 million) in 2024. However, once electronic devices like robot vacuum cleane
Robot Vacuum Vs Cordless Stick Vacuum : Which One To Buy This Year?
With new technologies emerging every year, ''efficiency'' has become a hot keyword, which extends to the home cleaning market as well. The Statista Research Department forecasts that the robotic vacuum cleaner market will grow from USD 1.84 billion (≈ AUD 2.78 billion) in 2018 to USD 4.98 billion (≈ AUD 7.53 billion) by 2025, nearly tripling in value. This surge highlights a move towards smart, automated cleaning solutions. At the heart of this trend are two main options: the robot vacuum, whi
Do Robot Vacuum Cleaner Damage Floors (And How to Prevent It)?
Gone are the days of manually vacuuming and mopping for hours. Today’s advanced cleaning technology offers hands-free options to keep our places clean, such as robot vacuums, which come in various budgets, features, and levels of 'smartness'. Despite their convenience, concerns arise about potential damage, such as scratches on floors or harm to furniture. After all, what’s the point of investing in one if it poses a threat to our homes? Luckily, advanced models like ECOVA
How To Choose The Right Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Long Hairs?
Shiny, voluminous hair is on everyone's wish list, but the drawbacks to more hair breakage and consequently, more fallen hairs. In particular those with long hair, they are more likely to notice strands on the floor due to the greater volume, and it can be annoying to pick up hair day after day. Nowadays, more people are turning to smart vacuums for hands-free cleaning. However, long hair is a challenging task, not because of the amount, but because it tends to tangle around the brushes
Can Robot Vacuums Avoid Cords (And How)
It would be great if all electronic devices were wireless; then we wouldn’t have to deal with the messy tangles of electric cords any more. But, at the moment, they are not, and most devices in the house need to be charged by a cord. Without proper organisation, cords pose a challenge for robotic vacuum cleaners – lying small on the ground, when a smart device runs over them, it can easily get tangled with the wheels and brushes. Eventually, this may lead to risks including getting s
Why Your Robot Vacuum Doesn't Charge (And How To Fix)
Robot vacuums are undoubtedly among the most popular smart home devices, saving users hours of vacuuming and mopping time with the convenience of hands-free operation. However, these electronic devices sometimes face charging issues, which can be frustrating. When the robot vacuum is not charging, not only do they stop cleaning, but they also cannot connect to the app to alert users about any malfunctions. Luckily, many charging issues can be easily fixed with straightforward solutions, and we