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Why Your Robot Vacuum Keeps Stopping (And How To Fix It)
Why Your Robot Vacuum Keeps Stopping (And How To Fix It)
Let us face it, robot vacuums are a godsend. They save us time and energy, and do a great job of keeping our floors clean. But sometimes, these smart devices can be a pain in the neck, especially when they suddenly come to a halt. You're left scratching your head, wondering what went wrong. The culprit behind robotic vacuum cleaners stopping can be one of various factors, ranging from software to hardware to incorrect user handling. This step-by-step guide will detail the most common reasons
What Is A HEPA Vacuum And Should I Get One
If you are suffered from allergy, asthma, respiratory and immune conditions, or simply looking for ways to create a cleaner and healthier environment, you may have come across HEPA vacuums. These specialized vacuums are designed to remove dust, pollen, pet dander, mould, and other allergens from the surrounding. But what exactly are HEPA vacuums, and should you get one? What are HEPA Vacuums? First and foremost, HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, and HEPA vacuums are si
Are Robot Vacuums Worth It And Should You Buy One?
When robot vacuums were first introduced to the world of home cleaning, they fell short of what people expected from a traditional vacuum cleaner. The novel devices were pricey, bumped into walls, were ineffective at cleaning tight spaces, and couldn’t reach curtains and other vertical surfaces. More than two decades on, some of these ideas pervade and many wonder why they should replace a handheld vacuum with a robotic one when it doesn’t provide an exact replacement for their expectations o
Why Your Vacuum Is Not Spinning (& How to Fix)
Inside a vacuum cleaner, there are components serving different functions. One of them is the brush, which is designed to agitate and loosen dirt and dust from surfaces such as hardwood and upholstery. It is also used to gather and collect debris by sweeping them towards the suction area of the vacuum cleaner, making them easier to be picked up. Furthermore, vacuum brushes can help in straightening and aligning the carpet fibre, giving the carpets and rugs a more uniform and groomed look.
Why Your Vacuum Keep On Spitting Out Dust?
Whether you are using an upright vacuum, canister vacuum, handheld one or robotic vacuum cleaner, chances are after a while of using them, you may find them blowing dust out instead of sucking it in. Not only does this reduce the cleaning efficiency of your vacuum, but it can also pose a threat to the indoor air quality. Let’s talk about what causes the issue, and how to solve them to keep your home clean and healthy. Why Is My Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out? Identifying the root cau
Why Does Your Vacuum Smell (And How To Fix)
Picture owning a new robot vacuum that effortlessly navigates and cleans your home. With a preset schedule, you enjoy returning to a spotless house. However, you soon detect a suspicious smell coming from the vacuum, leaving you curious about its cause and urgently looking for a solution. Addressing this issue is essential to avoid an unpleasant-smelling home. Find out the potential reasons and the best solutions, as well as learn preventive measures to ensure your home always smell fresh and cl