How to Clean Linoleum Floors (9 Ways)


Clean linoleum flooring provides a gorgeous appearance at a cost-effective price. However, if they become dirty or damaged, they can completely spoil the beauty of your house. How to clean linoleum floors to make your house look fantastic?


In fact, cleaning and maintaining your linoleum floors properly and regularly is not difficult. In the long run, it will save you a ton of effort and work for not much time and money.


We're going to demonstrate 9 ways to clean linoleum floors. Pick your favorite from our recommendations, take actions at once, then check the outcomes for yourself.


How to clean linoleum floors?


1. Conduct a weekly general cleaning


Regular cleaning is important for floor maintenance no matter what type of flooring materials you have used. For linoleum floors, it is recommended to conduct a weekly general cleaning. And a robot vacuum will be a great help.


2. Say no to abrasive and harsh tools


Linoleum floors can be harmed by anything too harsh because it is formed of natural ingredients. Say no to abrasive and harsh tools, or your floor might start to look worn and even worse.


3. Use mild cleaning solution


The stores may be stocked with some commercial ultra-clean detergents and their high acidity can damage your linoleum floor and even remove the sheen. Youd better choose a mild cleaning solution.


4. Try sponge


Spilled tea and coffee can be magically removed with a wet sponge mixed with mild cleaning solution.


robot vacuum remove tea and coffee


5. Prevent stains to set


Linoleum is porous, which implies that a stain may penetrate the flooring completely. Cleaning up anything before it happens is the perfect defense.


6. Polish linoleum floors if you want


If you hope your linoleum floors look shiny and sparkle, you can polish it regularly.


7. Avoid fading and scrapes


Paying attention is one way to maintain the flawless shine of your flooring. We all know that a linoleum floor is readily stained and scraped. You can avoid wearing spiky high heels in your house and buy curtains to prevent sunlight from harming your floors.


8. Deep clean yearly


Weekly maintenance isn't always adequate, and you'll need to give it a thorough cleaning. You ought to perform it once or twice a year, depending on how frequently the area is used. 


9. Take special care of old linoleum floors


The above ways can make you no longer curious about how to clean linoleum floors in most situations. However, old linoleum floors are at a fragile state due to their age and require special care. We have listed the steps in the following to help you care after it.


How to clean old linoleum floors?


First, you will need a vacuum cleaner to run a quick passover on the old linoleum floor.


Second, with the help of a mop, apply the ammonia straight to the flooring across a sizable area. Never mix ammonia with other cleaning agents.


Third, wait for several minutes.


Fourth, make use of the nylon scrub brush to clean the floor. Make sure to use ammonia to clean the entire floor area.


Fifth, after cleaning, use a mop that has been soaked in a pail of hot water to remove any remaining grime.


Sixth, wipe the floor dry using the towels.


Seventh, polish the floor with floor wax. Make sure you will adhere to the directions exactly.


Eighth, wait 24 hours before washing the floor. Now, your old linoleum floors will look much better.


Deep Cleaning Linoleum Floors


Here we also provide a step-by-step guide that helps you deep clean linoleum floors.


Sweep or vacuum the floor first, being careful to get rid of any dust, debris, or other filth particles.


The following step is to sprinkle baking soda on the floor, particularly where you notice an accumulation of dirt.


Next, combine around 4 L of hot water, 1 cup of vinegar, and a few drops of dish-washing liquid.


Use the water solution to mop the floor, using the scrub brush to get rid of any lingering dirt or in areas with a lot of foot activity.


After mopping the entire floor with the specific water solution, use clean, hot water to re-mop to get rid of any remaining baking soda or washing-up-liquid residue. 


Now you have finished a deep cleaning journey.


Using Robot Vacuum For Linoleum Floors


using robot vacuum for linoleum floors 


From the above step-by-step guides, we can find that regular vacuuming is needed to maintain the beauty of your floors. However, it seems to be hard to vacuum manually by yourself after a busy weekday. You can seek help from the robot vacuum which can free your hands!


DEEBOT N8 is a cost-effective choice. One of the main reasons for linoleum floorings popularity is its affordable price. So you may dont want to spend too much money on its cleaning and maintenance.


With a strong suction power upgraded to 2300 Pa, DEEBOT N8 is really budget-friendly in the market which can be compatible with a self-empty station. Equipped with advanced TrueMapping navigation and mapping, it can may your house with impressive accuracy.


Having more budget, you can purchase DEEBOT N8 Plus, which is an upgraded version of N8. Its disposable dust bag has a huge capacity of 2.5L, which means it can hold the dust for almost 30 days.




Now that you have generated a basic understanding of how to clean linoleum floors, you can easily keep your home tidy and clean with ECOVACS DEEBOT. Under regular and proper maintenance, linoleum flooring can usually last up to around 40 years. Wish all of you guys enjoy a more beautiful linoleum floor and a simpler lifestyle. Dont forget to subscribe to us for more practical cleaning tips!

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