How to Make a Chore Chart for Kids and Adults


Are you still struggling with the never-ending chores? It's time to make a family chore chart ! A reasonable chore chart not only maximize the effectiveness of cleaning work, but also ensure every family member fully involved in housework, which is beneficial for both adults and children.


Children can learn some critical life skills and form good habits by doing housework from an early age, which can pay off for a lifetime. In a word, chore charts provide more than just a plan!


After realizing the importance of a chore schedule, you must want to customize one. If you have no idea about making a proper chore chart, keep reading, and here is a guide to get you started. 


How to Make a Chore Chart 


Great, now you have decided to set up a chore chart - a step moving forward to a more manageable lifestyle with more fun. Before making a specific plan, there are several principles you need to know:


Firstly, make the chore chart as easy and follow as possible.


Secondly, ensure that every task is not beyond one's abilities. For example, tasks that need lots of strength should be assigned to the strongest person.


Thirdly, assign age-appropriate chores for kids so they can easily finish the joy without much effort but full exercise.


Fourthly, consider how much time each task will take. For instance, chores should be arranged as more time-intensive during the summertime.


Finally, be willing to make some changes timely according to the actual situation, which makes it work better and satisfies everyone involved.


With a basic understanding of making a chore chart, you can start to organize it. Also, we have some recommendations on how to make a proper chore chart.


  • Based on different types, separate daily, weekly, and monthly chores. For example, floor cleaning should be finished at least twice daily to maintain a tidy house.
  • Sort according to the time spent on each task, making your chart more understandable and clearer.
  • Evaluate your time needs and daily schedule to establish a workable daily task list. 
  • Make a family chore chart according to the rooms in your home.


Start with the chores you least enjoy. 


How to Make a Chore Chart for Adults 


Housework is never easy for most adults. After work, you have to encourage yourself to do the chores that seem never to end as long as you exist. As time passes, tasks pile up gradually, causing a physical and emotional overload. 


A chore chart makes a perfect solution for that situation! With a well-organized to-do list, you have a clear mind that knows which chores are your business and how long you will take to take them, which can give you more motivation to finish the task. 


How to make a chore chart for adults? Actually, it is easy to organize a chore chart as long as you get the hang of it.


First, with the agreement of all family members, you should consider how to assign all housework reasonably. Don't forget that each assignment should be matched with a personal situation. For example, adults should undertake more chores than children.


Second, like the above mentioned, you need to organize your day/week/month chores chart and stick it on a conspicuous place like the refrigerator or door, and then use makers to check tasks off throughout the day before you go to bed. 


Third, arrange the least favorite chore as the first, which can help you to implement the chart more smoothly.


Finally, check off jobs every day, and you will grow a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from the record!


How to Make a Chore Chart for Kids 


Having a chore chart is one of the most effective ways to teach children about responsibilities and help them stay organized. Here are several tips on how to make a chore chart for kids:


1. List age-appropriate chores for kids

When planning a list of chores, assigning age-appropriate tasks for every child is essential. Because kids have different development stages as their age, assigning them improper tasks out of their abilities may cause irritability and frustration.


2. Create a reward system

A reward for a good job can motivate and encourage children to finish their tasks. And it also allows kids to learn about personal responsibilities and form the right concept of "income."


3. Set model instructions and expectations

Have a "chore meeting" and discuss the chart, reward, and expectations. In the meeting, allow for questions and suggestions. And remember to show them how to do their chores correctly and help them to practice a few times if needed. 


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