Upgraded Suction Power of 2600Pa & Mop with Obstacle Avoidance

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ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 Pro is your high-performance vacuum and mop robot, designed to keep even the busiest households sparkling. With maximum suction power of 2600Pa, it effectively removes embedded dirt and dust. The OZMO™ Mopping System gives you the value of an all-in-one-robot that vacuums and mops simultaneously. N8 Pro features advanced laser navigation to accurately map your home, creating efficient cleaning paths for systematic coverage and fewer missed spots. Truly hassle-free, it detects and avoids objects on the floor to keep the clean going. DEEBOT N8 Pro is ideal for busy families who have more important things to do than mop and vacuum—but still love a clean home.

Effortless Power Cleaning

Effortless Power Cleaning

Superior Suction Power at Low Noise Levels

Superior Suction Power at Low Noise Levels

With a maximum suction power of 2600Pa, N8 Pro is serious about removing dirt and dust stuck deep in floor crevices or embedded in carpet. Its all-new fan motor design uses glass fiber material to optimize energy and durability, all while keeping the volume down.
Vacuuming and Mopping with Auto-Carpet Detection

Vacuuming and Mopping with Auto-Carpet Detection

Mop and vacuum all in one step. Using ultrasonic sensors, N8 Pro avoids carpet when mopping hard floors, and automatically doubles the suction power when vacuuming carpets. Unlike the messy drip system of other mopping robots, OZMO™ Mopping System uses a precision micro-water pump to avoid leaks and over-wetting of floors. With four levels of water flow, you can adjust the settings to fit your needs.
Laser-Based LiDAR Navigation with Advanced dToF Sensors

Laser-Based LiDAR Navigation with Advanced dToF Sensors

TrueMapping creates systematic cleaning paths, thanks to an advanced laser-based LiDAR navigation system with industry-leading dToF sensors. N8 Pro performs 360° scans of each level of your home, generating maps with 2x the coverage and 4x the precision of previous mapping technology. The maps are used to create efficient paths for faster cleaning and fewer missed spots.
Precision Obstacle Detection and Avoidance

Precision Obstacle Detection and Avoidance

TrueDetect uses laser-based 3D technology to detect and avoid obstacles on the floor. So if you don’t have time to pick up, your robot knows how to steer clear of unexpected items and keep up the hard work. You simply enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted hassle-free cleaning.
Full-Automation with App Connectivity

Full-Automation with App Connectivity

Clean your home any time, even when you’re away. With the ECOVACS App, you can take control of your N8 Pro from wherever you are. Schedule a cleaning and check your robot’s progress right from your phone.
Unlimited Virtual Boundaries

Unlimited Virtual Boundaries

Create custom boundaries for enhanced cleaning control. Keep your robot away from areas you don’t want it to go—maybe there’s a school project in progress on the floor, or laundry that needs sorting. Simply indicate your no-go zones and no-mop zones. Cleaning can happen when you’re ready.
Upgraded Customized Cleaning

Upgraded Customized Cleaning

Divide and merge areas, label rooms and create multiple maps so you can clean by room on multiple levels. Draw out designated areas on the map that need the most attention, from spills to pet hangouts. Plus, you can assign different cleaning settings to different rooms.
High-Efficiency Filter

High-Efficiency Filter

A 3-layer dust filtration system removes 99% of micro particle matter and allergens. Breathe easier knowing that the filters effectively capture particles as small as 6 microns.
Exceptional 110-Minute Runtime; Self-charges and Resumes

Exceptional 110-Minute Runtime; Self-charges and Resumes

N8 Pro cleans for up to 110 minutes on a single charge and water fill, easily covering 2000 square feet. Then it automatically returns to its charging dock when the battery gets low. Once it has enough power to finish the job, your robot gets back to cleaning right where it left off.
Smart Home Integration

Smart Home Integration

Use your voice for hands-free control with Google Assistant or Alexa, like “Alexa, ask DEEBOT to start cleaning.” All you need to do is decide what you’d like your robot assistant to clean and then say the word.


Navigation Type
TrueMapping Laser Mapping
Cleaning Mode
Auto, Area, Custom
Vacuum Components
Main Brush, 2 Side Brushes, Vacuum
Carpet Detection
Vacuum Power Adjustment
Yes (Auto & Manual)
Dust Bin Capacity (ml)
Floating Main Brush
Type of Reservoir
OZMO Electronically Controlled Water Pump
Water Level Adjustment
Map Generated by App
Voice Report
Time Scheduling
Continuous Cleaning
Size of Robot (φxH,mm)
353mm x 353mm x 94mm
Noise Value (dBA )
Battery Specifications (Type, mAh)
Lithium-Ion, 3200
Working Time (min)
Charging Time (H)
Rated Power of Robot (W)
Working Voltage of Robot (V)
Charging dock
Side Brushes
Antibacterial* Filter x 3 Pairs for N10/T9/N8/T8 Series
Compatible with N10 PLUS/T9+/N8 PRO+/N8+/N8 PRO/N8/T8 AIVI+/T8+/T8 AIVI/T8

Antibacterial* Buddy Kit for N10/T9/N8/T8 Series
Compatible with N10/T9/N8/T8 Series

Washable Mopping Pad (3pcs)for N10/N8 PRO/N8/T8 FAMILY
Compatible with N10 PLUS/N8/N8+/N8 PRO/N8 PRO+/T8/ T8+/T8 AIVI/T8 AIVI+

Disposable Mopping Pad (25pcs)
Compatible with DEEBOT X1 PLUS/T10 PLUS/N10 PLUS/N8 PRO/N8/T8 AIVI/T8/T9 Series

Charging Dock for T8/T8+/T8 AIVI/N7/N8/N8+/N8 PRO/N8 PRO+/920/950
Replacement charging dock, or an additional charging dock for multi-floor homes

Side Brush (Black) x 2 pairs
Compatible with: X1 OMINI(Black)/ X1 TURBO/X1 PLUS/ T5/ T8 / N8/ N8 PRO/N7

Filter(Black)x 2 pairs
Compatible with X1 OMINI(black)/ X1 TURBO/ X1 PLUS

Main Brush Cover-Black
Compatible With X1/T10/T9/N10/N8/N8 PRO/T8/T8 AIVI/N7/OZMO 920/OZMO 950/OZMO 750/T5/N5/N5S Series


Instruction Manuals

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